Who are Evolve to Ecology- Ecosolutions?


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Welcome to Evolve to Ecology, Ecosolutions.  Be a part of the solution, not the crisis. Previously, this website was also known as Ecosequor,  Eco for Ecology, Sequor is Latin and means  to follow,  or  answer,  in old English it connects with segue, to make a smooth transition from one thing to another.  Let us make a smooth transition and  follow a better ecological path for humanity and Earth. Ecosequor,  is about following ecological solutions to help us transist from an environmental crisis to ecological solutions. We have a Facebook group called Ecosolutionaries.   

Ecosolutionaries Radio

Evolve to Ecology- Ecosolutions are connected to  Evolve to Ecology Projects. These projects have developed over fifteen years, through a  network of conscious people based in South America, the USA and Europe. A network of ecologists, indigenous leaders, independent journalists, environmental writers, project developers, visionaries, scientists,  whistle blowers, wildlife conservationists,  inventors, solution energy engineers. People around the world, whom have a vision of humanity and Earth having a more harmonious relationship with nature.

Conscious people whom are aware that the present global crises is not just a chaotic accident, but a product of an exploitative  corporate empire and agendas,  behind which is a hidden oligarchic system.

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Developing strong community networks of sustainable living methods  gives us autonomy to disengage from this suppression. The inspirations of Evolve to Ecology ecosolutions are people who make it their daily life’s work to address solutions to the environmental crisis, to be part of the solution and make positive changes happen.

As sustainability evolves and spreads roots in established and new communities, we develop objectives that are not being addressed by the current archaic system, aims that require urgent action from humanity as a whole. This movement started as individuals began to question the true motivations of the oligarchic agenda, while more money is perpetually invested in war rather than environmental issues, or making our cities, communities, energy and food resources sustainable.

The Evolve to Ecology network has been founded by ecologist Carlita Shaw and our eco-solutionaries network and is focused on the latest ecological solutions. We can  focus on solutions by putting sustainability into action and encourage other people to do the same.

We work together as a conscious community to implement the best solutions where possible, taking our focus away from dependence on archaic systems that have failed to serve us because the capitalist machine is a self-serving machine sacrificing the planet and therefore the future of humanity.


Equality and communities can be integrated in new sustainable communities by evolving a non-judgemental way of being. Equal Communities build trust, whereas hierarchical and religious structures create mistrust, fragmenting and dis-empowering individuals and communities, we aim for the opposite. We can adapt to our changing environment by withdrawing ourselves as ‘currency’ from the archaic systems of power. We can do this by simply no longer ”buying” into the old system but focusing on new ways with ecology and technology, and crypto-currency to use independent means and ecological solutions by following them and implementing them with Evolve to Ecology projects.

Humanity is evolving faster than the capitalist machine that it has served under, therefore in order to survive economic and environmental changes, we need to take responsibility of ourselves to create a new sustainable blueprint to support our evolving conscious community.

This is a conscious community focused phenomenon, that operates with the help of private, NGO and individual collaborations as one globally eco-conscious system without hierarchy, taking into account that humanity is evolving and must adapt and live within the means of Earth’s natural carrying capacity,  because we want to take care of Earth.  We are  becoming more conscious that we are shifting into something more like pan-democracy, more and more people seek balance in every aspect of our community work and everyday life, in doing so, individuals are valuable and responsible for themselves, one another and therefore for the community as a whole.

“It is crucial to understand that the deeper dimensions of reality can be perceived only under some basic ethical preconditions. If one is not connected to the divine essence within oneself and the world around them, one cannot expect valuable perceptions to occur. If one is not at peace inside and well-grounded outside, ones inner perceptions will be disturbed and distorted. The dependence of holistic perception on these ethical qualities do not lessen its value. On the contrary, people must respect life within and around them to take part in its wholeness! Otherwise we remain blind to it. Changing our mode of perception means to choose a world of mutual respect, love and cooperation. Adopting holistic perception also implies a political decision-meaning that the world can change into one of harmony and pan-democracy, meaning  all beings visible and invisible share a common world space.”- Marko Pogacnik, Sacred Geography: Geomancy, co-creating the earth cosmos.


Despite our planet accommodating nearly 7 billion people, it is a myth that over-population is the main reason for straining the earth’s natural resources and  creating pollution. Money, greed and centralization of global power is the biggest problem that destroys Earth’s natural resources and threatens our survival. Where as blaming everything on over-population takes responsibility away from the true problem which is governments and politicians not managing resources sustainably, not implementing a sustainable economy, not making decisions or policies with these values in mind.  Instead there is an elite 1 percent doing all they can to earn money while exploiting the Earth for her last natural resources, through war, violent corporate exploits that decimate nature, indigenous people and poor communities suffer drastically. If we all lived in a sustainably organized economy, we would not have the problems we are dealing with today, and the earth would not be in trouble.

Over-population and Global Warming are used as one of many veils to perpetuate unethical  centralized power control, unethical world debt, trading sanctions and unethical land laws along with other excuses for orchestrated genocides as means to sponsor wars. The problem is ‘centralization’ and lack of ”Ecological Values” in Economic systems governed by centralized power structures.

There are clean eco-solutions  that we are a part of,  emerging to become available to humanity now that have been kept repressed by governments as fiercely guarded secrets. Mainly because keeping them as hidden technologies has made the powers that be a lot of money and if they were not hidden, we would be able to stop polluting the planet and have freer electrical energy systems without destroying the environment. Advanced Clean Energy has been ignored by governments since Nikola Tesla discovered wireless energy systems tapping into the aether,  academically denied by the same perpetrators, so governments profit from pollution, drought and war.  This advanced technology is slowly coming to the surface as more people are making their own systems and devices based on revived aether science. There are also alternative technologies emerging into the mainstream market such as hydrogen fuel cell cars, compressed air, solar power and recycled plastic to ethanol usable fuel systems. Such ecological solutions can provide every single human being with abundant clean water, fertile soil, sustainable food sources and free energy. The oligarchic elite creates the imbalance because it also profits from scarcity, war and pollution with genocidal consequences.

Ever wondered why we can communicate through hi-tech wireless satellite systems in seconds? Yet we are being provided with dated unsustainable cable wired electric systems for our electrical energy demands and noisy polluting unsustainable fuel guzzlers, this is because the corporate energy giants are also our politicians.

Where is the synchronization in our technological development? This has been partially hidden. If this twists some peoples minds, research Nikola Tesla and how he discovered electricity can be generated from a freely abundant source through wireless technology  tapping into the aether which is based on an electromagnetic universal science.

We as a conscious community accept we are living in a way the earth can no longer support, to allow every person a share of the world’s natural resources, we can reclaim our autonomy by de-centralizing from cities and become independent communities by growing our own food on shared public land; giving strength and revitalizing sustainable rural community living networks and by creating our own clean energy systems within our new sustainable communities. We are re-educating ourselves to become our own leaders outside of government authoritarian systems. By doing this we can restore equilibrium by localizing sustainable production, dissolving the governments obsession with land ownership or controlling land and stealing natural resources on foreign soils.

We can transform towns and cities into self-sustaining communities, this will redefine the balance globally and allow indigenous people in poor countries to reclaim their natural resources and land, to grow their own food again and de-privatize resources such as water, which allows continents such as Africa, Central and South America and India to re-establish their own public sustainable clean water supply, not controlled or leased by some privatizing foreign corporate water company. Corporate privatization and control of water on foreign soil has caused poor people unnecessary suffering and death. This is a matter we will also be experiencing unless we explore ways we can generate water for new sustainable communities such as by using Trevor James Constable’s aether engineering technology based on Wilhelm Reich’s cloud buster technologies and other pioneering methods that continue to be suppressed by governments. The list for sustainable technology possibilities are infinite and exciting to implement and experiment with.

The word ‘economy’ is defined by how communities of people choose to use their environmental resources to meet their chosen living requirements, therefore it is ‘us ‘as a community, that has the power to change the direction of humanity, not the governments.

Evolve to Ecology, Ecolsolutionaries represents active conscious community networkers,  active campaigners, along with new sustainable technologies, project developers and  visionaries, bridge builders, map makers, seed planters connecting all sustainability advocates, people and organizations together globally through the web and active community projects. We are beginning to create active solutions from education, ecological building, nutrition, organic agriculture systems, free energy, spirituality without prejudice, alternative healthcare, energy and agricultural sustainability, sustainable sanitary systems.

Evolve to Ecology aims to explore and disseminate information for various methods in sustainable living, alternative health, healing and every necessity that supports our objective in creating sustainable communities world-wide.

We will evolve with the momentum of individuals connecting through new world-wide communities, supporting our work together as a globally conscious community, making sustainability a part of our everyday lives step by step. We are replacing short-term, self-serving corporate operated governments, with long-term community generated sustainable solutions which are within the parameters of the earth’s natural carrying capacity. Choosing to switch to alternative energy is a community based choice, we do not have to wait for governments to decide for us any more. The technologies are out there for us to use with a bit of research and self-education.

As we transit from the old paradigm towards evolving by sharing information, we progressively look toward indigenous communities to learn what we can from them, for living a more humble and spiritual existence within our means. This signifies our inner-standing that we are seeking to reconnect our communication and energy exchange with the earth and by doing so we reclaim our own inner shamanic power.

We connect people with people, with resources, workshops, communities, interviews, podcasts, videos, debate without prejudice, unconditional love and communication, evolving our own communal exchange of learning and how to respect one another, restoring our inner power and independence as individual sovereign human beings and infinite spirits, no longer serving a destructive archaic system. As a community we are connecting like-minded conscious people with one another to provide momentum of an ever evolving conscious humanity, whilst experiencing rapid earth changes and a shift towards a more balanced way of being at one with Gaia.

by Carlita Shaw

Evolve to Ecology Ecosolutionaries is a Combined Pioneering Sustainability Project brought to you by the combined efforts of a growing group of Ecologically minded people whom share a vision for a different past, present & future for  planet Earth,  a vision shared with all Ecosolutionaries.

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