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We are excited to launch our own free classifieds pages for like minded folks to advertise to others in their communities. We want to contribute to building communities of like-minded individuals who stand their ground with their inalienable human rights and health freedom, who care about the planet and are concerned with the current changes over the last few years especially. We encourage you to subscribe to these classifieds and use and share among your community. Stay Strong, Stay Organic Natural Immunity and Pure Blooded!

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Please email

if you have any suggestions or wish to advertise for free.

See our Classifieds Contents pages below


Eco-Community Connections Mexico

Eco-Community Connections UK

People Looking for Global Ecocommunities

Global Ecocommunities

Global Ecocommunities Looking for People

Free Business and Services Listings 

Sustainable Building Techniques

Transition Network-Transition is a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world

Ecovillages-Global Ecovillage Network


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