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Morelia Greater Reset Conference

I recently had the opportunity to attend an interesting conference coming out of Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, which was part of a larger event in Texas and online, Robert F Kennedy, Dr Tess Lawrie, Catherine Austin-Fitts and Foster Gamble, were some of the online speakers. Derek Broze worked hard to organize this conference dubbed ”The Greater Reset” not to be confused with ”The Great Reset” of which the original mainstream version came from the oligarchs, NWO, and World Economic Forum as an excuse to take control of global resources, while riding the wave of panic and fear over the pandemic. Meanwhile, ”The Greater Reset” is a way to explore some alternative solutions out of a tyrannical matrix, that has made it clear we will all be in a digital prison, if we do not comply. This episode focuses on the ecological communities forming across Mexico as a result of the mass influx of exiled dissidents, which are looking for the right people to join.

Ecocommunities list in Mexico

Please go here for the pdf of Mexico ecocommunities network with more details of each community project and you can also go to the alternative Greater Reset to get more information on the talks and what happened over this event in Texas, Mexico and look at the online speakers. If you have any issues downloading the pdf, email evolvetoecology at for a copy.


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