New Book-Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, An Ecological Perspective.

My new book is now published and available here in Paperback and Kindle
This book provides a fresh perspective on the exponential rise in depression and suicide in modern western society. It’s an alternative book for alternative people who  have tried conventional medicine or who aren’t interested in treating depression with allopathic options, and who are open to trying other options. Scientists have studied depression is in fact a normal response to a global environmental destruction, with growing scientific peer reviewed papers that confirm our degrading environment affects our mental health. There is an urgent need for humanity to reconnect with nature and change society to become more environmentally friendly. The author offers advice on how to manage depression better with nutritional advice and controversial health hacks, recommended lifestyle changes including learning the art of living after surviving grief, deep trauma, and loss.
The aim is to help the reader see their depression as a calling to look within, connect with their truer inner being and begin to nurture themselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, this book invites the reader to consider their own place in human evolution and redefine their lost purpose to one that is more aligned to Ecology than to Western Materialism, to become self-empowered, not a victim of depression. We look at talk therapies and radical new alternative therapies for managing depression in a challenging world.
Poem-Faithful Black Dog
Chapter One- I am Not my Story
Poem-The Exiled Dissidents
Chapter Two-Corporate devolution vs Ecology
Poem-My Friend, My Shadow
Chapter Three-A Brief History of Depression
Poem-The Thief
Chapter Four- The Art of Living
Poem-The Heart’s Compass
Chapter Five- Gluten Free Living, Health the Gut, Heal the Mind
Poem-Patented Flower in a Planet Sized Laboratory
Chapter Six- Health Hacks to Avoid Inflammation and Depression
Poem-Beat Your Drum
Chapter Seven- A Look at Different Talk Therapies
Poem-Illusions of Polarities
Chapter Eight- The Therapeutic Benefits of Entheogens and CBD oil
Poem–Merging Galaxies
Chapter Nine- The Noosphere, Consciousness and Biosphere
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414 pages

by C S

Author of

The Silent Ecocide 

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective

Carlita is an independent environmental journalist and project developer who provides information overlooked by mainstream journalism funded by political agendas, since Carlita has worked closely with indigenous groups in Latin America for the last fifteen years.


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Walk with Nature – Part 1


“There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes.” -Leo Tolstoy.

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There are alternative energy and alternative fuel solutions to replace oil and nuclear power already in existence, such as the waterfuel cell cars currently on the market courtesy of Stan Myers, Genepax, Honda, Hyunda and Toyota, there are compressed air cars, solar cars and electric cars as well as biofuel cars. There are technologies, concepts and initiatives presented in older articles in my blog which are being implemented and those who are implementing them are the new bridge builders from an old, out-dated paradigm to a new way of being with one another and with planet Earth.

There are many alternative technologies and concepts which connects those of us that are making lifestyle changes to have less of a human imprint on the environment or other species, we are the seeds of change. Hope is with those of us who are pioneers of crypto-currencies, open-source software and alternative energy pioneers and designers of alternative natural capital and green economic systems.

Hope is with those of us who have built or are forming alternative conscious communities. Hope is with those of us who are relocating to places where we can have more control over these choices and create new societies, until the waves of the collective consciousness are strong enough to make the leap of faith to a more holistic, unified humanity, living harmoniously with Planet Earth. Hope is kept alive through individuals and communities willing to take action internally and externally for the good of the Earth. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to take responsibility or we will be complicit in this silent ecocide.

A gradual development of strong community systems locally and worldwide for sustainable living methods will give us an expanding autonomy from the matrix of dependence and slavery that people find themselves in when they do start the unfolding towards truth and harmony. Oligarchic suppression has had imperialistic and fascist clutches globally with its obsession with short-term profits beyond the margins of the Earth’s natural resources.

Individuals have begun to question the true motivations of the international oligarchic agenda to control food, medicines and our health and education choices. while more paid taxes is government money misspent and  perpetually invested in war, rather than education, environmental issues, or making our cities, communities, energy and food resources sustainable. Public transparency is required for anyone who regulates government spending of taxes without public consultation, usually though it is spent on military and black projects. We, the people need to take back control, creating more transparency for the public and constant regulation of where people’s taxes are spent, what other ways can we change the severely corrupt system going on within the vaults of closed government departments?

We need transparency on so many levels and we need to completely restructure the system, politically, socially and economically. But instead of this, surveillance on civilians is increased and everything is being done to decrease regulations on present governments, elite and corporations, protecting their power interests and giving them further privileges that elevate their status to a place which is above the law.

“Never forget that no government has wealth of its own to spend. The money has to come from taxation, monetary inflation, or debt expansion that must be paid later. And government’s spending choices will always be uneconomic relative to how society would use that wealth. That is to say, the money will be wasted.”– Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.”

Equality can be integrated into new sustainable communities by evolving a non-judgmental way of being and working with one another. Equality builds trust, whereas hierarchical and religious structures create a climate of mistrust, domination and fear, fragmenting and dis-empowering individuals and communities. We can adapt to our changing environment by withdrawing ourselves as ‘currency’ from the archaic systems of power and educate ourselves to the self empowerment phase where we become responsible for ourselves. We can do this by simply no longer ”buying” into this system and making lifestyle and ethical choices to consciously act and live more sustainably and respectfully towards one another and the Earth.

Humanity is evolving faster than the capitalist machine that it has been coerced into an existence of servitude, therefore in order to survive economic and environmental changes, we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves, to create new sustainable systems. During the current global ´´economic collapse´´, there is an opportunity for us to create a sustainable economy that is within the means of the Earth’s natural resources, this would be natural capital which could have the power to enrich previously poor countries and wipe off world debt as well as making people treat nature with more respect as some people unfortunately have to put a financial value on things in order to respect those things. If this is the only way we can get some people to respect Nature, then so be it. See my earlier article on Financial Collapse & Solutions in Natural Economy, Decentralization & Community Managed Natural

Despite our planet accommodating nearly seven billion people, it is a myth that over-population is the main reason for straining the Earth’s natural resources. More than half of the world’s population lives on less than a dollar a day – this is the half that the west has turned into slave nations via international trading treaties, commissions and biotechnology companies controlling the world’s food, outsourcing production in these conveniently disposable slave nations.

There are more than five billion people who live with little access to adequate shelter, clean water, food, education or health care. The remaining western world puts the biggest strain on the planet. Yet, we can switch our economy to one based on value of biodiversity and natural capital, and wipe off third world debt and new wealth would be instilled in the world’s currently poorest nations in the form of the natural capital which they sit on. Energy and agricultural systems would become more sustainable, when we do eventually start to use more exotic alternative energy systems domestically and industrially, we will have more than enough resources for mankind.

While governments conveniently ignore alternative solutions and their official departments presently mismanage resources via centralised power structures, we will continue to have disparity and poverty.

Looking back at ancient agricultural systems, before resources were controlled by distant powers, we survived very well with localised ecological farming techniques, this is what we can breathe new life into. If every community put local resources and manpower into this, we could still build bridges as a step in the right direction, without having to wait for governments to change. If every family had an acre or more of land in which to grow their own food, we would not know starvation. We, the people, have a right to take back management of local natural resources such as water and crops in a sustainable and localised way. Money, greed and centralisation of global power over natural resources is strained and volatile. The present centralisation of power creates the illusion that natural resources are scarce, solely because governments profit from this illusion.

Overpopulation myths are used as one of many veils to perpetuate unethical world debt, trading sanctions and exploitative land laws along with other excuses for orchestrated genocides as means to sponsor wars. The problem is ‘centralisation’ of natural resources and power and the fiercely guarded secret that humanity sits upon powerful advanced energy technology and chemical-free rain engineering technology to make rain where there are deserts, See my Interview with Trevor James Constable, the Cosmic Pulse of Life    .  Governments profit from pollution and drought, water is the next blue gold. This advanced technology can provide every single human being with abundant clean water, fertile soil, sustainable food sources and free energy.

While the oligarchic elite, vehemently guard control of their central power, it can only result in an accelerating ecological imbalance and human suffering with ecocidal and genocidal consequences.  It is logical to say that this ship is sinking, when those in charge of navigating it, are only interested in the lives of its passengers, they care only for profit and are not acting with any morality or ecological values for Earth or human kind. It is the perfect illustration that financial greed has outgrown itself to the point of destruction – a sure sign that human values need to change.

Unfortunately, people in western society are unlikely to do anything about this unless it starts to affect their quality of life.  As for the oligarchy, it will be a long time before they begin to feel the pinch, since they are extremely wealthy and control everything, so they are highly unlikely to make any changes. Those of us who are experiencing the full blow of the current environmental crisis are most likely the poorest and the rural indigenous in developing nations who are paying with their daily lives. The fisherman and farmers are already feeling the effects, indigenous land defenders are immediate targets and victims, they are courageous and continue to stand up against adversity even if it means death, and that while governments are suppressing sustainable technologies that could transform fuel, energy and water into abundant resources.

Capitalism as it is at present, can no longer survive the way in which it is currently driving consumerism and management of global resources and finances. Centralisation of natural resources makes people in poor countries poorer, it allows the Western world to unjustly outsource to produce slaves in slave nations and exploit natural resources in developing countries. These are the unethical products of Capitalism from which we must move away. We must avoid other previous political ‘isms’ that have carried destructive elements of fascism, and which do not nurture self-empowerment of the individual and the community. There has to be a balance.

To be continued….


Carlita Shaw

Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.


A Different Perspective on Depression and the Ecology of Human Consciousness


An aspect of Deep Ecology is Eco-psychology or Eco-therapy and it takes into account our internal emotional and mental state and how this is creating our external environment. You may have had feelings of being unfulfilled, deepening apathy, depression, loss, anxiety and despair. Perhaps these feelings are rooted in the belief that we are separate from nature? It is understandable, considering the current world situation. Anyone that is not deeply saddened by current global events are either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. Many of us are going through different stages of this reaction process, yet most of us are unaware and not realising that these are psychological symptoms of the collective unconscious, or Noosphere, (Prinston University have a department that specialize in studying Human Consciousness which they call the Noosphere).

The World Health Organization states that over 1 million people commit suicide per year and that Depression is now the third biggest mental health problem of people. This is a reaction to the world in its current state of ecocide (apocalypse).
We may think that these feelings of frustration, anger, grief and depression are a reflection of personal problems but they are not, the bigger picture is that depression is not a disease, it is an indication that human consciousness needs to change, these symptoms reflect that something is deeply wrong with modern society.

The toxicity and predatory nature of modern capitalism has created these symptoms in our collective unconscious. Depression is an indication that Human understanding of itself in relation to the natural world, needs to change. Some people refer to depression as a ‘disease’. It is not a disease, but more chemical and emotional imbalance of the body and brain in response to environmental stress, normally affected by long-term stress, deep trauma or grief, for some it is difficult to diagnose the root cause.

(1) Dr John Grohol defines depression for those who insist on calling it a disease.

“These things are called disorders, not diseases, for a reason. A disorder simply means something that is out of the ordinary, which depression and other mental disorders are. They are more specifically a cluster of symptoms that research has shown to correlate highly with a specific emotional state.”- Dr Grohol.

Furthermore, should it really be referred to as a ‘mental illness’ either? Through my research and personal experiences, depression is an understandable psychological reaction to the stress and violent deformities of the modern world.
The most valuable activities that can help, are spending time in nature or in the company of animals, writing and creating and being as honest with one’s self or one’s true nature as possible and developing a deeper sense of self-awareness. If one doesn’t feel in touch with one’s true nature, just go with what makes you feel happy, comfortable or what inspires you, even the smallest thing helps point towards your truer nature.

Obviously, getting to the possible triggers and issues of depression help, such as recovering from anger, trauma and grief are signals that point towards the root cause of the problem. Diet is also a large contributing factor, the gut is the basis of the Human Immune system and Serotonin is produced in the Gut. When a person is sensitive to Wheat Gluten and Dairy, it is very likely they also suffer from depression and changing one’s diet and eating habits can help heal depressive tendencies.

People whom suffer from depression are usually highly aware and sensitive folk who are creatively gifted or perceptive in some way. As a result they are people who find it difficult to feel that they fit anywhere in the forms or archetypes dictated by society – a society that places value on things that are leading humanity and the environment to destruction. People who suffer from depression find it difficult to connect with others on a personal level and mostly they are simply overwhelmed and disheartened by the amount of injustice, destruction, greed, cruelty and abuse that goes on in an increasingly hostile world, so if you know someone who is depressed, the best way to support them is find ways to connect with that person on a deeper level if at all possible or encourage them to do activities with you in nature if they don’t like to be alone.

A number of environmental scientists such as (2) Dr. Stephan Harding, a deep ecologist, like myself, sees the value in needing to restore our lost connection with Earth and understand that we are all part of one greater consciousness. In an early interview Dr Stephan Harding said ”there is something wrong with you if you are not profoundly saddened or depressed by the state of things at the moment”. So if you are not feeling even a tinge of sadness with the current state of our world, then you are either in denial or deeply removed from your emotions. So it is in fact healthier to respond with depression at some stage in one’s life, at least it shows a degree of empathy and compassion and an acknowledgement of our global reality.

We are living in the sixth greatest mass extinction. Anthropogenic activity is destroying the oceans, ripping apart the last of the Rainforests and indigenous people, we are seeing the largest scale ecocide unfolding. The amount of torture and abuse that our fellow creatures suffer at our own hands, is just overwhelming, let alone the killing, torturing, abusing and trafficking of men, women and children worldwide, innocent victims of insane wars, exploitation and slavery.

It is important to understand the unconscious psychological impact of the current ensuing chaos on each of us, as we now have the internet and technologies which bring such information into our awareness. Some of the emotions we feel we may not even be conscious of, as they are a collective conscious reaction to a daily external violence and exploitation, which may stir feelings of grief or guilt, especially if we feel inept or feel we are unable to do anything about many of these issues, our severed connection with mother Earth and our lost ancient knowledge of whom we are and where we have come from.

adbustsers_90_consumerzombie_sConsumer zombie- Courtesy of Artist Aeryn James Davies, at Ravanna.

The illusion of our separation from nature has created a very ill and absurd world. It is also disturbing that many people are unstirred, almost completely oblivious to what is going on, and just continue about their day, as if the world is going to stay as it is forever, while those of us that are acutely aware of what is unfolding around us, try to manage our reaction to it.
We have been made to feel nothing more than human commodities by society, we are referred to as mere ”consumers” by a capitalist imperial system. We must be obedient and told that our only value in the modern world, is as a good worker and consumer, whose taxes go to destructive exploits that we have no say to, our privacy is invaded in case we act criminally, yet many governments continue to enjoy privacy and operate corruption behind closed doors above and beyond the law.

Our human rights are being fast eroded and many of us cannot even imagine a different world. If we really lived in a fairly just and free world, would we need to adhere to a list of human rights anyway? It is a challenge to imagine that we can rise above these lower vibrations. The ecological unconscious where our natural feelings of connection to the world of nature and other organisms rest, are connected to what the biologist (3) E.O. Wilson calls ‘biophilia’. People who are the opposite of biophilic, are those that prefer the man-made comforts to nature and therefore are ‘biophobic.’

(4) “Biophilic and biophobic tendencies are a marker of culture (Wilson, 1993) and if we take the assumptions made by various commentators (Foucault, 1964; Horwitz, 2002; Rind & Yuill, 2012), that mental health is a product of its culture, the connection is clearer still. The problems of mental health are shown to be increasing the world over (Desjarlais et al, 1995), whilst biophilia as a hypothesis can answer this to a degree, it provides many other answers, namely to do with the origin of many of these conditions that we are experiencing.’’- Douglas Radmore, (2014).

Biophobia is a result of modern technology and our dependence on urban life. People who live in cities, tend to survive in a bubble of distraction with iPhones, headphones and music on the go, computer games and living amidst shopping malls, motorways and everything at their convenience, where nature is neatly compartmentalized as parks and squares as aesthetic decoration in a consumer’s playground.

Is Biophobia acceptable? (5), David Orr makes a very good argument on this issue, he states;

”First, for every “biophobe” others have to do that much more of the work of preserving, caring for, and loving the nature that supports biophobes and biophiliacs alike. Economists call this the “free-rider problem”. It arises in every group, committee, or alliance when it is possible for some to receive all of the advantages of membership while doing none of the work necessary to create those advantages. Environmental free riders benefit from the willingness of others to fight for the clean air that they breathe, the clean water that they drink, the preservation of biological diversity that sustains them, and the conservation of the soil that feeds them. But they do not lift a finger to help. Biophobia is not okay because it does not distribute fairly, the work of keeping the Earth or any local place healthy. Biophobia is not okay for the same reason that misanthropy and sociopathy are not okay. Biophobia is not okay because it is the foundation for a politics of domination and exploitation. For our politics to work as they now do, a large number of people must not like any nature that cannot be repackaged and sold back to them. They must be ecologically illiterate and ecologically incompetent, and they must believe that this is not only inevitable but desirable. Furthermore, they must be ignorant of the basis of their dependency. They must come to see their bondage as freedom and their discontents as commercially solvable problems.’’ The drift toward a biophobic society, as George Orwell and C. S. Lewis foresaw decades ago, requires the replacement of nature and human nature by technology and the replacement of real democracy by a technological tyranny now looming on the horizon.’’-David Orr.

There are still ways in which we can become self-empowered sovereign beings. There are ways in which we can create a more harmonious and sustainable world without predatory capitalism and it’s destructive forces, we can create an alternative ecological and local community based capitalism, that uses the creative concepts but eradicates the predatory aspects of capitalism that drives ecocide. There are alternatives to this current system, which is driving a rise in depression and suicide worldwide, the fundamental principle being that we have lost our true value and our spiritual connection with nature.

We have lost our feelings of self-worth with loss of contributing to local communities, (it is human nature to have the desire to connect with a small local community, like one’s own tribe or family, as opposed to contributing to society which is not the same) and feeling valued in that way or in ways we can contribute to working with the land or honouring nature in some way, for the life she sustains, for us.

Most of all, we have become empty and bored, due to constant external seeking of fulfilment and stimulus. Even the most privileged people among us suffer from depression, this is an obvious testimony to the fact that all the riches in the world will not make us happy. People have forgotten how to look after their inner spirits, such as taking a walk in nature. Communing with nature soothes the soul and mind.

When we are children we are in a pure state of being, then society and government drum it into us that we are not worth anything by our natural state of being, we have to prove ourselves worthy of love and respect by working towards a status, qualification, proving our academic intelligence, external physical appearance or by reaching a respectable bank balance, in order to receive love and respect from society. When in fact a balanced world would encourage us to continue just being the unique amazing human beings, who we naturally are, this in itself is valuable and a beautiful act of existence that deserves love and respect.


We must begin to redefine our value as human beings, as part of a larger global community that is working towards change, in the midst of all this chaos. We can begin to reclaim our connection with the Earth in various ways through growing food communally, rebuilding and re-inventing new communities and a transparency in our relationships, in government institutions, in society. Very few people question social values. We need to develop an importance on teaching and establishing new value systems in societies and communities based on a deeper spiritual existence in harmony with the Earth, with emphasis on shifting values and practices to unconditional love, kindness and acceptance, rather than status, materialism, idealised perfection and elitism, which are all forms of violence on, and repression of, our true human nature.

It is modern society and its corporatized values, that are causing most of the malfunctioning. The subtle violence of what society calls normality is disturbing enough and what is expected of people to conform to, in such an environment. That is enough to drive anyone to depression along with the general stress of everyday living and paying one’s monthly bills, most people are being denied their humanity. Accepting that our humanity is key in healing, accepting that it is okay to feel broken, deep sadness and the spectrum of emotions that bring us the gifts of questions and answers, help us to get closer to our own inner truth, what is really good for you? What do you really need? How do you really feel? What is really important for the human creature and for the Earth? It is okay to be totally honest and let go, to allow raw emotions to flow through, to just be free to feel what comes through, it’s not normal to keep marching on while a war on consciousness is ensuing.

(6 ) William Manson explains that in 1968, Erich Fromm prophesied “The year 2000, might be the beginning of a period in which man ceases to be human and becomes transformed into an unthinking and unfeeling machine”. -In the context of a prevailing dehuman syndrome, spontaneous human expression becomes pathologised: Being open in speech; being unashamed of one’s body; relating to nature; hugging, touching, feeling and making love with other people; refusing to serve in the army and kill; and becoming less dependent on machines are generally considered ‘disturbed behaviour’ by a society of robopaths”. Of course, behavioural modification is facilitated through ideological training, expanding law enforcement, and emotional anaesthesia (psychopharmacology).

In my view, revitalisation of one’s desiccated human-ness first and foremost requires a renewed contact with the web of evolved life, with Walt Whitman’s ‘primal sanity of nature’. Transcending the blinkered, bourgeois-utilitarian (mechanistic-industrial) world-view, one can embark on a purification of consciousness, a purging of the detritus of cultural pollution (and a recovery of emotional innocence). Withdrawing from the world of urban commerce (and its mind-numbing “messages”), one severs the flow of media propaganda and ceaseless “information” (relating to the ubiquitous ‘buying and selling’). Compulsive ‘having’ is the pathology of deficient ‘being.’ Aesthetic simplicity means disconnecting from repulsive superfluity. Seeking sanctuary in wilderness surroundings, one rediscovers the gentler rhythms of low-cost rural living: walking instead of driving, and prevention of disease through a style of living consonant with ecological wisdom.’’-William Manson.

We definitely need to change our psychological and status values in Western society to values that have more depth and meaning for the human spirit. An ecological natural economy would influence and cultivate healthier values for individuals as well as establish stronger communities, people could cultivate a self-value that can be attributed to feeling part of a community caring for the environment, values not based on status, or on consumerist needs and wants that are never deeply fulfilling.

Being as honest with one’s self and others as is possible is important, we are not robots, and we are not machines. Being in nature, being creative, painting, writing, singing, and making things; developing projects that could contribute to a better and more harmonious world, playing music or getting involved in a community project or doing something that aids deep relaxation, meditation or trance, all of these things can help bring feelings of deeper fulfilment and bring us more into the moment, reconnecting us with the joy that comes from just being and connecting with others on a deeper level. Reaching out as much as possible to friends and family, without feeling humiliated or the stigma that is carried with the label ‘depression’ and the negative stigma that go with it such as the words ‘mental illness or mental disease’.

Inner work is really important for all of us, not just those of us suffering from depression, but those of us suffering from denial which seems to be the greater problem in human society.

”There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung

More importantly, understanding all of this in the larger context of human evolution, shows us that we can become re-empowered again once we see that each of us has something valuable to contribute to our holistic progress. This is all part of a process leading to a more highly evolved level of human consciousness, in order to continue to survive in harmony with Planet Earth rather than living off of Pacha Mama, like parasites. We need to learn to become reconnected to and part of Earth and Cosmos again, in order to continue our existence here on this beautiful paradise. In order to create diamonds, coal endures a great deal of pressure to transmute and change into something stronger and far more beautiful that can reflect and channel all the colours of the light, that which is already within us .


Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.

Further reading

Dr John Grohol

2 Dr Stephan Harding- deep-ecology-hub available online.

3 E.O. Wilson. ‘Biophilia’ (1984) Published by Harvard University Press

4 Douglas Radmore (2014) Examination of The Biophilia Hypothesis and its implications for Mental Health.

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The Connection between Depression & Environmental Degradation


The above diagram shows the ecological and biological relationships between human illness and environmental pollutants. .

According to the World Health Organization, depression is now one of the most common health burdens in the world today, next to cardio vascular disorders and cancer. Major depression is a persistent severe condition and a very costly disorder in terms of lost efficiency at work, industrial accidents, high demand of bed use in hospitals, expense of treatment, state benefits, and personal suffering. Another alarming statistic from WHO is that up to 1 million people commit suicide annually, (Solomon et al., 2000).

Most qualified therapists who treat depression are not in a position to admit that yes we do in fact live in a depressing world, some might secretly share that opinion but their function is to focus on diagnosing imbalanced mental and emotional states and getting the patient to become more in touch with their truer feelings, to facilitate supporting them and treating them to be able to function again in the everyday world.

After a century of scientific research, there is actually no conclusive evidence of one single cause of depression and there are no single biological tests that can be taken to diagnose depression, therefore psychiatrists rely on non-specific forms and symptoms such as fatigue, hopelessness, problems sleeping and anxiety, but only some psychiatrists who have an in-depth knowledge of immunology are aware that problems with the immune system plays a large role in affecting brain chemistry as well as body chemistry, in this way we can see how diet and environmental pollution can affect depression on a biological level.


The degree of depression also depends on the individual’s history, biological profile and environmental and circumstantial factors, there is also a growing body of scientific research in journals published since the early 1990s that shows depression is correlated with immune system activity, which is responsible for the production of cytokines which influence brain function, if there are problems with the immune system, this usually causes chemical imbalances in the brain. Lymph cells can also be found in the brain, in addition to the gut being the largest area that also serves as part of the immune system, therefore, if you do suffer from depression it would also be beneficial for you to make some lifestyle changes especially with eating habits to help boost your immune system.

The Western view of treating mental illness as a separate issue from everything else that is going on in the body is slowly changing over the last 20 years as scientists start to understand that the immune system greatly influences the brain chemistry and the immune system is affected by environmental factors. In Eastern medicine, the brain and the body are not separated in medicine and treatment is more holistic and successful.


The increased level of air pollution and toxins in our food and water are also a sign that Western society would benefit from becoming more holistic and sustainable. We are our environment, physically and mentally, and if we already treat the environment like a dumping ground, how does this reflect our current state of consciousness, let alone our physical health? It is no wonder the rise in cancer and autoimmune illnesses are so high, we treat the environment like one big open garbage can and experimental laboratory.

At the peak of a technical boom, in a time when we have more wealth controlled by 1 percent of the elite, we also have more poverty. It feels like there is no such thing as homogenized progress in what we call civilization, most progress we have made is only with technology and not much of that is being used to help the problems of the planet, it’s mainly being used to control humanity or experiment with the fabric of time and space.

Anyone that is not deeply saddened by current global events are either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. It’s actually a sign of a healthily functioning human being, to be depressed in such times, it shows awareness and caring. The problem is that the undiagnosed mental illness of psychopathy and denial (of people in government and of people who hold positions of power), accompanied by an obsession with making money and controlling humanity as a priority above the cost of nature, ecocide, human life, the suffering of others and species extinction. It appears at times that to be in a position of power, the main qualification is a lack of sentience, empathy and complete disregard for nature accompanied by greed for money.

Warsaw, Poland.

There are wonderful things that capitalism has done for people, independent artists and musicians, technological developments, innovations and pioneers, but we also need to apply innovation and change to societies systems to develop more holistic and environmentally friendly ones, because society currently has a toxic and predatory nature that we could do without in modern capitalism This has created our collective dysfunctional ideas and beliefs about ourselves in relation to nature and other species in the human unconscious. There is a great deal of ecological ignorance and misunderstanding of environmental science, if we were all well-informed, I doubt we would be in such an environmental crisis.

In some approaches to treating and understanding depression relating to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt Therapy, depression is understood as an adaptive process to a stressful environment, in most cases the patient has withdrawn themselves in various ways from engaging in a world, (a world that is rather malfunctional).

Personally, I like Jeff Foster’s view on depression which is the need for the individual to conserve energy, to withdraw and take a deep rest. The only problem is we also need to function in order to work, pay our bills and keep up with the rent, but we cannot argue with the subconscious needs and sometimes, that takes a higher priority so we have to figure out ways to see that depression is our inner selves requiring more in-depth self-awareness, holistic healing and strengthening of the body and mind in order to regain function in the world.


Ecologists look at different biological and abiotic systems mainly related to ecosystems and how they work in relation to one another and if one becomes dysfunctional how that affects other ecosystems and species. From a deep ecological perspective depression is an indication that human understanding of itself in relation to the natural world, needs to change, since we lack respect for our environment and are polluting it at alarming rates, it is no wonder that autoimmune diseases and depression has risen statistically with industrial and technological development developing more toxic chemicals and pollution.

Though the academic books, journals and no doctor will ever diagnose a single cause of depression, immunology has identified that the immune system is a big factor and since the gastrointestinal tract is the largest immune organ in the body exposed to pathogens, from what we put into our body, we need to take into account that environmental pollutants, and chemical toxicity in our food can cause autoimmune problems too. This in turn causes other symptoms of an over active immune system and depression is a product of biological symptoms related to these factors, therefore a healthy external environment would reduce these influences and biological factors that can influence the rise in depression globally too. Most people do not connect the increase in external pollution, chemicals in water and food as an additional cause to the global rise in depression but we are our environment and this is one indication of this fact. We have actually gone over the limit of environmental and industrial pollution from pesticides and industrial waste so that even places where organic food is grown is still at risk of some sort of soil, air, or water contamination that affects our food sources and therefore our internal biological and mental ecology, which are showing detrimental signs of this pollution and disjointed what of thinking and treating the environment, with no thought of how it will eventually affect our own health.

Some people refer to depression as a ‘disease’. It is not a disease, but a result of a chemical and emotional imbalance of the brain and body, normally affected by long-term stress, deep trauma or grief and a bad diet, in addition to external environmental factors such as food and water sources being contaminated by environmental pollutants and ingested; causing autoimmune illnesses which is an unaccounted factor in the global rise in depression and depression related illnesses. In most large urban cities there is often a problem with air pollution, in 2011, studies were done on mice exposed to air pollution and this caused inflammation in the hippocampus, learning problems and symptoms associated with depression, (Aaron J. Cohen et al 2006.)


The global rise in depression is a biological and mental reaction to industry and technology polluting the environment and therefore polluting our bodies and minds. When we separate ourselves from nature mentally, we separate ourselves from the ability to find that place to feel safe in nature, this is a magical thing because it’s feeling at one with the Earth, at peace in nature, one of the best feelings in the world. Edward Wilson wrote a book examining the relationship between our well-being with our relationship with nature in his book ´´The Biophilia Hypothesis´´. There is a growing body of theoretical and empirical work on the effects of environmental degradation and people’s happiness and health. One paper found that using log-linear methods for the panel of 21 countries for the period 1970-2005, that environmental degradation matters for the happiness of the people, and as environment degradation increases, their happiness decreases. Further, economic growth is found to have a positive and significant impact on the happiness of the people, whereas wage inequality and cost of living had a negative and significant impact, (Aviral Tiwari, 2011).

Diagram showing aspects of society that could be improved by sustainability.

Modern ecological economics has also proven the traditional assumptions that the level of consumption of market goods and GDP is a close approximation to a social welfare function, put simply, human happiness and well-being does not correlate with material wealth. Even the most conservative interpretations of the relationship between income and well-being indicate that well-being is not determined by consumption alone, (Blanchflower and Oswald, 2004; Keely, 2005). Another interesting aspect of human well-being and environmental well-being, is the emotional effect of learning about species loss and environmental degradation on a person’s mental well-being are clearly detrimental to a person’s mental health. Scientists Gowdy and Carbonell, (2007), set up an empirical testing of E.O. Wilson’s Biophilia Hypothesis. The results were astounding, 85% of their participants reported concern about animal extinction. There is a relationship between human well-being and attitudes towards’ pollution and species loss and that it is not only pollution that negatively affects individual’s well-being but the human preoccupation of the impact of pollution on species loss, concern with biodiversity loss is a sign of caring about the living world. Individuals that care about biodiversity loss are believed to reveal a psychological connection with other living organisms.

Therefore, the positive relationship between well-being and concern about species extinction lends support to those who argue that humans receive positive psychological benefits from caring about other species, (Aviral Tiwari, 2011), (Kellert and Wilson, 1993). This is a very interesting study and gives those of us already deeply concerned about the state of the planet some hope, the importance of environmental awareness to human well-being shows that we do in fact get depressed if we know the environment is being destroyed, the effect that environmental concern has on an individual’s well-being. A priori, one may expect that any environmental concern would negatively affect an individual’s well-being. Gowdy and Carbonell, (2007), concluded that showing positive concern about nature, landscapes, interaction with plants and wildlife, is positively connected with human well-being, while the opposite is true for showing concern about negative environmental features (e.g. pollution). Therefore in addition to us actually getting physically sick and depressed if our environment is polluted, most of us get depressed just worrying about the state of the environment.

economie_circulaire_pole_eco_conception2Diagram demonstrating a more holistic circular economy better for humans and the environment. Courtesy of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, reuse permitted.

The global economic systems would benefit from integrating ecological concepts into the economy and society, but prefer to ignore this vital necessity if we are to live sustainably and fairly on this one and only Earth. There is one country in the world that understands this spiritually and practically, in the 1970s, the king of Bhutan announced that the happiness of the population was more important than Gross Domestic Product. Bhutan is leading humanity as the world’s first completely 100 per cent organic country with its agricultural practices and instead of measuring the country’s Gross National Product, (GNP), it puts emphasis and value on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) of its society, spiritual culture and people. Dr. Saamdu Chetri who endorsed my last book The Silent Ecocide, has been charged with this mission and responsibility for Bhutan and he set up the Center for Gross National Happiness in Bhutan to teach the world how to do this, integrating economy with ecology and spiritually and sustainability. Anyone can go and learn and partake in this innovative project for themselves and return to teach their own communities. I’m not suggesting Bhutan’s blueprint would work for every country or culture but it is certainly a courageous example of pioneering approaches to intentionally change our values to those that are less destructive and healthier for the individual and communities for the route humanity needs to take in order to step out of this crisis.

The corporatization of the political world has become unethical and careless, ignoring its responsibility to protect the planet and now this is reflected in the growing millions of depressed people across the planet, it is no surprise that over 1 million people have been reported to commit suicide per year, a very sure sign that things need to change at the very core of human society to integrate more ecological and holistic approaches to human health and happiness by improving the levels of environmental health and living closer to nature and integrating a more sustainable economy to ensure better future for humanity and the Earth.

by Carlita Shaw

Article inspired by her new book Surviving Depression in Depressing World due to be published soon.
#psychology #depression #nature #health

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Be a part of the Solution, not the Crisis

Make it your mission to become part of Ecological solutions not the Environmental crisis! – Pioneering Solutions for Global Collaborative Change.


Eco-Solutionaries is the title of my new book project which I am publishing this year, this book focuses on Ecological Solutions to the current Environmental Crisis – encouraging positive social and environmental change, individuals can become empowered with the knowledge of new ecological solutions that corporations and governments conveniently ignore or are unaware of.

How many Barrels of Oil are we extracting from the Earth Per Day!!!???
Over 1 Million Barrels per day (not 97, 000). This is a very shocking but real statistic´provided by the US Energy Administration   This highlights why we need to be cutting and reducing consumption of oil, at this record breaking rate of oil consumption we are rapidly driving  ecocide,  pollution and species extinction. Reducing or taxing Carbon emissions only makes bankers and politicians richer and  will do very little to deal with the root of the problem, . We have no excuse to use oil anymore while the Water Fuel Cell Car is now available on the public market.

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Over the last 20 years I have always been looking out for solutions and developments in sustainable and green innovation projects. I started looking at alternative energy solutions that would prevent this ecocide driven by giant corporations, I also found many projects that provide solutions to many of humanities problems from the water crisis to innovations in organic farming and nanotechnologies that will provide us with all our electricity and energy needs.

My book  Eco-solutionaries will bring to public awareness, new and  exciting entrepreneurial technologies, inventions and projects, some of which are explained in the last few chapters of my first book ´´The Silent Ecocide´´- the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness​.

Incredible solutions already exist and more are coming to our fingertips. The funds for my second book will allow me the time to finish my research, to document and interview ecological solutions and ecological entrepreneurs in addition to fund the book tour to cover North America, the UK and EU to widen public awareness, the importance of ecological awareness in addition to Ecological solutions is fundemental in this book project.

While many people are overwhelmed by the terrible ecological collapse we are witnessing, the urgency to become more ecologically conscious and to create ecological communities where implementing solutions can become a reality, only then will we empower ourselves and our communities turning individuals into Eco-solutionaries. This way individuals can become empowered to implement solutions that corporations and governments conveniently ignore or are unaware of. Ecological awareness and what new green systems and sustainable technologies can allow us to make this transition, at the same time as reducing our pollution and ecological footprint on Planet Earth should be a priority knowledge at this time.

Funding Goal

Funding this book project will free up valuable time for me to write and complete my research, interviews and publishing the book, in addition to allowing me to travel to and do various public talks at Universities and Ecological Conferences in the UK, Europe and North America to help spread the message of the book and raise ecological awareness of the issues and how we can solve them by implimenting important solutions. I would like to  have both books translated into many languages so that the message can be brought to the global communities and to the forefront of public knowledge, so if you are a translator and want to help, please send me an email, there is also a basic forum available for ecosolutionaries to connect and share ideas.

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My last book is The Silent Ecocide-the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness
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Free Energy is at a Breakthrough from here on

Many people that have been following developments in the Free Energy movement will know that there are a plethora of Free Energy devices that work, the list of ways to create Over Unity (Free Energy) is booming as we experience a renaissance in technological developments from creating alternative energy devices in nano technology, magnetism, leverage, water fuel cells or plasma science.

The problem is not how to create electrical energy, energy exists in the Aether, all around us,  the problem is how to make these devices available on the public market, so much violent resistance is usually met by inventors from Oil Barons and Energy Monopoly Companies.

The elite control global oil companies and  gain a profit of 100 million dollars per hour everyday of every week, every week of every year, extracting oil from the deep ocean or from beneath the rain forests resulting in destruction of the Amazon, causing countless oil spills and environmental disasters on an ecocidal scale. While this continues, so does the repression of every other form of technology available that could free humanity from the current destructive paradigm we do not consent to.

 Alternative energy devices are met with a steel wall of resistance by governments and corporations. It has taken people risking their lives to break the cycle of vehement repression of stopping alternative energy devices becoming available to humanity and 180 years of endured repression. This repression has been via control of patents or via means of the Energy Cabal buying alternative energy devices and blueprints from inventors or by murdering inventors, such as was the demise of Eugene Mallove and Stanley Meyers. Passive repressive action is by means of the government ignoring these inventions and repression of their coverage on mainstream media or on the public energy market.

However, through a combination of a modern technological renaissance, human consciousness shifting and the alternative media becoming more popular than mainstream media, we are presently witnessing continual breakthroughs with alternative energy devices being made more freely available to the general public.

For these reasons, alternative energy systems are breaking the fierce barrier of controlled repression. Next year, the Water Fuel Cell car will be made available to the public, and there are pilot studies of solar powered roads being tested and solar cars that are powerful enough to travel over 3000 kms on solar energy that will be available on the public market in the near future.

Today marks a huge step in human evolution as an interesting plasma energy device  is breaking through the barrier of resistance thanks to the work of Mehran Keshe, who founded the Keshe Foundation


We are witnessing a historic moment- as of today, thanks to Keshe. There will be an International meeting held in Rome today as the Keshe foundation hold the 3rd World Ambassador Meeting for World Peace, the goal is to provide Free Energy for World Peace  on the 16th of October,  Keshe will be releasing a new plasma technology device referred to as the ”Blue Box” to generate over-unity to show world leaders and ambassadors that this device functions successfully and can be used and tested anywhere globally to provide Free Energy using plasma technology.

A number of ”Blue Box” plasma energy devices will be distributed to world leaders, including president Obama, who will receive one of these devices so it can be tested in the White house. Other people receiving the ”Blue Box” will be the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani,  the president of The Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, one will be sent to the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. One device will be sent to the president of Ghana John Dramani Mahama, one will be sent to President Putin in Moscow and one will be sent to the President of China, Xi Jinping, the only commitment  Keshe asks from these world leaders is to sign and make a commitment to the World Peace Treaty. The ”Blue Box” plasma units will be delivered to Ambassadors and random citizens in different locations across the globe, all who will also be able to test and use Keshes’ plasma technology.  This approach will  bypass government repression and show the world that this technology actually works. Keshe said this will be followed by releasing larger plasma energy units around the world.

Keshe is confident that these ”Blue Box” Plasma devices will be available at a cost of $200, so every household could generate their own power and be free of the grid electricity monopoly. Keshe states that funding the larger generators will be available from many sources for those that cannot afford a unit. The Keshe Foundation claims that all profits will be channelled solely into manufacturers producing new unites, the Keshe Foundation will not collect any profits.

The goal of the Keshe Foundation plasma technologies is to make alternative energy technologies available to create a more sustainable  and peaceful world for all, to improve the lives of humanity globally and decrease the disparity between the wealthy and the poor, so that a better quality of life is achieve for all. How the 1 percent elite control system respond to this one is a guessing game, though predictable, many leaders will probably simply ignore the technology, like they have ignored other similar alternative technologies and  Keshe is probably aware that his life is at risk. Whatever happens, this day marks a global shift in consciousness, thanks to Keshe’s bold move to distribute these ”Blue Boxes” to world leaders.  The level of global focus from the alternative media on this is the most that any Free Energy Device has received in sometime, this also indicates that the alternative media has become the more popular media in comparison to mainstream media sources, which again indicates that the shift in consciousness is taking place. This also comes at a time when the Water Fuel Cell car that Stanley Meyers originally invented that can also power a domestic home will be available next year. 

India is also on the threshhold of launching a Free Energy Technology for use that will eradicate poverty in India,  Paramahamsa Tewari is Chief  Project Engineer of the Kaiga Project, Karwar, in India, Tewari has created a magnetic overunity device called the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG)

 Dr Tewari and many other alternative energy scientists have already disproved the mainstream beliefs of the laws of physics. 

Tewari states “It has been hitherto believed in physics that the total electric charge in the Universe is a constant quantity, and if additional charge appears in some region, it is only at the expense of the charge deficit in some other regions.  It is a basic law that electric charge is conserved and cannot be destroyed or created.  Precise experiments on a Space Power Generator (SPG) which has been now further developed to demonstrate the commercial viability of the newly discovered phenomenon of space power generation however, totally violate the existing law of conservation of charge, by generating output electrical power much in excess of the input electrical power.  Since electric charge is a form of basic energy, the law of conservation of energy will need to be enlarged to incorporate in it the dynamics of absolute vacuum which in a state of rotation generates a fundamental field to produce electrical charge and energy.” 

Other exciting technological breakthrough include developments in Nanotechnology. Thanks to entrepreneur, Justin Hall, sought out the world’s leading nanotechnology scientists to harness the electron and create energy through nano technology, now they have a company called Nanoholdings is a team of scientists, investors and innovators working at the cutting-edge of nanotechnology to develop solutions to the world’s growing energy problems. Working in partnership with the world’s best universities, they have developed products and companies that will revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.

Nanoholdings are a company moving towards harnessing the electron can be used to generate energy in nanotechnology again this will mean people will no longer need an electric grid system, they will be able to create energy wherever they are, at work or at home, the days of the coal or nuclear power stations are numbered as nano-technologies are developing, there are some  incredible solutions available that bypass the need for an energy power plant.

Imagine you live in a building that has very large windows, you can use each window much like a solar panel but simply by using a thin plastic film with energy harnessing systems embedded inside the film as fine or finer than a human hair, the plastic sheet can be stuck onto the window panes of a house or office building to use the light and heat energy beaming in through the window. The plastic sheet will be a powerhouse unto itself and able to do many complex things using nanotechnology to convert light energy from the sun to power up the room for heat or to cool or generate electricity and if it is not required there, it can then be sent to someone else who needs it more.

In ecological terms, this is much like the forest energy exchanges that occur in forest ecosystems in the roots of ancient trees, the oldest grandmother trees in a forest community are constantly shuffling nutrients and water back and forth to the younger trees that need it the most, in other words nano-technologies are becoming ecologically sustainable in terms of producing energy, which makes every individual human able to become self-empowered with their own energy needs and to provide the same energy for their neighbour or local community in the future.

Two things stand out about us — we focus exclusively on nanotechnology-based energy solutions and we work at the very cutting-edge of nano-energy research.

          Our extensive network of leading scientists in the nanotechnology field are central to our work – scientists based at eminent universities around the world, who are working at the coal-face of nano-energy research to seek out alternative solutions for how we generate, transmit, store and use energy. We support and guide their research, transforming breakthroughs into viable solutions — products to revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.’‘ – Justin Hall

It is important to highlight the fact that mainstream science taught in schools and universities  is only a tiny segment of a larger science that continues to be kept hidden from humanity.  This tiny part that we are familiar with, is used as a propaganda tool to keep the governments in power and people from believing that energy already exists all around us. We are now witnessing a shift in science, knowledge and consciousness as these present technologies will continue to push the barriers of resistance 

It is necessary to tell people about these suppressed sciences.  People in the academic sector live in fear of this knowledge or speaking openly about these issues, especially to fellow environmental scientists or physicists.  Free-Energy science is rarely acknowledged by most environmental campaigners or scientists or organisations who talk about improving the environment with alternative energy.

 There are many alternative publishers and environmental organizations that do great work but will not even take the subject of Free-Energy seriously, perhaps because they are put off by the implications of this subject and fear it would reduce public support and donations if they did take up the campaign. Despite this, public awareness is growing and those of us that have the knowledge, feel an intense desire to pass it on and share it with many more that are up for the challenge.  This is a really exciting time to be alive and witness world changing shifts that most of us never expected to see in our lifetime.

 by Carlita Shaw

Ecologist and Author



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Patrick Kelly Interview with the author, which the transcript is based on can be listened to here online :

Sir John Searl Free Energy Inventor for the SEG Magnetic generator


The Silent Ecocide- the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness, a book that explains how Free Energy solutions can save the planet.

Oilgarchy vs the People and Planet


Consider the disparity of evolving technologies in terms of comparing how far we have come with computer technology, wireless internet, and solar power and yet we are still driving around fossil fuel-guzzling, heavy clunking bits of metal spewing out carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other pollutants that are driving ecological collapse.

Alternative energy solutions exist, the Water Fuel Cell was invented by Stanley Meyers back in the 1980s, he was poisoned in 1998 at a restaurant, probably by oil barons. A few years before Stanley was murdered he gave a presentation on his water fuel cells, in the presentation, Meyer describes a molecular, chemical and electrical level of  how water can be used as fuel — not just as a gas, but for domestic and industrial electrical generation. Meyers was also the holder of  40 patents.

Ten years later Honda launched a water fuel cell car that also has the capability to provide domestic power for a house, this probably evolved from Stanley Meyers original design.  Honda made this car available to the Hollywood elite in 2003, now they claim to be launching this water fuel cell car to become available in 2016 to the public. However, they are saying that the current lack of infrastructure to support Hydrogen fuel cell technology will need to be worked on, what this actually means is not something a mainstream newspaper will publish, it means that the oligarchy that own the oil and energy companies, will not take kindly to the Water Fuel Cell Car that can also provide domestic power to the home to finally become available to the public market, therefore they will make it difficult for hydrogen processing plants and Water Fuel Cell stations to emerge as part of this supportive infrastructure. When an oil company earns 50 million dollars in profit per hour, they will continue to vehemently repress anything that is threatening to their Oil and Energy Monopoly, it has been clear that the oligarchy wish to control the world’s water supplies too, this could be one reason why.

Whereas, we the people would like to see a technological harmony in our vehicles and transport that would bridge the gap between the current disparity in modern technology, allowing sustainable solutions to emerge onto the public market without being vehemently repressed by those controlling patents or that have the monopoly of power.

Since Nikola Tesla’s discoveries of how to use the Aether to tap into the Earth’s electrical field, to achieve overunity and after his death, humanity has unknowingly endured over a century or more of this unjust repression of science and monopolization of electricity by the oil-garchy, electricity which should be free and wireless, yet we are not taught the real fundamental laws of physics, a large portion of science involving the fifth element, the Aether is hidden and repressed from human knowledge. It is important to highlight the fact that mainstream science taught in schools and universities  is only a tiny segment of a larger science that continues to be kept hidden from humanity.  This tiny part that we are familiar with, is used as a propaganda tool to keep the governments in power and people from believing that electrical energy already exists all around us via the Aether it does not need to be generated, it is also known as Chi, Orgone, Prana or Kundalini energy, it has a different name in every culture and what is clearly fascinating is that the Aether has been known to exist by ancient Asian civilizations for over 8000 years, this knowledge forms the basis for the health of Chinese natural medicines and Qigong and Yoga, it is also a lost knowledge in many other great lost civilizations.

Those that benefit from this scientific illiteracy are the 1 percent global elite and their oil companies, so they may continue to destroy the rainforests and oceans in the process of petroleum extraction with the constant spilling and polluting, causing global ecocide.

British Shell Petroleum, which is just one of dozens of different oil companies, makes a net profit of about one hundred million pounds an hour.  That is, every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, they earn an extra one hundred million pounds to play with.  Governments, political stakeholders, oil investors and oil companies alike don’t feel comfortable with us knowing this, and they would be quite upset if an inventor comes along and says ‘’hey wouldn’t you like to buy this water-fuel powered car or domestic power generator run by magnets, which will only cost you a few thousand pounds and produces all the electricity that you will ever want, no fuel needed, wouldn’t that be great?”  The answer is that the oil companies would not like it at all and the people who would like it even less are the government who take in around 85 percent of the cost that we pay at the fuel pump as tax.  The executive oil directors and governments will do what they can to prevent any one of us owning a car that runs on anything but oil-based fuel.  This power and profit-driven suppression of new alternative technologies for energy efficient vehicles, is the reason why we do not see them offered for sale at an affordable price to all.  It is also why many are not granted patents or given the opportunity to be made available for public sale on the ‘free market’.

Some key government figures are arm in arm with oil companies worldwide.  Politicians and oil barons are often one and the same.  Just take a look at the Bush family, while Tony Blair is deeply involved with Egypt and Israel’s gas industry as an energy advisor, it was recently revealed that they are involved with plundering Gaza’s gas ocean-based reserves, which Israel is planning on selling to Egypt.  The Labour Party had received up to 2.5 million pounds in donations in less than a year from energy giants as a means to influence a privileged few in their environmental policies to become more flexible for energy industries. The same thing happens in the USA, Oil companies pay politicians through lobbying agencies to influence their policy making decisions, its really a legalized form of bribery so that corporations can own politics and bypass environmental protection laws, this is why we are seeing ecocide and mass extinction at an unprecedented rate between 150 and 200 species are disappearing per day. Brazil’s supreme court has just banned Corporations from donating money to political elections. This is a great example of how to deal with this high level of corruption and should be made an international law.

You could say that the most powerful government positions are mostly filled by those who either run oil companies or are connected to the families of those who run oil companies.  Their goal is to make sure that our society stays in a kind of stasis, dependent on oil and gas, as it keeps the present governments in power, and generates for them a huge financial profit at a cost we all are paying for, by global environmental destruction.  This addiction to power and money through oil sales, is an addiction each of us are a part of, even if it is involuntary, but it is costing us the very Earth on which we live.

Four years ago Scott Brusaw from California, USA, gave a talk with Ted Talks, (an organisation, that sponsors people to talk about their ideas and projects), presenting the ‘Solar Roadway Project’, which is a project where ‘green’ engineers have been working to produce solar-powered roads and cars that could even help power homes and businesses.

The 2013, 3,000 km World Solar Challenge recently took place in Australia and was won by a Dutch Solar company named Eindhoven, which has built a solar-powered vehicle called ‘Stella’ and which is designed for families, they will perform the same challenge in October this year (2015), why again? It is important to keep demonstrating that solar and water cars can run as efficiently as the conventional car, as with many alternative fuel cars, it is possible that in a few years’ time, we will probably see these car fade into the background, a fate that has already been the case of countless other green vehicles produced over the past decades.

Since Stanley Meyer, invented his Water Fuel Cell car and was granted patents in 1989, other water-fuel cars have been built by other inventors.  Just last year, members of the Pakistani parliament, scientists, and students alike watched in awe as Waqar Ahmad, a Pakistani engineer, successfully demonstrated a water-powered car in Islamabad.  With just one litre of water, Ahmad claims that a 1000 cc car could cover a distance of 40 km, or a motorbike could travel 150 km.

In 2011, Japan invented a powerful water car produced by a company called Genepax, a Japanese company that unveiled a car that can run on river, rain or sea water, and even run on Japanese tea.  It is interesting to note that the Fukushima explosion that devastated Japan and the Pacific ocean was also in 2011.

The first compressed air car model to get media attention was in 1996, though there have been much earlier models in existence, in 2003, the French produced the Compressed Air Car, Moteur Development International, and Peugeot Citroen both have compressed air cars which they plan to market to the public in 2016.

With this in mind, we can consider that we no longer need oil from the rainforests or the oceans.  What we do need is to keep the forests and oceans preserved, perhaps via an international law that overrules political and corporations to bribe political decision makers, we need transparency and truly ecologically friendly laws to protect the environment from Ecocide.

The conservation of our environment could be seen as a matter of international security since  destroying our environment in turn destroys the future of human survival.  Is not the future of the world’s rainforests and oceans, a matter of human survival?  With our growing awareness, we each individually have a pressing responsibility to push for a transition from an oil-based economy to an ecologically-sustainable economy.

Free Energy is the only solution to ending the destruction of our environment, there are already many advanced solutions in the form of alternative technologies.  Solutions that should have been available to humanity a long time ago, and yet these are conveniently overlooked by global decision makers, which leads to the simple question “why?” – to protect the oligarchy and their precious monopolies being the obvious answer, however it appears their days are numbered as the ruling monopoly as progress and demand of clean energy technologies are pushing through the adverse barriers set before them because we the people are waking up and demanding cleaner energy. The shift in consciousness is taking place and nothing can stop it unfolding.

By Carlita Shaw, an ecologist, writer, teacher and rainforest campaigner that lives in Ecuador.
Author of the book  The Silent Ecococide-The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness.

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