Antevasin Radio-Dimple Bindra-Healing Trauma with Yoga and Meditation

Antevasin Radio will sometimes feature in Evolve to Ecology News, this is a valuable resource for anyone who is learning how to make their business online and wants to learn from other entrepreneurs in the alternative business world.

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Thriving in Business and Life between Borders in Changing Times- Exploring the alternative and changing world of making a living online, with different strategies for growth, old and new ways. So one can thrive rather than survive in volatile times. Learning tips and stories from entrepreneurs, coaches, b2b, b2c

Thriving in Business and Life in Changing Times- Exploring the alternative world. Learning tips and stories from entrepreneurs, coaches, b2b, b2c

Carlita interviews-Dimple Bindra.

Dimple Bindra is the CEO and Founder of Yoga Can Heal. Founded eight years ago. Dimple Bindra, through Yoga Can Heal & now, works to provide lasting solutions to today’s health challenges. She has worked alongside multiple physicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, applying her training as a Yoga and Meditation Therapist and Medical Intuitive to help people heal both physically and emotionally. She is available to speak on mental health issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. She has helped her clients recover from migraines, hypo/hyperthyroidism, vertigo, childhood trauma, and addiction. Dimple utilizes ancient eastern modalities, including intuitive medicine, yoga, meditation, acupressure, energy healing, and brainwave reprogramming. In short, her clients say that she is able to identify and treat issues an x-ray simply cannot reveal. – Metamorphosis Not Medication.

Dimple’sServices Offered –

Mental Health Coaching

WeightLoss Coaching

Yoga & Meditation Therapy To Reverse Diseases

Energy Healing

Meditation Sessions

Relationship Coaching

Trauma Release Therapy

Women’s Health Coaching

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