France follows Israel on Mandatory Vaccines Creating Medical Apartheid

Medical Apartheid is now official in France with the Sanitary Pass, as from yesterday the 21st of July, 2021, despite millions of protestors across France opposing the preliminary announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021. At least 43 percent of French people are aware that the jab is an experimental serum, whereas the government is blaming latest alleged data they manufacture on the unjabbed when even the vaccine manufacturers have stated that their new technology creates a spreading effect. Furthermore, there is quite a lot of misinformation is circulating in mainstream news about Macron making a U-turn in response to the daily mass demonstrations, that couldn’t be further from the truth of what is really happening to the French people who find themselves in a new dictatorship.

Aside from gross human rights violations and Nuremberg code violations. The implications are as follows-

Jabbed people will not have to register on the track and trace system, so all blame will be put on unjabbed since the jabbed don’t have to declare anymore.

France is the first country to declare a new category / (race) of citizen-Preferential treatment will be given to the vaccinated persons in society from now on.

People in salaried jobs have to take the jab or they lose their job, even though recently a French court stated it was unconstitutional to force careworkers to take the jab, this is still being ignored.

Medical preferences will given to jabbed before unjabbed who will be left to die

Jabbed will be given freedom, whereas non-jabbed will be condemned to poverty, segregation and limited access to normal every day life.

Children over 12 to 18 will be jabbed

If you don’t have the jab, you need to show a negative PCR test result to enter a supermarket, cafe, bar, restaurant, french people must pay for the test despite the mandatory roll out, whereas in other countries it is free. The PCR test is over 20 euros a piece and in some places they are demanding that citizens do two tests every time they have to show the results. There are many low income families in France that cannot afford to pay this extra price to do every day normal activities such as shopping or going to a cafe. Imagine having to do that every week, several times just to try and enter a supermarket, or to go into all establishments.

As of this week it looks like further countries such as Australia have announced that the unjabbed will be banned from public places and Ecuador looks to be one of the next countries in South America that will be rolling out mandatory vaccines. It appears that this will be rolling out as a mandatory measure at a global scale and all human rights including medical concerns and an individual’s medical history isn’t even a consideration anymore, according to the current crisis in France.

An attorney based in Ohio, USA, Thomas Renz has started a lawsuit against the federal government for covering up the true number of deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines. According to Renz, a whistle-blower – referred to as Jane Doe – who is an insider and has seen information on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) passed on the numbers and relevant information to him. At an event hosted by ”Awaken America”, Renz said: “We have someone that has sworn under penalty of purgery that there have been at least 45,000 deaths.” The whistleblower stated that there are around 11 VAERS systems reporting adverse reactions and deaths across the US, and one system alone has allegedly has reported the shocking 45,000 deaths from the Covid jabs.

Renz stated that whilst he cannot currently prove the information, he said that with America’s Frontline Doctors – a team of medical professionals fighting for medical freedom for Americans – he has been “empowered” to file the lawsuit in Alabama. However, Renz believes that this number is “immensely higher” and is calling for immediate investigations into the VAERS system.

“How many have really died and why are they covering it up?”, Renz told the Awaken America crowd.

The attorney said that this information and lawsuit will not be reported by the mainstream media and will likely be censored by big tech corporations like YouTube, Facebook, and Google.

Renz said that these big tech giants are “complicit in causing death”, and that he cannot wait to sue them “over and over again.”

Through his Ohio-based law firm, Renz Law, Thomas is suing the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to halt the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to children 15-years-old and younger. The lawsuit was filed by Renz and his legal team alongside America’s Frontline Doctors against the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) of the Covid-19 vaccines, which they state have had “no long-term studies on the impact on adults, much less children.”

Dr Robert W Malone who is the innovator behind mRNA biotechnology has publicly declared his concerns about the safety of the spike protein in these covid jabs especially with the current data on adverse reactions and deaths. These are the greatest crimes against humanity being pressed upon people, and Nuremberg violations which governments and individuals behind these decisions, will be held accountable for these gross violations of human rights and freedoms. 

🛡 Hippocrates oath (-460 // 377): ′′ I will not give anyone poison, if asked, nor take the initiative of such a suggestion. ′′
🛡 Code of Medical Conduct, Article 36:Article R4127- 36 of the Public Health Code: ′′ The consent of the person examined or treated must be sought in all cases. When the patient, in a state of expressing his will, refuses the investigation or treatment proposed, the doctor must respect this refusal after informing the patient of his consequences ′′
🛡 Nuremberg Code (1947): ′′ The consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights resumed this ban against unintentional experimentation, in its 1966 text, which states: no one may be subjected without his consent to medical or scientific experiment
🛡 Geneva statement for doctors (1948): ′′ I will respect the autonomy and dignity of my patient. I will not use my medical knowledge to infringe human rights and civil liberties, even under force. I will keep absolute respect for human life, from conception. I will consider my patient’s health as my first concern ′′
🛡 Helsinki Declaration (1996) signed by 45 countries including France:Article 25: ′′ The participation of persons capable of giving informed consent to medical research must be a voluntary act. No person capable of giving their informed consent can be involved in a search without giving their free and informed consent ′′
🛡 Oviedo Convention (1997) signed by 29 countries including France):Article 5: ′′ An intervention in the health field may only be carried out after the data subject has given free and informed consent. This person is given prior adequate information about the purpose and nature of the intervention, as well as its consequences and risks. The data subject may, at any time, freely withdraw his consent ′′
🛡 Loi Kouchner (March 4, 2002):Article 111-4: ′′ Every person shall make decisions concerning his health with the healthcare professional and taking into account the information he provides him / her. The doctor must respect the will of the person after informing them of the consequences of their choices. If the person’s willingness to refuse or discontinue treatment puts his or her life at risk, the doctor must do everything to convince him or her to accept the much needed care. No medical or treatment can be practiced without the free and informed consent of the person and this consent can be withdrawn at any time
🛡 Salvetti stop (2002): No medical treatment is mandatory in the European Union: ′′ As a non-voluntary medical treatment, mandatory vaccination is an interference with the right to privacy, guaranteed by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms ′′ (Salvetti v Italy-ECHR decision of 9 July 2002; No. 42197/98)
🛡 French Civil Code:Article 16-1: ′′ Everyone has the right to respect their own bodies. The body is inviolable ′′
🛡 Council of Europe resolution 2361 (28 January 2021): advisory opinion: the Assembly urges member states and the European Union:Article 731: ′′ To ensure that citizens are informed that vaccination is not mandatory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to get vaccinated, if he or she does not wish to do so personally ′′Article 732: ′′ To ensure that no one is discriminated against for not being vaccinated, because of potential health risk or for not wanting to get vaccinated

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