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The NHS needs to be Investigated on the Death of Eric Levy


Majid Nawaz covers the apparent murder of Eric Levy by the NHS, exclusive on Odysee: 


Watch Video Interview here 

Majid Nawaz explores a case study – the curious death of Eric Levy in a UK hospital, who was submitted for a minor head injury with only bruising, no serious concussion. Meanwhile, he was kept in for weeks and died with enforced NHS end of life care. To do so Nawaz speaks to Jill Everett, human rights activist and Eric Levy’s neighbour and friend who explains how doctors get a bonus if they get patients on ”End of Life Care” drugs, and Nawaz speaks with  Clare Wills Harrison who is a founder of a UK solicitor firm, and who specialises in probate matters and end of life legal issues.

It has been reported from by B4UR1 Media  – Alternative News that ‘‘after 30 people were at the hospital and calling the hospital all day. The hospital said that he will be released Monday the 4th of July. However, Eric was kept at the hospital against his will until his untimely death.

Eric Levy was being detained against his will, which is against the law and therefore he should have been granted his rights of freedom under Habeas Corpus. -”The writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum is a discretionary writ issued by the High Court in England and Wales, directed to the person holding the detained individual, requiring that person to produce the individual to the court and demonstrate lawful authority for detaining him or her’‘-

Eric Levy was being administered  intense doses of drugs in UCL Hospital Euston Square NHS hospital in London, UK, he was visited by a number of friends who were campaigning to have him released, however, the hospital drugged him with high doses of drugs to render him speechless and put him in a drug coma. He was being  Prescribed ”End of Life Care”.

Eric was a Hero and Living Legend; at 94 years old he was one of the UKs senior activists. Eric  spent all his life protesting for freedom for Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Julian Assange (to name a few!).

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