Global Increase in Unusual Atmospheric Electrical Phenomena, Freak Weather, and Mass Species Die Off.

Intensified atmospheric electrical plasma arc witnessed Umina beach, Australia, February 2022

February 2022, This last month’s unusual weather phenomena by The Two Preachers. At

¨ If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration¨-Nikola Tesla

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To see things in terms of everything being energy, everything that is alive has an electromagnetic frequency or pulse, we all have a natural voltage, the Earth, all living plants and animals and we have a natural voltage of around less than 0.1 to 0.2 volts, that is changing constantly depending on the environment that we are in. For example, in a domestic environment, the 60Hz mains voltage is able to be conducted into the human body over distances of several feet and increases depending on the amount of electrical devices you have in your domestic environment. It is a form of electromagnetic interference (EMI), sometimes referred to as dirty electricity, with currently unknown long-term effects. If you use a voltage meter, you can measure how much voltage you are carrying, in the home it increases to 5 or 6 volts or more as it´s influenced by all the electrical devices and plug sockets. This is why it is good to spend time outside in nature, if you have your bare feet on the ground, you are earthed and your voltage decreases.

Scientists are seeing disrupted morphing behaviour of Schumann Resonance in the Ionosphere, Troposphere and Stratosphere conditions seem to be increasingly unstable. Recently, we saw that the Earth’s Pulse, Schumann Resonance collapse for about ten days it was below 7Hz, this is an extremely rare event. In the video below witnesses recorded an aether electrical energy plasma arc, which is an electromagnetic phenomena created by intense electrical charge with concentric spherical distribution of electrical charges, witnessed by the people in the video below at Umina beach, Australia. Australia has installed 5G, like many other countries.

witnessed by the people in the video below at Umina beach, Australia

Many scientists studying unusual morphing changes in Schumann Resonance for the last 50 years have suggested that HAARP, CERN and the GWEN towers are manipulating Earth’s natural magnetic frequencies. Over 163,000 doctors and scientists have already warned the public against the effects of 5G and 6G years before 2020.

There is a strong connection between these high frequencies microwaving the atmosphere and generating further electrical interference and synthetic climate change, strange weather phenomena, volcanic activity, earthquakes. In February, this year we witnessed highly unusual 100 gale force winds in the UK that blew down trees and excessive flooding, and very heavy snow storms in many places around the globe. This summer season of 2022, we will likely see an increase in forest fires and bush fires as 5G infrastructure can increase sparking effects in the atmosphere or even from cable lines as the synthetic EMF and dirty electricity in the air and on the ground is increased.

In 2020, Elon Musk and SpaceX launched over 43,000 satellites for 5G and 6G technology. Telesat launched 120 satellites, OneWeb’s phase one network was 648 satellites, Bill Gates launched 6 thousand satellites capable of spying on the entire population and many other telecommunication companies have launched a further 2 to 10 thousand satellites, its not clear the exact number.

This is the first time in history that the outer stratosphere of our planet has had to deal with so many satellites filling air space with synthetic 5G frequencies. Tens of thousands of satellites around our planet, astronomers are particularly annoyed at the impact of this new phase of technology on their work. The effects of which we have no real understanding on the Earth’s natural electrical field, meanwhile we are witnessing an increase in freak weather, fires, and strange unexplained electrical phenomena in the sky.

According to Lewis Hansworth, human-made synthetic EMF frequencies at this level interferes with Schumann’s resonance and is potentially disastrous, not just for humans, but for all species who have evolved with an undisrupted natural frequency that protected us and influenced our evolution, shaping species and their brainwave frequencies as long as life has developed on Planet Earth.

The artificial frequencies that the military / telecommunications complex are pouring out around the planet, appear to be heating up the ionosphere, microwaving the planet and will continue to affect the Earth’s Natural Frequencies, as well as our own and that of all other living species, insect, animal and plants.

Mass Bird Die off, North Mexico

We have seen unusual amounts of birds falling out of the sky and dying, and no ecological investigations are being taken to test these cadavers for autopsy to investigate signs of electromagnetic damage, because there is no funding available for this type of research, and the question is never brought up in any research, such work would have to be independently funded. Hansworth stated 5G satellites are a problem species dialled into the Earth’s magnetic frequencies, with such disruptions, one of the first things that will be a problem is for animals that rely on sensing natural magnetic fields for navigation, such as birds, bees, whales and dolphins, and other migrating species.

Bee on red sunflower, by Carlita Shaw

All biological life has its own natural and very subtle electromagnetic ecology. Researchers at Bristol University in the UK reported that bees’ fine hairs are highly sensitive to flowers’ delicate Electromagnetic frequencies,

The average electrical charge on a bee of 120 pC is incredibly small. To put it into context: the charge on a bee corresponds to about 6 million electrons. A normal 60W light bulb requires in the order of million billion electrons to flow every second to produce light. ”- Bristol University

If this is the case, it is no wonder bees have been detrimentally affected by our high frequency synthetic electromagnetic pollution. The same with other insects and birds populations that are already less than a quarter of what their numbers were just thirty years ago, according to many scientific studies.

Although we have seen mass bird die offs before 5G, it is speculated that 4G has also been a possible cause, since birds are far more electromagnetically sensitive than many other species since many use the Earth’s natural magnetic fields for navigation.

However, it appears over the last few years, there has been a spike in these die off events, not just with birds but many species. We have no idea what the ecological consequences are, however these are documented events. The mainstream press continue to blame illnesses or starvation as the cause, the birds are at a normal weight, there have been no viruses or bacteria isolated from any of these species and shown to be the exact cause, they are not starving, but they have definitely suffered trauma, illness of some kind and immediate mass death, some journals blame climate change and natural disasters, but no one has ever looked at synthetic electromagnetic frequencies causing death by electromagnetic radiation or tested any of the specimens for signs of radiation damage or internal bleeding.

India, mass die off -various bird species India after 5G implementation.

If disease and starvation were the cause, then they wouldn’t all simultaneously die exactly at the same moment or second in time? As is recorded in many of the bird die off events, where hundreds are falling out of the sky simultaneously. Some hundreds of dead birds and bees are regularly found around the base of 5G masts, if its illness and starvation they would die over a period of days or weeks, not altogether at once, this makes no sense and is the obvious question always evaded. 5G satellites and 5G masts have been activated across the globe in the last two years, which began around the same time as the pandemic. Hansworth, stated that the devastating effects will be felt by all species until either technology collapses or is abandoned, which is unlikely, as so much has been invested in 5G roll out and the tens of thousands of satellites that now circle the planet.

Evidence of electromagnetic radiated amphibians courtesy of Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington, September 16, 2020, Amphibians are especially sensitive bioindicators as they breath through their skin as a secondary breathing apparatus and are sensitive to toxins leaching into their skin and electromagnetic pollution, but these frogs appear to have been fried.

Over forty eight years ago, in 1974, there were two volumes of journals published research contracted by the US military on the effects of EMF fields on our biology. These are not mentioned in any modern literature or information about EMF frequencies, yet they provide firm proof that even before 5G, government military sponsored research already demonstrated
that MHz had a detrimental effect on our health and on the health of other animals. The Dangers exposed with MHz (and this was before 5G). First published in 1974, ”Biological Effects
of Electromagnetic Radiation”, Volume 1, the US Army and School of Aerospace Medicine published several volumes of hundreds of published peer reviewed papers with the results of
microwave technology on biological tissue and organs, including human examples, in September 1974. The results of several hundred sick military experiments on animals which
were released as findings in several Volumes, each volume comprises of several hundred military funded tests. Military and scientists knew very well, over forty-five years ago, after experimenting hundreds of times with microwave radiation on animals and people, using pulses and ranges of exposure up to 2.45 MHz /4 MHz range, and S band waves and beyond 150-10,000 MHz. The documented effects in over several hundred scientific journal papers include negatively damage living biological tissues, heart problems, brain damage, cataracts, abnormal DNA changes and damage, cell damage, changes in the cerebral cortex, changes in EEG brainwave patterns, changes in behaviour.

One 1972 paper states ”personnel should not be exposed to .01w/cm2-.0035w/cm2 waves”. Some experiments demonstrate Chromosomal aberrations (damage) of living cells induced by microwave radiation and a high incident of Down syndrome human babies when the male parent is exposed to high levels of microwave radiation. So with over four hundred military papers and experiments funded in the 1970s research, the overall conclusion was extensive damage can be caused to cell tissue, brain tissue, and organs with just Megahertz.

Now, the above journal excerpts were just concerned with microwave levels of radiation at a tune of Mega hertz frequencies. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), concluded that EMFs of frequencies 30 KHz – 300 GHz are possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). Therefore, if KHz and Megahertz are already classed as harmful to humans and laboratory animals, this could also be why we have seen this phenomena of mass die off events of bird, bee, bat, cetacean, fish, and amphibian becoming an exponential increase over the last decades, and even more of these events over the last few years.

These are far lower than the level of frequencies that 5G is at – high frequency electromagnetic radiation with Gigahertz such as 2.45 – 60 GHz/ Giga hertz,  (*Giga hertz *One GHz represents 1 billion cycles per second).  1.4 GHz is 1400 MHz, 5G is using the spectrum in the frequency range (600 MHz to 60 GHz) and also in millimeter wave (mmWave) bands (24–86 GHz). This absorption of oxygen occurs to a much higher degree at 60 GHz than at lower frequencies typically used for wireless communications, if the frequencies happens to pass through a living being, that oxygen is sucked out of the cells of the organism. It is interesting to note that several years before 5G was rolled out in some countries they carried out tests and mass bird die off events correlated with these trials, such as in the Netherlands in 2018, although again the mainstream media and fact checkers try to explain it away with the birds being poisoned, but presented no evidence or carried out any autopsies on these birds, just their statements to back their claims and this continues to be the case in every media story.

International radio frequency expert Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, from the University of Helsinki, told a public lecture at Griffith University in Brisbane at a conference that there was a concerning lack of understanding about the health effects. “We know only that this radiation penetrates skin deep,” Professor Leszczynski said. Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director of community health studies at the University of California, warns “precaution is warranted before 5G is unleashed on the world.

Former government physicist Dr. Ron Powell points out the plans “would irradiate everyone, including the most vulnerable to harm from radiofrequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill. It would set a goal of irradiating all environments.

Research published on the agency’s website said 5G technology could penetrate skin to a depth of 8 millimeters or more to the depth of cells and it can damage DNA, radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including: DNA single and double strand breaks. Our skin has sweat ducts that react to 5G and can act as antennas and can receive signals, same with DNA. This has not been tested for safety and experts in the field expect a jump in melanoma rates around the globe. Furthermore, we will be exposed to oxidative damage, disruption of cell metabolism, increased blood brain barrier permeability, and melatonin reduction.

 Unusual cloud formations

  Gigahertz frequencies are deployed as Directed Energy Weapons at the level of Military Combat, the kind that are manufactured by Lockheed Martin, also called frequency weapons. Laser beams and frequency weapons can microwave or incinerate all targeted life, property and cause forest fires at the touch of a button. The implications of Gigahertz frequencies on weather engineering, ecosystems and the delicate ionosphere are devastating but it appears that environmental and health risks continues to be ignored by corporations and global governments, we are living witnesses and test subjects in a planet sized experimental laboratory.

The health impacts on humans are unknown, but again, if these older studies and the statements from WHO are anything to go by, cancer, behavioural changes, sleep disturbance, disrupted brainwave states, depression, melatonin production, disrupted endocrine systems, mental imbalances, chronic insomnia, anxiety, depression and other health problems. Severe EMF radiation may also cause ‘Radiation pneumonitis’ in people exposed to intensive radiation causing flu like symptoms and breathlessness.

The Earth and ionosphere combined, allow our planet to act as an electrical capacitor and it is the reason why Earth and atmosphere generates natural electromagnetic fields. Normally. in the past before all these satellites were launched, the earth’s natural electric and magnetic fields, were basically static and they didn’t seem to be very bioactive, at least as long as there are no considerable changes in Space weather or Solar flares. This is generally true for natural weak static electrical fields and the most probable reason is that living organisms are able, (even by activating certain genes) to get adapted to weak, external, constant stressors. It is also known in biophysics and evolutionary biology that disturbances of the earth’s natural fields, like the ones created during magnetic storms, are related to increased biological sensitivity. Evolutionary changes have been made by many species during intensive space weather activity, especially influences by intensively large Solar flares, CMEs, Coronal Mass Ejections , due to these solar radiation streams down to Earth which also are major influences of changing climate.

DNA has liquid crystal properties and is a natural electro-magnetic receiver and transmitter, so this is interesting when understanding how the Sun’s activity and stratospheric activity have stimulated DNA changes in evolution of species. Very little is publicly known about synthetic EMF radiation and its effect on DNA, except for numerous independently funded studies done where evidence suggests 5G frequencies can damage our DNA.

In 2012, a science report in Cell Press Journal, Neuron, “The Brain Activity Map Project and the Challenge of Functional Connectomics, Wireless and Synthetic Biology Approaches” discussed remote brain mapping techniques, which by now is probably underway, where they are using synthetic DNA which has a large capacity to store data, it can be used to record brain activity in Hz through remote activity and remote sensors, recording human brainwave activity, this is one reason why 5G has been rolled out without the general public being given fair objection-
We think that it will ultimately become feasible to deploy small wireless microcircuits, un-tethered in living brains, for direct monitoring of neuronal activity, although there are significant technological challenges. As an alternative to silicon VLSI, synthetic biology might provide an interesting set of novel techniques to enable non invasive recording of activity. This could be considered a wireless option, albeit a radically different one. For example, example, DNA polymerases could be used as spike sensors since their error rates are dependent on cation concentration. Prechosen DNA molecules could be synthesized to record patterns of errors corresponding to the patterns of spikes in each cell, encoded as calcium-induced errors, serving as a ‘‘ticker-tape’’ record of the activity of the neuron. The capability of DNA for dense information storage is quite remarkable. In principle, a 5-mm-diameter synthetic cell could hold at least 6 billion base pairs of DNA, which could encode 7 days of spiking data at 100 Hz with 100-fold redundancy.”- The BAM project- A. Paul Alivisatos, Miyoung Chun, et al. 2012.

This seems to correlate with recent findings of nano ingredients from the current emergency medical treatment of Covid, and graphene nanoparticles found in the PCR tests and masks.

Meanwhile, we are seeing unusual changes in Schumann’s resonance and when the Earth is no longer protected by these balancing frequencies, it puts the rest of nature out of balance, including us, as we have brainwaves dialled in to Schumann’s Resonance, we benefit from these frequencies as they help us focus and protect us, when they are severely lowered, we become foggy headed and we cannot focus.

As long as we have multinational corporations and their elite / political stakeholders running society, there will always be a web of conflict of interest, sadly, we have arrived at a critical point where real objective science based on empirical testing has become repressed, censored, polluted and diluted by corporate and political scientism protecting their interests. This our new harsh reality and apparently there isn’t even much we can do about it in the courts of law. There will never be available funding for much needed environmental impact assessments or risk assessments on human health, let alone the health of other species, unless it supports a government or giant corporate agenda, if it is opposed to one then we come to a huge road block.

There are many questions environmental, climate scientists, biologists and biophysicists could be asking to challenge the scientism and censorship, but because they’re working with universities being funded by governments, biased foundations or giant corporations with conflict of interest, they’re afraid of losing their income and positions in academia. Unless the researcher can afford to privately or independently fund such investigations, perhaps crowdfunding could be a solution to start public environmental impact assessments and risk assessments, if we are to make any progress passed these corporate and political moguls. The closest thing we have to this so far is The Bio-initiative Report (2012-2020) by 29 precautionary scientists on the effects on our biology and the environment.

Bioinitiative study on impact of EMF frequencies on human health
Please download full RF Chart statistics pdf for a much deeper statistics and many more charts like this.

It seems likely, we shall continue to witness an increase in strange events in Schumann Resonance, weather and animal die offs, as we are adding to the bombardment of 5G electromagnetic activity in the atmosphere.

Aetheric science, is a repressed science that scholars and pioneers such as Guenther Wachsmuth, Ernst Marti, Nikola Tesla, Reich, Trevor James Constable, Bernoulli, Maxwell, Immanuel Velikovsky and many others studied and left great work for this field.

Aether is divided into four types, warmth, light, sound and magnetic life, creative manifestations are fire, heat, gas and air, water and liquid, solid, earth, the four ethers connects gravity and electromagnetic energy, and natural electricity that the Earth and Space weather generates and influences, its a force that drives weather, it is what we tap into to generate electricity, it is also referred to by Wilhelm Reich as orgone, by ancient Asian qigong practitioners and Indian Yogis as Chi, Prana or Kundalini energy, aether is such a complex primordial substance, which all life seems to be connected too spiritually and biologically, and many past scholars work has been repressed on this topic.

Schumann resonances are worldwide electromagnetic pulses, produced and energized by lightning and electrical fields between the Earth and Ionosphere, also influenced by Space weather, electrical build-up and releases between the terrestrial ecosystems on the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. Therefore, Planet Earth has its own pulsing frequency cycle, scientists cannot explain what drives these forces, though repressed aether science explains this more than modern physics. There is a strong relationship between magnetic fields and geological activity with volcanoes, plate tectonics and the cosmological electric universe. Bio-friendly Earth frequencies help us maintain a level of internal electromagnetic balance. Otherwise, we carry around too much dirty electrical fields which causes cancer, heart problems, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, so we benefit by grounding ourselves with grounding mats or having our bare feet on the Earth. Moreover, doing Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga a helps maintain this balance since we live within so much synthetic EMF frequencies that don’t help our natural wellness.

Some new scientific research is beginning to acknowledge how important the effects of grounding the human body to the Earth is in this modern world. As we have become so far removed from having direct contact with the Earth, unless we are living off of the land and growing our own food. We don’t sleep on the floor anymore or spend much time touching soil, trees, plants or walking barefoot in nature, which we used to do when we lived off the land as hunters and gatherers and farmers. The rise in diseases and illnesses seems contradictory to the technological advancements society has made. However, this new scientific research argues that it is because of our disconnection from the Earth that we are getting more unhealthy in every way.

Consequently, being disconnected from nature means one will be sicker in body and mind; it is not just affecting our mental health but our physical health too. Whereas being connected to the Earth physically, having direct contact with your bare feet and hands, allows your well-being to benefit. In the human body, we can have all kinds of health problems if we are disconnected from grounding ourselves with the Earth. Every cell produces billions of free radicals every day and earthing or grounding permits vast numbers of free electrons to enter the body through our feet and hands when we are in contact with the Earth, and they can then neutralize free radicals.

Grounding / Earthing

The active mechanisms of electron transportation to a site of inflammation may involve the nervous, meridians, and circulatory systems. It is assumed that the influx of free electrons absorbed into the body serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory reinforcement for the immune system. Earthing typically reverses both acute and chronic inflammation which is one of the main causes of depression. –(Menigoz, Sinatra et al 2019).

Physically connecting with Earth through our bare feet or laying down on the grass, encourages us to interact with negative charge (electrons) from the Earth and which can be taken in by the perspiration ducts in our hands and feet. Sunlight acts as a cathode beam, and when it hits the terrestrial surface of Earth, the connection discharges free electrons from the Earth’s surface. These electrons can be utilized by means of our feet and hands to give an additional way to help balance the EMF fields in the body and brains. People who don’t connect enough with the Earth with their bodies or bare feet can develop hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet, so there are more ecological benefits from the vitality of the sun and Earth that are subtle processes we miss out on when we are not connecting with nature in a physical way.

Most people don’t even know this basic information and it is so important to consider if you suffer from mental issues, or insomnia, depression, bipolar, chronic fatigue or autoimmune problems, this is why when we observe our dogs or cats enjoying a roll in the grass or soil, they are grounding their body voltage. Too much voltage means you will suffer from sleep problems at night, you will not feel rested as you cannot go into a deep sleep when your voltage is too high.

There are some balancing frequency devices that you can purchase online to help protect your family and environment, you can calibrate frequencies in your domestic environment to that of the natural Schumanns Resonance, should you be concerned about this if you live near power lines or other synthetic EMF generated by GWEN towers.

High electrical voltage leads to further health problems and stress on the human body, including the endocrine, digestive, metabolic and neurological systems of the body. Constant exposure to high electrical voltage at work or at home can increase the level of positive Hydrogen ions in the body and this, in turn, causes less oxygen to be absorbed into our body cells and tissues, Hydrogen ions tie up oxygen. Our biological cells require oxygen to maintain optimum health. This makes the blood carry less oxygen and become more acid, when our body´s internal PH becomes more acidic; this is the perfect environment to foster cancerous cells. There are various things you can do to remedy this, a more raw food diet and drinking distilled water helps to balance this out to alkalize your body, in addition to making your own copper wire and orgone based devices to neutralize EMF frequencies in your domestic environment or use Shungite stones which have the same positive effect. If everything is energy, there are ways to transmute and neutralize some of the electromagnetic environmental pollution, there are a few commercially available devices, but there are also some cheaper homemade safe ways to deflect and transmute unwanted geopathic stress from electrical energy and EMF build up.


Carlita Shaw

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