Protest in London for Hero Eric Levy to Live


**Update on Eric Levy**

Send Prayers for Eric Levy

It has been reported from by B4UR1 Media  – Alternative News that‘after 30 people were at the hospital and calling the hospital all day. The hospital said that he will be released Monday the 4th of July. We still have to fight on….”

However, this may not happen, and Eric Levy is being detained against his will, which is against the law and therefore he should be granted his rights of freedom under Habeas Corpus. -”The writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum is a discretionary writ issued by the High Court in England and Wales, directed to the person holding the detained individual, requiring that person to produce the individual to the court and demonstrate lawful authority for detaining him or her’‘- **end of update**  -Check back here for further updates.

Eric Levy is currently on intense doses of drugs in UCL Hospital Euston Square NHS hospital in London, UK, he was visited by a friend where this video was taken and was perfectly fine until they gave him high doses of drugs to render him speechless and put him in a drug coma. He’s been Prescribed ”End of Life Care” and he deserves more.

Eric is a Hero and Living Legend; at 94 years old he is a protester who is not too ill to save, (as so deemed by the NHS) and is receiving ‘end of life care’ (which means no care at all!) at UCL Hospital Euston Square.

Eric has spent all his life protesting for freedom for Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Julian Assange (to name a few!) and he is now fighting for his life.

Support Eric and help fight for a man who has dedicated his life to fight for Freedom and Peace for all.

Stay all day or come between 3pm & 5pm, and from 7pm so we can demand the NHS #LetEricLive

Bring a placard/sign with the following:

Free Eric Levy
No End Of Life For Eric
94yr old Protester Wants To Live
Let Eric Live
Eric Captive at UCL
Don’t Kill Eric Levy
We Love Eric
Palestine Loves Eric
Julian Assange Loves Eric




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