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We are able to connect volunteers to environmental and humanitarian projects. We invite volunteers who young adults or newly graduated or looking to take a year out from University to build their work experience and skills to have an edge over others before they enter the job market. We work with local project beneficiaries in Latin America, India and Africa to connect volunteers with the right projects and Ecological businesses or businesses that help vulnerable or low income families to supply them and  NGOs with the right type of volunteers.

Our ethos is to encourage sustainability for humanity,  caring for the environment and connecting people to projects, resources and key information on how to become more autonomous and to inspire communities to become self empowered by living sustainably. Sustainable communities and spreading roots to start new ones can be part of the solution to many of the problems humanity and our Planet faces today.

“It is all about communication before communal action”

At Evolve to Ecology, we focus on  Ecosolutions, we hope the information we deliver volunteers can inspire people to transit smoothly from one unsustainable way of living on earth to a way of living for humanity that is within the means of the earth’s natural carrying capacity, which means living in balance with nature.  We  have the ability to create change in our communities, ecologically minded individuals can implement sustainable communities locally and internationally, with the momentum of  connecting through this ever-growing network, we connect NGOs and Volunteers in order to realize this vision, we have had connections to projects in Central and South America, Africa and India.


Sustainable living opportunities are choices we create and develop in  local communities with how we utilise and engineer water, alternative energy, recycling, food production and  soil management. Sustainability is also extended to conserving our personal rights to and  availability of herbs and alternative health therapies and  products, so we can maintain health in a sustainable way.

We work with indigenous natives of the Amazon, and connect them to volunteers interested in rain forest ecology and biodiversity conservation, culture, natural medicine or anthropology and more. 

In South America, we work with NGOs and Charities and help them find the right volunteers for their projects, we work closely with the Shiwiar and Achuar enhancing biodiversity conservation, environmental education and sustainable community building. Here is a podcast on one of our visits into the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Choosing to switch to alternative energy is an individual birth right and a local community based choice.  The technologies are out there for our communities to use, we hope to be part of encouraging such projects in future work. 

We are excited to work with you if you are a volunteer looking for the right project, or a project looking for the right volunteers, contact us at and we can discuss your needs.

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