Mass Formation Psychosis & Medical Totalitarianism

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The massive acceptance of the draconian rules imposed by various governments as a result of the covid-19 “pandemic” could lead to a new technocratic totalitarian system of transhumanist ideology, with the eventual drift of atrocities that would be justified under the banner of collective well-being and public health.

According to this hypothesis of Mattias Desmet, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist specializing in mass formation psychosis mechanisms, millions of people are trapped in the clutches of “covid hypnosis” and have fallen prey to fear and a “mental intoxication” produced by the false narrative imposed by dominant media and government narrative through the mass (mis) information media that they are being fed for almost two years. This has produced a dangerous indoctrination of the mases who would be willing to persecute a “common enemy” (the “anti-vaccines”, or the “conspirators”) with total disregard for the loss of their human rights and fundamental liberties. A parallel psychosis in our recent history is that which created the persecution of the Jews in the second world war.

Professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, Belgium, and author of the book Psychology of Totalitarianism (in press), Desmet explains why shocked societies , hypnotized by propaganda and fear, accepted the “crown narrative” and a series of heavy-handed government strategies previously unimaginable, such as mandatory confinement, the use of masks, social distancing, the COVID passport and successive doses of experimental vaccines are accepted. Because they are part of what in psychological terms he calls, inspired by Gustave Le Bon, “mass training”, or ”brainwashing”, a kind of hypnosis, hysteria or collective psychosis, on a very large scale, which eliminates the capacity for critical thinking of people, a typical component used by totalitarian regimes.

It exposes that a mass indoctrinated population is a specific group in which all individuals resemble and firmly believe in the same narrative. They suffer from a radical lack of critical thinking, and their cognitive abilities deteriorate and decline.

In several interviews, Desmet said that at the beginning of the corona virus crisis, he analyzed the information from a statistical perspective, and after a few weeks he observed that the numbers did not add up and the initial model of the Imperial College of London had overestimated the danger of the virus and its mortality. Then he realized that this was a classic large-scale “crowd building” phenomenon. (Dan Astin-Gregory, “Why do so many still buy into the narrative? Mass Formation”, 9/21/21 and Clémence Corré-Saint-Jours and Caroline Rouyer, “Corona totalitarianism: the keys to understanding the crisis”, 12 / 11/21).

Desmet argues that for a mass formation to appear, four preconditions are necessary: ​​1) the lack of social ties, with a strong feeling of isolation (people must feel socially “atomized”, Hannah Arendt would say); 2) a lack of meaning in your life; 3) latent and floating anxiety and general discontent, and 4) great frustration and aggressiveness in society. It shows that these conditions were present before the covid-19 crisis, and when the new narrative appears that gives an object (the virus) to the anguish and is hammered day after day by governments and the mass media, it generates a huge disposition in the population to connect their floating anxiety with that specific object and participate in strategies to combat it. Moreover, the lockdowns were by design a part of the psychological isolation and indoctrination used in previous torture and psychological war tactics to accept brainwashing and indoctrination that requires a period of up to three months. See The Great Brainwashing of COVID-19

”Brainwashing is such an intrusive form of persuasion, for its success, it requires complete compliance from the victims, the most critical aspect of brainwashing is social isolation.  The next important factor is the complete dependency of the victim or brainwashee on the brainwasher/perpetrator,  in this case the government.

One very clear reason for isolating people during this lockdown in the guise to stop infection spreading, also has the interesting side effect of being able to instill Brainwashing techniques for Radical Social Change on individuals who have been purposely isolated and traumatized on a mass scale. The average time period to indoctrinate people into adopting a new behaviour for social change is around 2-3 months or 66 days which is needed to get the desired results during which time the Brainwashee victims have all their freedoms removed. It is critical that this occurs during a period of isolation for the perpetrators to change the victims behaviour to their new behaviour. ‘In Lally’s study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit.’’ .


Lifton created this description from first-hand accounts of the techniques used by captors in the Korean War and other instances of “brainwashing” around the same time. Since Lifton and other psychologists have identified variations on what appears to be a distinct set of steps leading to a profound state of suggestibility, an interesting question is why some people end up brainwashed and others don’t. 

In the group that follows these strategies, a (false) solidarity nexus is created. And collectively they believe “true heroic battle is being fought,” says Desmet. It explains that a human being is social and if he feels isolated and suddenly goes from that unconnected state to another in which he is strongly connected to a crowd or mass, a kind of “mental intoxication” is created. Although the story is absurd and false, people “swallow” the covid narrative because it “gives purpose to their lives.” And they channel their frustration and aggressiveness against the “new enemy”: the critical thinkers labelled by mainstream media and governments as the “conspirators”, the “anti-vaccines”; the indoctrinated are capable of killing the persecuted in the name of “collective welfare”, with their self-righteous brainwashing, there is total disregard for human rights, freedom or democracy.

The historical analysis shows that the mass psychosis formation can be the first step towards totalitarianism, and that totalitarian systems have the same tendencies to isolate: “To guarantee the health of the population, the ‘sick’ portions of the population” they must be “isolated and locked up in camps”, an idea suggested during the corona crisis, but discarded as “not feasible” due to social resistance, despite this, it is still being carried out in China, Australia, Canada, Europe and the UK. “Will resistance persist if fear continues to mount?” It abounds that “the blindness that social conditioning and totalitarization, will blame those who do not agree with the narrative and / or refuse to be vaccinated. They will serve as scapegoats. They will try to silence them. And if this is successful, the dreaded turning point in the totalitarization process will come: only after having completely eliminated the opposition will the totalitarian state show its most aggressive form. And it will turn – to use Hannah Arendt’s words – into a monster devouring his own children. The worst is yet to come.” (Patrick Dewals, “The Emerging Totalitarian Dystopia: An Interview With Professor Mattias Desmet”,The Daily Sceptic, 4/3/21.)

Desmet asserts that the emerging totalitarian system is technocratic and based on transhumanist ideology, which is rooted in the belief that man is machine-like; It is part of a larger machine, the universe, and can be “optimized” by adding all kinds of mechanical components.

According to Desmet, in a totalitarian society about 30 percent of the people are under the hypnotic spell of mass formation/indoctrination; while, 40 percent remain silent and conform unconvinced of the dominant narrative, and 30 percent do not believe or comply with the narrative and express their disagreement out loud. In the corona crisis, the group that resists cannot speak in unison, and its impact on the group that remains silent is never as powerful, as the impact of the mass population that is hypnotized by the media intoxication campaign. If the dissident group found a way to unite without becoming a mass – the mass destroys individuality and uniqueness of the human being – the crisis and its process would be suspended. If not, we will go from one confinement to another and from one crisis to another, culminating in a totalitarianism that, after eliminating the resistance, will devour its own children.


Adapted and translated from a Mexican Spanish article written by Carlos Fazio, published in La Journada mx

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