New Book-Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, An Ecological Perspective.

My new book is now published and available here in Paperback and Kindle
This book provides a fresh perspective on the exponential rise in depression and suicide in modern western society. It’s an alternative book for alternative people who  have tried conventional medicine or who aren’t interested in treating depression with allopathic options, and who are open to trying other options. Scientists have studied depression is in fact a normal response to a global environmental destruction, with growing scientific peer reviewed papers that confirm our degrading environment affects our mental health. There is an urgent need for humanity to reconnect with nature and change society to become more environmentally friendly. The author offers advice on how to manage depression better with nutritional advice and controversial health hacks, recommended lifestyle changes including learning the art of living after surviving grief, deep trauma, and loss.
The aim is to help the reader see their depression as a calling to look within, connect with their truer inner being and begin to nurture themselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, this book invites the reader to consider their own place in human evolution and redefine their lost purpose to one that is more aligned to Ecology than to Western Materialism, to become self-empowered, not a victim of depression. We look at talk therapies and radical new alternative therapies for managing depression in a challenging world.
Poem-Faithful Black Dog
Chapter One- I am Not my Story
Poem-The Exiled Dissidents
Chapter Two-Corporate devolution vs Ecology
Poem-My Friend, My Shadow
Chapter Three-A Brief History of Depression
Poem-The Thief
Chapter Four- The Art of Living
Poem-The Heart’s Compass
Chapter Five- Gluten Free Living, Health the Gut, Heal the Mind
Poem-Patented Flower in a Planet Sized Laboratory
Chapter Six- Health Hacks to Avoid Inflammation and Depression
Poem-Beat Your Drum
Chapter Seven- A Look at Different Talk Therapies
Poem-Illusions of Polarities
Chapter Eight- The Therapeutic Benefits of Entheogens and CBD oil
Poem–Merging Galaxies
Chapter Nine- The Noosphere, Consciousness and Biosphere
99951 word count
414 pages

by C S

Author of

The Silent Ecocide 

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective

Carlita is an independent environmental journalist and project developer who provides information overlooked by mainstream journalism funded by political agendas, since Carlita has worked closely with indigenous groups in Latin America for the last fifteen years.


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Triumph for Ecuadorians fighting against GMO seeds.

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The Campesinos of the National Peasant Movement – FECAOL, the Cantonal Agricultural Center of Quevedo and Acción Ecológica, managed to win the historical demand imposed against the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrocalidad (in the Judicial House of the Quevedo canton in the province of Los Ríos), after 15 years of struggle against the Ecuadorian Government for its permanent attempt to unconstitutionally enter transgenic seeds into Ecuador,

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, the Constitutional Judge of the region accepted the Protection Action against crops planted illegally in the province of Los Ríos. This victory came after the monitoring carried out in the region, where the illegal presence of transgenic soybean crops had previously been detected.

Faced with this evidence, the judge said that transgenic crops violate the rights to life, health, work, a healthy environment and the rights of nature, therefore, granted the Protection Action in favour of the peasants and peasants in the province.

In addition, it ordered that the National Government must carry out the following preparatory measures:

– Decommission, eliminate and incinerate all the transgenic crops found in the monitoring.

– Subject to the sowing period, confiscate, eliminate and incinerate all batches of transgenic seed to prevent further sowing.

– Establish a permanent surveillance program to prevent GM crops from being planted in Ecuador.

– Raise awareness and educate on the dangers and the unconstitutionality of the transgenics to the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and to the farmers of the region.

– That the Ministry of Agriculture include in its website the inscription “Ecuador Free of Transgenics”.

– Send the ruling to the Prosecutor’s Office of all the regions of the province of Los Ríos where transgenic crops were found, so that it identifies those responsible, by action or omission, for the entry of transgenic soy.