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Aether -Trevor James Constable aether science archive

Aether Force Science

 Aether Force- Exploration of Aether Science 

Alpha Omega Labs- Rainforest Medicine for Health

Americas Frontline Doctors -Medical and Legal Advice from Doctors and Lawyers on Covid Fraud -Free online research library

 Ayni Project- Incan Spiritual Teachings 

Bankless- NFTs and Crypto

Biointeractive for Ecological and Wildlife Researchers and Environmental Educators 

 BIOS Open Access Journal

Borderlands Journal Borderlands Journal

Brand New Tube

 Be The Change Hypnotherapy Coaching

Census of Marine Life Bibliographical DataBase


 Cetacean Alliance 

 Chemistry Central

Childrens Health Defense

Conservation Biology- Research, Wildlife Conservation

Coral Reef Conservation 


Corporations Watch-Holding Corporations Accountable

DOAJ -Open Access Peer Reviewed Science Journals

Do Bears Sleep All Winter blog

Dolphin Trail 

 Dr Adam Trombly  *Project Earth

 Dr Batmanghelidj M.D 

 Dr Brian O’ Leary  * has since expired

 Dr Carrie Madej on Covid Vaccines 

Dr Carrie Madej Website

 Dr Reiner Fuellmich 

Dr Ruth Drown and Radionics 

Dr Thomas White- In Defense of Dolphins

 Eco Solutionaries Forum 

Ecosolutionaries Telegram

Eco Village Voice

 Ecology Articles on Steemit 

Elinor Ostrom Nobel Prize Laureate -Sustainable Economics

EntreMundos  Guatemala Volunteer Programs

Ernst Lehrs- Gutenberg Project -Aether Consciousness

 Evolve to Ecology first website C2010

Exopolitics with Alfred Webre 

 FogQuest- Sustainable Water Solutions

Gaea  Gaia Ancient History

 Gaia Trust Global Eco-Village Network

Gaia University

GIS Lounge-Conservation Biology

Global Alliance Gaia-zero waste

Global Investigative Journalism Network 

Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative 

Open Software

 Health Professionals Unite for Truth

Heart & Body Naturals Organic CBD and other Alternative Medicines

 Hexa Yurt for Natural Disaster Sheltering

Health Freedom and Human Rights

IKIAM Rainforest Blog and Volunteers Project Ecuador 

 Interdependance Project -Buddhist meetups

John Pilger -World Renowned Investigative Journalist

John Scott

 Ki Science 

 Living Rainforest 

La Via Campesina 

 Land Roots

Lawyer Joe Gilbert- Human Rights, Medical Freedom

Marine Biology Research Science

Marine Mammal Science

Marine Spacial Planning-Marine Map 

News Inside Out with Alfred Lambremont Webre

 Nikola Tesla

Ocean Watch Non Profit

Open Source Journals BENTHAM Open

Open Science Research Hub

 Open Wet Ware -Open Source Science Research

Parallel Communities – Founded by Hamish Miller

 Peruvian Chinchero Village Weavers 

 PPJ Gazette -Animal Advocates

Rain Engineering Rain Engineering-Epochal Aether Science work of Trevor James Constable

 Resistance GB Independent Journalism

Rudolph Steiner 

 Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio 

Save Our Skills -Keeping Traditional Artisanal Skills Alive

Science Direct Journals-Open  Access Research

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil 

Society for Conservation Biology 

Stockholm -Research on challenges facing Humanity

Studies in Mycology 

Sustainability and Tragedy of the Commons

Sustainable Fishing

 Tamera – Morphogenic field

THC Free-Weed Seed Shop THC Free-Weed Seed Shop

The Bernician 

The Dolphin Trail 

 The Living Rainforest 

The Open Marine Biology Journal

The Raven Circle 

The Silent Ecocide book

The Toltec Path 

Transition Culture

Transition Network-Transition is a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world

Universal Law-Reclaim the Law

Unlimited Hangout -Get the latest uncut investigative journalism 

Water Encyclopedia 

 Wilhelm Reich 

WWOOF-Volunteer on Ecocommunity Farms World Wide

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