Tribunal Cease and Desist Order banning DIGITAL ID in Canada.

Tribunal Cease and Desist Order banning DIGITAL ID in Canada.

Can also distribute it and enforce the Order in the UK and USA, or your jurisdiction.


The ASMIN Indigenous Nation and the 30 Indigenous Nations of the One Peoples Federation are now the Sovereign Constitutional Law Enforcement for the below URL Tribunal Cease and Desist Order and Writ of Mandamus banning Mandatory Digital ID in Canada and served by the Tribunal on February 13, 2023 on the Defendant-Respondents, and on Constitutional Law Enforcement.


Download Cease and Desist document below

Feb. 13 2023 Cease and Desist – Digital ID – Natural and Common Law Tribunal For Public Health and Justice

Click to access feb.-13-2023-cease-and-desist—digital-id—natural-and-common-law-tribunal-for-public-health-and-justice-2.pdf

The Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are in compliance with the Tribunal’s Cease and Desist Order and have announced that each Province will not go forward with the Canadian Federal Government mandate for digital ID as a condition of receiving federal health care funding.

Many thanks for reading and understanding the Tribunal Cease and Desist Order banning Digital ID and the Message below. You may want to enforce the Tribunal Order in your own jurisdictions and nations, as the Tribunal is now doing in Canada.

Please let us know if you need any guidance or assistance in doing so.

Best regards, Alfred
Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERT Public Health
Judge, Natural and Common Law Tribunal
for Public Health and Justice


The Tribunal hereby takes Judicial Notice that as of Monday February 13, 2023, the
Province of Alberta is in compliance with this Order to Cease and Desist From Adopting A
“Digital ID” For Health Care Or Any Other Purpose. SEE 7









7 Premier Smith says no to national health-care ‘Digital ID’
Alberta joins Saskatchewan as the only Canadian provinces opposed to implementing a national health-care ‘digital ID.’

8 Statute of Rome

Further references

Judgment of the Tribunal in the matter of Genocidal Technologies Pandemic On the Indictment:
Genocide & Crimes against Humanity by 5G-Pandemic Perpetrators
Final Judgment: Download FINAL JUDGMENT – NATURAL AND COMMON LAW TRIBUNALNovember 29 2020—natural-and-common-law-tribunal–


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