Dr Fuelmich’s Coronavirus Investigation Committee

Doctor Fuelmich’s Coronavirus Investigation Committee continues to work relentlessly interviewing experts in the field sharing first hand information, the latest was from a Pharmaceutical expert on codes and manufacturing, I will be posting that episode soon.  Follow Fuelmich’s Committee channel on Telegram. 


A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting criminal investigation modelled after Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic.

This investigation is of the experts, scientists, doctors and lawyers and other professional people, by the people, for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

Through showing a complete picture of what we are facing, including the geopolitical and historical backdrop – the proceeding is meant to create awareness about the factual collapse of the current, hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence the necessity for the people themselves retaking their sovereignty.

Science Stands Up

The first few sessions of of the Grand Jury here below-

2nd session of the Grand Jury Proceedings Day 2

3rd session of the Grand Jury Proceedings Day 3

4th session of the Grand Jury Proceedings Day 4

5th session of the Grand Jury Proceedings Day 5

….watch this space.

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion
Empowering Public Conscience through Natural Law


‘Injustice to One is an Injustice to All’

Concerned lawyers from nations across the globe, working with esteemed scientists
and medical experts, have come together to present the legal, scientific, and medical
reasons why the populace must stop the Covid-19 measures and refuse the mRNA
based injections that forced upon them. This Grand Jury Investigation serves to
present to a jury (consisting of the citizens of the world) all available evidence of
Crimes Against Humanity committed to date.

We realize, of course, that the courts of law in the current systems, just like the health
care systems, our systems of education, and the (global) economic order are
compromised and dominated by those who are responsible for the measures that
need to be stopped. We have chosen the Grand Jury Investigation as the procedural
foundation on which this proceeding takes place. But the proceeding itself will take
place outside the current system, which in our view, is irreparably corrupt. That is,
indeed, why we are not filing this case in one of the systems’ courts of law, which
includes the International Criminal Court or the European Court of Human Rights.
Rather, we believe that it is of the utmost importance that the people themselves
realize that they, their families, communities, and regions, are the only legitimate
source of a truly “bottom up” democratic governance. Therefore, we, the people, must
take back our sovereignty from those who have taken it from us and delegated it to
anonymously and “top down” operating global corporations and institutions like the
World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum and their minions, the socalled Davos clique, or: Mr. Global.

For this purpose, we have created our, that is: the peoples´ own court of law, the
People´s Court of Public Opinion to conduct this Grand Jury investigation. This
makes sure that this case of Crimes Against Humanity gets a fair hearing and will not
be thrown out by the systems´ courts on dubious procedural grounds, or that a judge
who is willing to apply the law as he should and thereby defies “Mr. Global’s”
interests will be persecuted by the system´s puppets as happened in Weimar to two
such judges.

This proceeding´s main purpose (apart from demonstrating actual evidence to the
world and serving as a model proceeding for future legal cases to be filed) is to show
a complete picture of what we consider massive Crimes Against Humanity rather
than just discussing pieces of the puzzle. The supporting evidence will be presented
by real lawyers and real expert witnesses to examine the evidence under the auspices
of a real judge accurately and truthfully.

The court is completely independent and works only for the people for the protection
and restoration of the rule of law, democracy, and our constitutions.

It is important to note, however, that each one of the participating lawyers has filed
and will continue to file similar cases in their countries’ existing judicial system, and
that these cases will be supported by our joint, worldwide effort.

The Grand Jury Court of Public Opinion´s initial purpose is to shine a bright light on
all the details and actions that were committed under the guise of a pandemic and
constitute Crimes Against Humanity. This proceeding will hopefully motivate people
across the globe to institute criminal proceedings and civil proceedings (for damages,
including punitive damages) against all those who are criminally and civilly
responsible for atrocities committed in their communities and regions. Some
judiciaries (India´s for example) may still be functioning and willing to serve the
people in whose’ name they are supposed to render justice.

But in many countries, especially in Europe, where the judiciary (just like the political system, including the health care system, the education system and economic system) has been infiltrated and compromised by those who committed the Crimes Against Humanity the legal system is irreparably broken. Where this is the case, we, the people must reinstall the rule of law and democracy, based on our constitutions by setting up our own system of courts and justice.

Thus, the ‘Peoples´Court of Public Opinion´s investigations are to provide guidance
and to motivate national and international actions of transitional and transformative
justice. It shall serve as a jump-start investigation that will be followed by many
national criminal and civil proceedings as mentioned above.

Whichever path might be suitable under the conditions in your country, it must be
peaceful and guided by democratic proceedings that constitute a citizen approved
“judicial” system that strives towards transparency, equity and moral progression. In
so doing, these proceedings aim to assist those segregated societies to escape the
current tyrannical system and to address the inhumane shortcomings that
have emerged under a socially constructed, but, in fact, fabricated state of health

Essentially, this is a global call to action, and these proceedings shall
become the foundation of social reforms that will help communities to heal, but also
hold all the perpetrators of these Crimes against Humanity responsible.
The urgency of the present matter cannot be understated. We all are responsible for
re-claiming the citizen’s mandate of governance in our countries, and as a global
community of human beings with respect for each other and other cultures, are called
to ensure that human rights are preserved NOW and in the future.

The lawyers listed below, with the assistance of many highly respected medical and
scientific scholars from around the world and under the auspices of a judge from
Portugal, will conduct this Grand Jury Investigation, by which they will provide the
People’s Court of Public Opinion with a complete and comprehensive picture of these
crimes committed against humanity.

Livestream-links and more

The Peoples ‘Court of Public Opinion works independent of any government and any
non-governmental organization. Logistic support is provided by the Berlin Corona
Investigative Committee (www.corona-ausschuss.de).
Attorney at Law Virginie de Araujo Recchia, France
Judge Rui Fonseca E Castro, Portugal
Attorney at Law Claire Deeks, New Zealand
Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer, Germany
Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Germany
Attorney at Law N. Ana Garner, USA
Attorney at Law Dr. Renate Holzeisen, Italy
Attorney at Law Tony Nikolic, Australia
Attorney at Law Dipali Ojha, India
Attorney at Law Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt (Adv.), South Africa
Attorney at Law Deana Sacks, USA
Attorney at Law Michael Swinwood, Canada

International Grand Jury Proceeding
Cooperating Human Rights Defenders and Legal Activists
Tjaša Vuzem, Slovenia
Dr. Cristiane Grieb, Canada
Leslie Manookian, USA

Telegram Corona Investigation Committee

Part of the Commonwealth Crown Agents, Affiliated with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Crown. From Matthew Ehret’s presentation Day 2 Grand Jury Historical Background leading to where we are today.

Science Stands Up

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  1. It’s about time. Many of us were called conspiracy theorist besides racist, we were silenced, censured, removed completely from social media in their fear of the truth being revealed. They are the ones who have been putting out misinformation from the beginning. Did they really think that we are that stupid and would not be able to recognize the truth of everything they tried to pass as truth. Well they are getting an education now! We knew back then the fraud that was being perpetrated on the citizens of the world, and tried to silence us while we were just trying to save lives. Now everything we’ve stated has turned out to be true. Their mistake was in thinking that the citizens of the world were not as smart as any politically charged government, Dr, Scientist, or organization etc. Wrong, we have millions upon millions of exceptionally intelligent citizens around the world, surpassing by far many elitists who fail to meet the level of OUR intelligence. And now they will see. We WILL destroy their EVIL NARRATIVE of the Pandora’s box they fraudulently opened and tried to push. God’s with US, not the greedy, power hungry, controlling satanists of elitists who aim to destroy the innocent citizens of the world along with their efforts in depopulization, as if they were God. They will get their just punishments from US and then the 1 true Almighty God on judgement day. There is no escaping this for them. Continued prayers for all the citizens in all countries, in a world created by God.

  2. As a retired journalist, I have been horrified at the way truth – or, at the very least, both sides of an argument – have been censured and demonized by the cruel and unlawful actions of a bunch of ‘entitled’ Davos acolytes. This is a very special, and crucial, “court.” It’s time for the people to listen and act and the criminals to be silenced.

  3. All those involved in this Covid Fraud, including Bill Gates and those above him SHOULD have all their Assetts seized and put into a large money pot to pay back to all those they have affected worldwide! They should be put in Prison for Life, and without any money ever available to them!!
    As always in the past,these people always walk away from their Crimes and continue to do more Crimes like…Fauci and Co.

  4. I am contacting you because I just heard this video by David Martin and I wondered if you might get in touch with one or more of the pro-bono lawyers there about the availability of these notarized documents proving Justin Trudeau is committing a crime in that he is profiting from every injection he forces on the people of Canada.

    David Martin News Update
    Canada and the Conflict of Interest

    David Martin has notarized documents proving that Justin Trudeau is criminally profiting from every injection forced on the Canadian people.
    In the comments below this post someone wrote: I am walking your notarized documents to the Santa Clara County D.A.


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