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Navigating Technocracy-Surveillance Capitalism

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Carlita discusses the reality of Surveillance Capitalism and was going to be interviewing a special guest today whose pioneering work has helped restore privacy, freedom of information and fighting censorship, the creator of, a brand new censorship free search engine that has access to the largest data searches since the beginning of the internet and that maintains the integrity of not selling your personal data to human futures agencies. However my guest Zed Phoenix cancelled last minute.

Nonetheless, we endeavour to continue the podcast theme today in lieu of the relevant news that Julian Assange will be extradited to the US, though we expect his team will appeal, and in the spirit of uncovering who is really spying on who today, this podcast is very relevant. Assange’s mission, same with Edward Snowdon was doing humanity a service in exposing corruption and lies in governments, that information is being protected by those in power because what Assange exposed their criminal actions, and agendas.

Meanwhile, instead his court case is a sham and democracy in the court system appears to no longer function democratically, it seems to function for corporate and deep state interests because if you look at the judge who over saw his case, the judge has family business connections in conflict with the subject of the case, a huge conflict of interest, in normal circumstances, the judge should be removed and replaced with someone who has not conflict of interest connections tied to Assange and the ramifications of that information Wikileaks presented, a threat to the interests of those connections, testimonial that more corporate and deep state control is our current reality contrary to real democracy and justice which is dwindling in the court systems across the globe.

U.S. internet companies in league with Prism, an NSA and FBI surveillance program

It is even more alarming that Amazon recruited Keith Alexander, former National Security Agency chief and head of US Cyber Command, to its board of directors in September 2020, Alexander runs the nation’s cyberwar efforts.

Amazon has had contracts and collaborations with the NSA for over the last 20 years along with Twitter, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Skype, Youtube, Facebook, and other social media company servers who are part of the PRISM network, an NSA spy surveillance programme launched on US citizens since the 9/11 attacks which are used as leverage with ”domestic terrorism”, being the foundation of these illegal surveillance projects. It has been repeatedly put in question by journalists, that perhaps this is why these companies enjoy apparent immunity to tax, especially Amazon, in the US and foreign countries in which they operate their services. This is how these Big Tech Giants have the power to dislodge even the current president of the United States from Twitter and Facebook.

These illegal spying programs have been using Hammer and Scorecard tools in collaboration with Big Tech Corporations to target and collect data from Americans and foreigners, which includes the following- personal and business documents, financial records, phone records, medical records, internet searches, emails, sms & mms messages, images, login credentials, IRS records, social security information, IP addresses with geolocation information, corporate records, corporate IP, attorney client communications, attorney client documents, voter information, voter records, government communications, classified documents, all collected in these illegal spying programs without a single court order allowing them to collect this information.

Remember Alexa from Amazon? Alexa is used by Amazon as a back door device for spying on you in your private home. Forbes tech journalist TJ McCue published an article in 2019 warning people on the dangers of Alexa and how to protect your privacy, in his article  he wrote-

 ꞌꞌAmazon responded to a letter sent by Senator Christopher Coons in late May, confirming that it maintains Alexa recordings indefinitely (unless a user manually comes in and deletes them). Some of those recordings are specific to a time-based entry, such as, an alarm setting or a calendar item on repeat each week. Clearly, you and the company are willing to keep those in place. But the rest? You have to delete them, or they are kept forever by Amazonꞌꞌ

In the wake of a big news media stir concern exposing the Prism surveillance program in 2013, it was learned by the public that Prism used its influence to coerce Big Tech Companies to work with the NSA and FBI. Public news media realized then that Google and Facebook were being used as fronts by these government surveillance agencies to infiltrate Silicon Valley, to exploit the wealth of intelligence data that we provide unwittingly. This is how these Big Tech Companies started gathering their influential power by working with the government agencies that are mining data via their software applications directly from our phones, emails and computers to spy on us. This was the first time the previously secret NSA/FBI program called PRISM was exposed, since then it has not been largely discussed, but more or less just assimilated into our technocracy, which is rather concerning and now we see the devastatingly powerful consequences. read more in Evolve to past article -Unravelling the Technocracy Censorship of Free Speech-

Do not be defeated, as anyone of us has the means to take our power back and continue to defend and protect our internet freedom, free speech and censorship. In my view Zed Phoenix and co are demonstrating this and carrying this torch, so I encourage listeners to go to his internet search engine and support the project, you are able to list your own business and services there for free and advertise on

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