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“In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” George Orwell.


The information presented in this page is to raise awareness, we present a selection of videos featuring talks by leading solution energy advocates. We already have clean and free energy options  sitting locked away in laboratories and workshops. These pioneering scientists that have attempted to make these energy devices available to the public have been violently suppressed by the oligarchy  and corporate interests, while the plutocrats  profit from pollution and  drought. Dr Brian O’Leary’s book:  The Energy Solution Revolution, where he talks about fellow scientists and their free energy inventions, and the reason why these solutions are being kept from humanity.

Water, Rain, Life.

Corporate privatisation and control of water on foreign soil has caused poor people unnecessary suffering and death. This is a matter which is beginning to affect people in developed countries, we need to explore ways which we can generate clean water such as new systems where we can suck water out of the air for clean
drinking water, or simply by collecting rainwater in regions where there is plenty of rain, although this has been made illegal in some North American States. Trevor James Constable did his last public interview with Carlita Shaw before completely retiring from the public eye to focus on refining his latest rain-engineering devices. Trevor James Constable’s etheric rain engineering technologies are not to be confused with geoengineering or chemtrails, which are a government operation using cocktails of various toxic metals and chemicals to alter the climate temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays, many scientists are concerned that the substances being sprayed in a worldwide operation are currently harming human health and contaminating soil, crops, fresh water sources with toxic loads of aluminium, barium, arsenic and various other substances, it is claimed that
chemtrails are used to create a plasmic field of electromagnetic nanoparticles in the atmosphere for HAARP  technologies. In comparison, Trevor’s etheric rain-engineering technology is an ecologically sound and clean technology using suppressed science that uses the aetheric forces to clean the air and/or make rain where
there are insufficient amounts of rain. This technology can not only put an end to air pollution and clean water scarcity, it can also be used to stabilise the climate in a completely natural way. It has been used and tested in many locations from California, Los Angeles, to clean up air pollution to making rain in Malaysia after long drought, with successful collaborations with some government officials who were open to using the technology. Unfortunately, the largest barrier to this amazing work is the fact that many governments are opposed
to its use. The reason for this is because most governments find it threatening to their agendas to control water management in that respect, therefore its availability, like many free energy technologies, has met with great resistance. The last contact I had with Trevor was a few years ago after calling him and speaking to him on the phone, after hearing that he had been recovering from a number of strokes. Trevor was an incredible pioneer, the only human on the planet with an in depth and practical knowledge of aether engineering and who has led a fascinating life and who had the opportunity to meet and work with some other great pioneers and scientists who had less fortunate endings to their lives due to oligarchic suppression of their technologies. 

A Solution to Drought-Rain Engineering

Listen to an interview with Trevor James Constable and Carlita Shaw on his Etheric Rain Engineering Operations at Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio

a legendary pioneer for engineering the ether- Trevor James Constable. Visit Trevor’s Airborne  Etheric Rain Engineering website is at

Trevor James Constable, originally from New Zealand, worked in the merchant marines for over 31 years as a merchant marine radio officer, he  travelled on enormous ships crossing the north eastern pacific ocean over 300 times, this gave him the opportunity to experiment with his research based on Wilhelm Reich’s work. After Trevor retired from the Merchant Marines, Trevor launched the worlds first Airborne Etheric Weather Engineering Operations based in Singapore from the late 1980s to the 2000;  Trevor worked with US AirForce retired Colonel W.A.”Willy” Schauer, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer George K. C. Wuu and US AirForce General retired Curtis Emerson Lemay.

WORLD PIONEER RAIN PILOT Colonel W. A. Schauer, USAF Ret. is the first pilot in world history to fly rain engineering missions of this new kind — with no chemicals or electric power. Colonel Schauer is a 31-year veteran U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. He says “I haven’t the faintest idea of WHY it rains following these missions, but it HAPPENS!” All professional pilots thus far employed in this work are impressed with its effectiveness and efficiency.



Real-world observations from practical professional men.

“I haven’t the faintest idea of WHY rain happens in these operations. BUT IT HAPPENS!”
–Colonel W.A. Schauer, USAF Ret. 
First pilot in world history to fly airborne etheric 
rain engineering missions. Veteran USAF fighter 
pilot (31 years service). Pilot for pioneer provings 
of airborne etheric rain engineering missions, Hawaii.

“I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD WORK! I could not believe that it was possible for empty tubes to generate rain, with no chemicals to be dispersed in the air. But, in my experience, NEVER have I seen such violent weather appear, without any warning, from clear conditions. Lightning strikes on both sides of my aircraft further convinced me. These methods are very efficient and effective.”
–Captain Bala Ratnam, Singapore. 
U.S.-trained, FAA-Licensed Pilot and Instructor. 
Veteran of more than 20 airborne etheric rain 
engineering missions in S.E. Asia.

“I have flown in tropical conditions in most of my career of more than 30 years as a commercial pilot. I know tropical weather, from extensive experience flying commercially in regions like Myanmar and Malaysia. I flew rain missions with some of this equipment in a Short Skyvan, out of Subang International in Kuala Lumpur. The effects were extraordinary. I hope to see this used in Myanmar, where bad droughts are frequent.”
–Captain Paw Tun
Malaysia Air Transport, Kuala Lumpur

“Definitely a practical, environmentally pure means of engineering rain, with an unlimited future.”
–Edmund Wuu, Singapore.
FAA-Licensed fixed wing and helicopter pilot.
Participant in etheric rain engineering missions in
Malaysia and China, including history’s first coordinated
wing-helicopter operations.

Trevor has written ten books, his most notable work being the Cosmic Pulse of Life, The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs. Trevor talks about how he learnt to engineer the ether based on his pioneering Austrian research influences such as Dr Wilhelm Reich and Rudolph Steiner’s work, Trevor’s book LOOM OF THE FUTURE — 1994 which was out of print is now being republished and available at the Book Tree,(in 90 days)

Trevor explains how he came to learn about Ether through Dr Wilhelm Reich’s experiments with illuminating ether in a vacuum tube and how the function of the orgasm is key in understanding the principles of the ether, the divine primordial substance that is the basis for all universal life forms. Trevor was guided by Wilhelm Reich’s daughter Dr Eva Reich, which allowed him to refine his techniques with rain engineering. Trevor discusses how the etheric force flows around the earth oscillating around the cardinal points and how it can be manipulated to create rain, he developed and fine-tuned equipment on his ocean crossings across the North Eastern Pacific. He explains how his rain-engineering tubes are constructed and how they can work with the ether, how this creates a force that attracts and pushes back the ether. Trevor funded all his rain engineering work himself, he developed the P-gun after his work at sea which he used in his Etheric Weather Engineering Aviation project work in the 1990s privately funded operations until he was aided by George K.C. Wuu of Singapore. The work has thus been kept clean and independent. He discusses how this technology was used to save Malaysia from a four and a half month drought.

We explore the many social and political implications that his Rain Engineering operations came up against and why government officials are afraid to use his pioneering technology. Trevor explains how the oligarchs persecute governments if they attempt to use this pioneering technology because the oligarchy profit from drought and pollution. We discuss how other scientists’ pioneering research has been repressed, destroyed and discredited for the same reasons.  You can read more about the work of Trevor James Constable in Carlita Shaw’s book- The Silent Ecocide, the Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness.

What is Free Energy?

Most Engineers and Physicists are aware of the Law of Conservation of Energy which says ”You cannot take more out of a system than you put into a system´, almost true but not quite, as you can take more out of a system than you put into the system, there are many ways of doing this, energy is all around us and this is what the field of Free Energy Science deals with. Most people think of solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower. A simple example is wind power, the energy being put in is taken from the environment and what comes out is increase in power and energy from a simple wind generator. Same with solar energy.

Electromagnetic energy  is in the atmosphere and air around us, it is also coming from the Earth and flows through our bodies making our heads a higher voltage than our feet. If you connect high and low voltage systems you get a current. Hermann Plauston, a german scientist showed how simply you can pull energy out of the air or ether with an Aerial which has an output of hundreds of kilowatts, no input, this is a really simple example of a basic device. You can get the blueprints of a  “Plauston“  Ariel from Patrick Kelly’s site or the Over-Unity website. Has anyone ever wondered why  we have wireless internet but not wireless electricity? Consider the disharmony of evolving technologies in terms of comparing how far we have come with computer technology, wireless internet, and solar power and yet we are still driving around fossil fuel-guzzling, heavy, clunking bits of metal spewing out carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other pollutants. Therefore, the question is why do we not have these free energy devices in society today? It makes no sense what so ever….electricity is everywhere and we are electromagnetic beings. Wilhelm Reich and Tesla discovered this. The reason is because it would completely disempower the plutocrats who remain where they are due to control and wealth from oil and energy companies.

British Shell Petroleum, which is just one of dozens of different oil companies, makes a net profit of about 4one hundred million pounds an hour. That is, every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, they get an extra one hundred million pounds to play with. Governments, political stakeholders, oil investors and oil companies alike don’t feel comfortable with us knowing this, and they would be quite upset if an inventor comes along and says ‘’hey wouldn’t you like to buy this water-fuel powered car or domestic
power generator run by magnets, which will only cost you a few thousand pounds and produces all the electricity that you will ever want, no fuel needed, wouldn’t that be great?” The answer is that the
oil companies would not like it at all, and the people who would like it even less are the government, who take in around 85 percent of the cost that we pay at the fuel pump as tax. The executive oil directors and governments will do what they can to prevent any one of us owning a car that runs on anything but oil-based fuel. This power and profit-driven suppression of new alternative technologies for energy efficient vehicles, is the reason why we do not see them offered for sale. It is also why many are not granted patents or given
the opportunity to be made available for public sale on the ‘free market’.

There are many ways you can tap into this energy, And many Free Energy Scientists have achieve over-unity by doing this, a good introduction for those new to this concept would be the interview I did with Free Energy Expert Patrick Kelly on Sailing Beyond Knowledge Episode 23-Scratching the Surface of Free Energy Devices.

Patrick Kelly´s website is where you can download his 15 Chapter book A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices, in the interview he goes through different inventors various devices and the output of each one. It’s a very impressive presentation he gives.

Then some see Free Energy as a futuristic concept more exotic kinds of Free Energy such as The”Hutchison Effect” and Zero Point Energy Converter Cells – “Credited with the discovery of a highly-anomalous electromagnetic effect which causes the levitation of heavy objects; jellification of metals; fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood; anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material; spontaneous fracturing of metals; both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals; and other effects resulting from what is believed to be a very complex scalar-wave interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter.”

Tesla was at the forefront of such discoveries but he also was aware of the malevolent use and potential of some of these energy systems and therefore kept much of this research quite, then of course much of his work and research was destroyed when the government realised how his work could implicate them seizing a fortune from Grid Wired Electricity at the command of a switch. Scientists rely on government funding for their research, if the research and inventions discovered are not on a par with government power agendas, the scientist will have his research grants and funds and academic privileges cut off, science has been controlled and shaped in this way for several hundred years now. What students are taught in the physics laboratory is not the reality.

What most do not know is that it has been discovered over 180 years ago and along with the points I highlighted earlier, is a major threat to destabilizing current government powers which have been profiting out of needlessly destroying the environment for oil and nuclear power while we have had this technology all along. Evolve to Ecology is one of only few research organizations that promote the awareness  of Free and Alternative Energy to fight the censorship, with encouraging open debate and exploration on this topic without supressing this knowledge, we see how these technologies could help protect the planet and bring humanity into a new level of consciousness. Nanotechnology is also using Free Energy especially in nanorobotics in medicine where they already use electromagnetic energy to drive their devices. Nanotechnology could be where we see Free Energy make a serious comeback to be reaccepted into mainstream academia as science and physics evolves its understanding of this field and the suppression of such technologies that the military have been using for decades comes to the surface.

 Further resources on our Evolve to Ecology links to learn about other Free Energy sources

Jason´s sites are and

One of the Free Energy Scientists I interviewed was Sir John Searl and his antigravity SEG (SearlElectromagnetic Generator ) device, his extraordinary discoveries with the properties the SEG shows during flight, how it can clean up radiation, transform seawater into fresh pure drinking water, the SEG also addresses drought and could provide rain where there are deserts, and provides incredible benefits to human health. Again you can listen to this interview either on Evolve to Ecology or Sailing Beyond Knowledge Podcast.

Visit Sir John Searl’s Websites:

The John Searl Story by Bradley Lockerman

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John Searl Books

Anti-Gravity-The Dream Made Reality by John Thomas

The Law of Squares out of print by Jason Thomas and Magnetic Convertor,

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Patrick Kelly’s Free Energy Website


Jason Verbelli



Mission Statement – The New Energy Congress is a global association of experts who review the most promising emerging energy technologies. We publish the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies list, taking into consideration criteria such as: availability, affordability, environmental impact, sustainability, reliability, scalability, and safety. We also facilitate their emergence into the marketplace.




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