Patented Flower In a Planet Sized Laboratory

Patented Flower In a Planet Sized Laboratory-Listen on Sound Cloud

We are human beings,
not a production line,
let us remain spirit,
Not human swine.

The earth, our birth right to roam free,
Our forests,
Our water, to share,
freedom to breath clean air.

Community food grown without bio-technology,
Bacteria and insects co-existed, shaping us for a millenia,
Now an anti-bacterial hystieria!
Sustainability, history,
Organic replaced with Satanic!

A permit to grow vegetables in the backyard?
Vitamins and minerals classed as poisons under Codex Alimentarius,
The Club of Rome decides what we eat?
Broccoli and Echinacea on the black market?

Health food and alternative therapies made illegal,
Can you recommend a good dealer?
Genetically Modified crops growing in the fields and stocked in the supermarket,
Cattle and pigs grown to share our organs and chemistry,

At birth capitalization of our names,
harvesting our minds and bodies,
lubrication to the corporate machine,
Free only to consume and be consumed,
Human death the biggest gain, for our pharmaceutical pain,
Developing genetically modified humans, pigs and influenza,

An experimental race,
A planet sized laboratory,
Orchestrations of synthetic diseases,
Dispensable human beings,
Pills replacing Plants,
People Patented for Profit, bio-chemical genocide,
The end of your life marks increased revenue for the Gilead shareholders.

Mother nature verses Human Greed
DNA, no longer sacred seed,
Governed by the Isis dollar,
The Human Spirit never quenched from power,
Let me remind you it was God that made this Patented Flower


Carlita Shaw, 2007.

A poem I wrote in in 2006, I had no idea it would become my reality, very prophetic!

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