Vaccination in children under 13 years of age is suspended in Uruguay

In today’s court hearing Uruguay Judge Recarey gave protection and suspended vaccination in children under 13 years of age- The MSP has three days to appeal the decision of Judge Alejandro Recarey

Judge Alejandro Recarey gave rise to the appeal for protection presented by the lawyer Maximiliano Dentone and suspended the vaccination against covid-19 in children under 13 years of age , as long as a series of conditions are not met, according to the sentence agreed to by El Observer.

The magistrate ordered “the immediate suspension of vaccinations against Sars cov 2 (covid 19) to children (under 13 years of age). Under conviction of contempt,” says the ruling.

The suspension will continue until certain “conditions” are met. One of them is that ” all purchase contracts for these vaccines be published or published in their entirety and without proof. As well as any document attached to them, especially all those that detail the composition of the substances to be inoculated” .

Another condition that the ruling requires is that ” a text be prepared – to be supplied to those responsible for minors who are vaccinated – that fully and clearly informs about the following points:

The composition of the injectable substances (all the elements they contain, whatever their nature).

What are the benefits  of the vaccine?

What are the risks with details of their nature, probability, magnitude and, if possible, time of

Clarify that the substance only has an emergency authorization and not a definite one, explaining in simple terms what difference these two types of authorizations make in a specific order to the private weighting of the aforementioned risks.

Detail the adverse effects already detected, in their entirety, periodically updating this information. The controls to which the State is obliged by art. 2 inc. 5 of Law No. 9202.

The MSP is going to “accept and appeal” the decision, according to what the Undersecretary of Health, José Luis, told, ‘El Observador.  The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) will abide by the decision, however they will appeal; and  have three days to do it.


Source in Spanish El Observador


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