Thierry Baudet on the Dutch Farmers Resistance

The whole world is watching the Netherlands. The absurd nitrogen policy has exposed the globalist agenda of players like the World Economic Forum. It is not surprising that the massive success of the farmers’ protests therefore generates international attention. Thierry Baudet gave an interview about the farmers, The Hague’s lies about nitrogen and the Great Reset plans that are gradually being turned into policy.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Robin Utrecht/Shutterstock (10432741be)
Dutch farmers protest with their tractors during a national protest at the Malieveld.
Farmers protest in the Hague, Netherlands – 01 Oct 2019
Farmers protest on the Malieveld under the name #Agractie during a national protest. The protesters believe that the agricultural sector is faced with too many social problems, from phosphate and nitrogen reduction to climate policy and animal welfare.

Thierry Baudet, Dutch member of parliament explains how the Globalists are pressuring Dutch Farmers to take their land away expropriate them, in favour of housing development for migrants, while making the Dutch people dependent on importing food rather than producing and growing their own. Baudet explains this is the Globalists agenda behind using the nitrogen policy to expropriate Dutch Farmers. In a time of food insecurity and Globalist dominance, by means of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030, we need to support farmers and national food security more than ever before, instead of following bureaucratic rules that are outdated and that are being used for other agendas.  He also points out how no one is talking about that bringing in more migrants and importing food will mean that nitrogen will increase tenfold, and discusses solutions on how local farmers can resolve this.

“We have 8 years to fight the globalist take over.” -Thierry Baudet


source  Forum voor Democratie 


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