Manipulation of data on Climate History

Manipulation of data on Climate history to fit current political agenda push towards Individual Climate Credits, privacy invasion, limiting travel and energy control. Randal Carlson, expert on climate change, discusses this issue in the video below

To assume that CO2 is the major influencing factor in temperature rises, is not scientific as then we are negating all other factors such as Solar Mass Ejection activity, Geological records and activity such as Volcanic eruptions, atmospheric gas changes, UV radiation, Vostok Ice cores, Ocean bed sediment cores etc all of which show the climate has been much hotter in the past even before the human presence and industrial period. Yes of course we must preserve the planet and the rain forests and oceans, but don’t lie to the people for financial gain and control of people’s liberty and privacy.

Climate quota credit schemes are being rolled out in Europe where individuals will be allocated personal carbon allowances (PCAs), It seems that if this goes ahead there are potential issues around integration into the current policies affecting people’s freedom, financial choices, limiting travel, household energy usage and infringing on personal privacy.

Electronic Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs) were also proposed in the United Kingdom, covering the whole economy and divided among individuals (40%) and other energy users (60%). In Ireland, cap and share certificates covering the whole economy were proposed, giving all adults emission certificates for an equal share of national emissions. Such certificates were proposed to be sold by individuals via banks and post offices to fossil fuel companies.

Europe, US and Great Britain are pushing for electric cars, but do we have the resources for the entire world or even one small country to completely switch to electric cars? The UK government’s climate goals are unrealistic, their requirement is that all its vehicles be converted to electric by 2050.

The Natural History Museum, Professor Herrington and his team investigated how many resources were required so this could be fulfilled, what they found was that it would take two times the total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters of the world’s lithium production and at least half of the world’s copper production, just for the UK to convert to electric vehicles- Leading scientists set out resource challenge of meeting net zero emissions in the UK by 2050

Back in the 1992, why the United Nations IPCC report on ‘Global Warming’ ignored 33 scientific papers out of 45 scientific papers submitted?

The climate change debate on emissions is solely designed and engineered for reasons that provide political control and unfairly repressive sanctions over developing countries such as Africa and other countries that have been made to submit, so that more powerful countries gain access with emission cuts, whilst the Western world can exploit their natural resources and make trillions from trading carbon and carbon taxing.

CO2 in its natural cycle gets sequestered back into the forests, plants, tree respiration, soils, oceans, underneath the Earth’s moving plate tectonics, geological rocks, carbon dioxide sequestering can increase if we plant thousands more trees, as trees store tons of carbon in their trunks as well as roots and soil ecosystems.

So why aren’t the wealthiest governments running continual tree planting programs?

Ethiopia planted millions of trees a few years ago, if one of the world’s poorest countries has achieved this, there is no excuse for Western countries to follow their example. As this is the simplest solution if they really are that concerned about Carbon emissions, Meanwhile, politicians and bankers love focusing on CO2 emissions because they can make millions from Carbon credits, carbon trading and taxing on the stock market, now they’re going after the individual to control your freedom, invade your privacy on what you spend your money on, and  they will tax you on your carbon  usage too,  one day it will be a choice between heating your house, making that road trip or using the money to buy groceries. Will they include the mega rich in these new PCA regulations? Since they’re the ones who do the most jet setting, own the most empty mansions, have the most expensive gas guzzling cars and private jets.

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