Find Out How You Can Help Save Wolves by Writing Letters

As 2022 goes on, we are still tirelessly fighting to secure the protections that wolves need and deserve. Wolves in the Northern Rockies remain vulnerable to hunting, baiting, and trapping, a threat to them and their surrounding ecosystems. We won’t rest until they’re safe.

If you feel the same way and you want to join our fight for wolves, come to one of our upcoming virtual letter-writing parties below!


For three days in a row, we’re holding letter-writing parties over Zoom. Each party is just an hour long – but that’s long enough to get a lot done. We’ll start by learning how to write compelling letters that advocate for wolves. Then, we’ll write our short letters while enjoying some music together. Finally, we’ll submit our letters to local papers.

Our goal is to see a giant wave of letters about wolves published in newspapers around the country. Letters to the editor are a proven method of getting the attention of elected officials and influencing their actions. That’s why we’re going to write letters (and have some fun while we do it)!

Sign up for one of our letter-writing sessions below:

  • Wolf Letters & Jazz (Weds, 6/29, 5pm ET): Sign up here
  • Wolf Letters & Country, Folk, and Indie (Thurs, 6/30, 5pm ET): Sign up here
  • Wolf Letters & 80s Hits, (Fri, 7/1, 12pm ET: Sign up here

You can sign up based on your availability, or based on your favorite type of music. Don’t like any of these music options? Don’t worry; during the party, we’ll explain how you can opt out of listening to the music if you just want to write letters.

Help us make a difference for wolves by signing up for a letter-writing party today! Thank you for your support as we continue to push for protections for this iconic American species.

Sarah Starman
National Grassroots Organizer
Endangered Species Coalition

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