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Learning survival techniques in the Amazon Jungle with the Shiwiar

I was working with the Shiwiar tribe on a biodiversity project with Samuel Remerand and his amazing son who filmed this video in the Ecuadorian Amazon in 2012, it was one of the most insightful and amazing experiences of my life, we lived with them for three weeks and learned how to survive, hunt and use medicinal plants. This video contains some highlights and inspired the writing of my book which is about how the Amazon and its indigenous people are severely threatened with Ecocide along with other great wildernesses. Why this is happening and what we can do to prevent it. You can volunteer with the Shiwiar if you would like to have an experience like this and live with them deep in the Amazon. Contact us for more details.



Ecology, Consciousness & Solutions

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World. An Ecological Perspective. 

Discussion starts with David Bohm’s philosophy on human’s flawed consciousness and moves to excerpts from Carlita’s new book and our disconnection from nature.

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World. An Ecological Perspective. 

Carlita reads an excerpt from Chapter 2 on Corporate Devolution verses Ecology and Biophilia

Are there any other authors that have lived in poor countries with no mail service so that they don’t have copies of their own book till five years after they published?

In Defense of the Dolphins- Sentience, Intelligence and Personhood

Ten years ago if you were told that Dolphins deserved the same rights as people, this might have been cutting edge news, however a leading scientist in the field of animal and human ethics has tirelessly been working to bring this knowledge and his scientific research to public awareness, lately making front news headlines with this groundbreaking knowledge. Dr Thomas White is a professor at Loyola Marymont University, Los Angeles and a Fellow at The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Thomas is also an author of a ground breaking publication in 2007 called “In Defense of the Dolphin-The New Moral Frontiers” which explores how dolphins qualify for the status of non-human personhood. Details of Dr Thomas White’s books are available on his website In Defense of Dolphins:

The importants of conversing with trees and nature a month after I had huge tumours removed.

Alternative fuel and alternative energy could change our future. Connected to my book The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of human consciousness.

Recorded in the coastal rainforest of Ecuador, 2015-16,- two years before my Ecuadorian husband was kidnapped, tortured and died. I’ve been recovering since and left all these behind, we were  forced to leave Ecuador behind in 2017, perhaps because of my articles following activities of oil companies in the Amazon and my husband’s work for his very public anti-vaccine campaign on Ecuadorian radio and television. We need to see everything we are told in the media from a fresh perspective, not the way we are told to see our situation by news media. Step back and formulate new perspectives, create solutions, be the bridge builders, seed planters and mappers, new approaches to autonomy and sustainability and freedom from control, autonomous self sufficient communties.

Shiwiar Press Conference

Shiwiar and Achuar and other Ecuadorian communities working together at a press conference to defend their forest territories from oil companies See the full story here Ecuadorian Communities Unite Rejecting Oil Bids Affecting their Territories in the Amazon

South America- Cuenca Indigenous Artisan Festival, the largest artisan festival in South America

Ecuador and South American Indigenous people gather to sell their crafts. A few foreigners from Asia too. Ecuador is one very ethnically diverse place for its smallness and the people are beautiful and warm.

Photos by Carlita Shaw

Cañari indigenous folklore dance and music from Ecuador

featuring music from De Raiz, a Cañari Ecuadorian folklore fusion band who also played at the concert.

Photos by Carlita Shaw 

Fiesta del Diablos, Quito, Ecuador, an ancient traditional festival

The Diablada or Danza de los Diablos (English: Dance of the Devils), is an original and typical Andean dance characterized by the mask and devil suit worn by the performers. The dance is a mixture of religious theatrical presentations brought from Spain and Andean religious ceremonies such as the Llama llama dance in honour of the Uru god Tiw (protector of mines, lakes, and rivers), and the Aymaran miners’ ritual to Anchanchu (a demon spirit of caves and other isolated places in Bolivia). The name was consolidated in Oruro from 1789 to 1944, where masked groups which participated in parades dressed in devil costumes came to be known as Diabladas. In 1904, the first group with the label Diablada originated, the “Great Traditional Authentic Diablada Oruro,” with a defined music, dress, choreography, and plot. This period culminated with the founding of new groups of Diabladas in 1944, consolidating the denomination

Ecosolutionaries, more on alternative energy and ecology

Due to the development of corporate imperialism over the last 50 years, there has been a collapse in international environmental conservation and protection laws, this has been reinforced by the TPP and other Trade Agreements. Support my work by sharing my articles and following my environmental projects on Ecosequor Ecosolutions-Let us make a smooth transition and follow a better ecological path for humanity and Earth.




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