The Biodiversity Bank Landtrust

The Biobank Landtrust Ecosequor Ecosolutions Project

The First Time Conservation can be a Bioviable Green Economy, Cryptocurrency Protecting Biodiversity, Saving Ecosystems,


The Biobank Landtrust is the first of its kind, a biodiversity land trust and ecological consultancy company based in South America. Our objectives are for the conservation of biodiversity and nature, especially the Amazon rain forest, where over 50 percent of the world’s biodiversity exists in vast areas on untouched Amazon, and we want to keep it that way.

Today, biodiversity rich areas of the world are a critically endangered and a limited natural resource. Our revolutionary system of conservation uses cryptocurrency based on natural economy principles to put value on ecosystems such as rain forest and other biomes. Our approach benefits not only the future of the land we are conserving, but also creates a sustainable income for the custodians and conservationists of nature reserves and land owners who are mostly indigenous people and who often struggle and due to financial pressures are forced to sell rain forest or give up their land to large corporations.


Photograph by Samuel Remerand for Carlita Shaw. Ecuador Amazon, 2012.

Corporations want short- term financial gain for the oil or other natural resources in the rain forest, the ultimate price that is paid, is that the forest which took thousands of years to evolve with biodiverse rich species, are all destroyed in weeks of deforestation for oil drilling or mining. This company was founded by a British ecologist who has spent her life campaigning to save the tropical forests of South America and has struggled along the way having to devote more time to financial pressures instead of her conservation efforts. When she saw that this is the same problem that most indigenous people face, the large corporations always win negotiations to buy vast areas of rain forest including national reserve for exploitative interests. However, the Biodiversity bank is changing all of these problems conservationists and land custodians come up against, by converting valuable ecosystems and valuable rain forest into natural capital that creates a sustainable and steady revenue in crypto currency. This is the first time conservation can become a viable green economy and empower conservationists to spend more time protecting the last remaining areas of our natural world while earning a respectable living from doing so.

We are at our launch phase so if you want to us to evaluate your land or nature reserve to entrust into our Biobank please contact us to find out more information here. We also accept cryptocurrency donations to support our launch campaign, you can donate bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies, email us to find out how.

The Biodiversity bank and land trust is a revolutionary  new approach to encouraging the value of Ecosystems and Natural Capital in terms of biodiversity conservation.  You can entrust a nature  reserve to the Biobank for a chosen number of years and generate a revenue for yourself in cryoptocurrency from the valued Ecosystems and Biodiversity of the reserve, 

The Biobank and Ecosequour Ecosolutions is a company that will be  an empowering change to the conservation of biodiversity and nature, putting value on ecosystems that will benefit not only the future of the planet but creating an income for the custodians of nature reserves. 

Ecoseqour Ecosolutionaries is a Pioneering Sustainability set of Projects brought to you by the combined efforts of a growing group of Ecologically minded  entrepreneurial people, whom share a vision for a different past, present & future for  planet Earth.

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