Deadly Prion Brain Diseases and Experimental mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines: Study Finds Plausible Link

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An important and highly concerning study published early this year in the journal Microbiology & Infectious Diseases titled, “Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Diseases,” addresses one of the many potential, unintended, adverse health effects of the experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccines presently being deployed worldwide, namely, their possible induction of prion diseases, a category of highly fatal brain disorders.

Prion Research

The study abstract, well worth reading, summarizes both the context, intention, and results of the investigation:

Development of new vaccine technology has been plagued with problems in the past. The current RNA based SARSCoV-2 vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing. In this paper the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients. The RNA sequence of the vaccine as well as the spike protein target interaction were analyzed for the potential to convert intracellular RNA binding proteins TAR DNA binding protein (TDP-43) and Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) into their pathologic prion conformations. The results indicate that the vaccine RNA has specific sequences that may induce TDP-43 and FUS to fold into their pathologic prion confirmations. In the current analysis a total of sixteen UG tandem repeats (ΨGΨG) were identified and additional UG (ΨG) rich sequences were identified. Two GGΨA sequences were found. Potential G Quadruplex sequences are possibly present but a more sophisticated computer program is needed to verify these. Furthermore, the spike protein, created by the translation of the vaccine RNA, binds angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), a zinc containing enzyme. This interaction has the potential to increase intracellular zinc. Zinc ions have been shown to cause the transformation of TDP-43 to its pathologic prion configuration. The folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases. The enclosed finding as well as additional potential risks leads the author to believe that regulatory approval of the RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit. ” –J. Bart Classen, MD. 2021; 5(1): 1-3. Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.

As you can see above, the author is clearly concerned about the fact that the novel mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines presently being deployed to hundreds of millions within the US, and around the world, have both been plagued by problems in the past, and are presently being allowed to bypass proper safety and efficacy testing normally required for FDA approval, through an Emergency Use Authorization enacted on Feb 4th, 2020, which indemnifed manufacturers from liability, and which was made possible through the declaration of national health emergency (now known to be based on faulty disease modeling, Covid death statistics, and faulty PCR-based Covid case numbers) and the emergency medical powers invoked, thereof.

Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD), also known as neurocognitive disorder or subacute spongiform encephalopathy is due to prion disease, a rapidly progressing and highly fatal degenerative brain disorder

The research, therefore, sought to evaluate and identify the possibility that one of the unintended, adverse effects of the vaccines (specifically, the Pfizer vaccine) may be that either the synthetic nucleoside-mRNA sequence chosen for these vaccines or the spike protein target interaction following their administration may result in the pathological misfolding of proteins normally present in cells, transforming them into what are known as prions — which can lead to rapid and highly lethal brain degeneration related disorders. [To learn more about prion diseases, you can get a summary at the website]

The research uncovered that, indeed, a plausible mechanism for mRNA Covid-19-induced prion formation exists, namely, “the folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

The study points that previous research has been done that indicates there is a link between COVID-19 vaccines and prion disease: 

Finally, others working in the field have published additional support that COVID-19 vaccines could potentially induce prion disease. Authors [18] found prion related sequences in the COVID-19 spike protein which were not found in related coronaviruses. Others [19] have reported a case of prion disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, initially occurring in a man with COVID-19.”

The author also states in the introduction that concerns about long-term adverse health effects of vaccines are not new, even when vaccines have been approved through normal, long-term trials (~10-15 years) and have passed regulatory approval by the FDA:

Vaccines have been found to cause a host of chronic, late developing adverse events. Some adverse events like type 1 diabetes may not occur until 3-4 years after a vaccine is administered [1]. In the example of type 1 diabetes the frequency of cases of adverse events may surpass the frequency of cases of severe infectious disease the vaccine was designed to prevent. Given that type 1 diabetes is only one of many immune mediated diseases potentially caused by vaccines, chronic late occurring adverse events are a serious public health issue.”

The advent of new vaccine technology creates new potential mechanisms of vaccine adverse events. For example, the first killed polio vaccine actually caused polio in recipients because the up scaled manufacturing process did not effectively kill the polio virus before it was injected into patients. RNA based vaccines offers special risks of inducing specific adverse events. 

One such potential adverse event is prion based diseases caused by activation of intrinsic proteins to form prions. A wealth of knowledge has been published on a class of RNA binding proteins shown to participating in causing a number of neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and ALS. TDP-43 and FUS are among the best studied of these proteins [2]. 

The Pfizer RNA based COVID-19 vaccine was approved by the US FDA under an emergency use authorization without long term safety data. Because of concerns about the safety of this vaccine a study was performed to determine if the vaccine could potentially induce prion based disease.

In the discussion portion of the study, another important factor is addressed, namely, the possibility that there has been misuse of RNA research (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Ellison Medical Foundation), and that disease causing prions could be considered bioweapons: 

There is an old saying in medicine that “the cure may be worse than the disease.” The phrase can be applied to vaccines. In the current paper the concern is raised that the RNA based COVID vaccines have the potential to cause more disease than the epidemic of COVID-19. This paper focuses on a novel potential adverse event mechanism causing prion disease which could be even more common and debilitating than the viral infection the vaccine is designed to prevent. While this paper focuses on one potential adverse event there are multiple other potential fatal adverse events as discussed below. Over the last two decades there has been a concern among certain scientists that prions could be used as bioweapons. More recently there has been a concern that ubiquitous intracellular molecules could be activated to cause prion disease including Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. This concern originates due to potential for misuse of research data on the mechanisms by which certain RNA binding proteins like TDP-43, FUS and others can be activated to form disease causing prions. The fact that this research, which could be used for bioweapons development, is funded by private organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Ellison Medical Foundation [2] without national/international oversight is also a concern. In the past, for example, there were prohibitions for publishing information pertaining to construction of nuclear bombs.

Another salient and concerning point is made that should be discussed further: 

“Data is not publicly available to provide information on how long the vaccine RNA is translated in the vaccine recipient and how long after translation the spike protein will be present in the recipient’s cells.” 

While the promotional copy and superficial explanations provided the public by both the manufacturers of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and their would-be regulatory agencies in government, who describe the vaccines as unequivocally safe, despite the existence of over 118,000 adverse events reports on the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database as of May 6th, 2021, the reality is that these vaccines genetically modifiy a portion of the recipient body’s cells into vaccine antigen (“spike protein”) producing bio-factories — something never done before in the world history of vaccination campaigns.

Nowhere is there evidence presented (based on multi-year human research) that this process will occur safely, nor for how long the effects will last, and what the possible adverse effects are to both the vaccinated and those exposed to them as bystanders and who might experience the horizontal transfer of vaccine-induced antigens/antibodies via exosome- or “microvessicle shedding”-mediated processes (learn more about this here: Ways mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Could Harm the Unvaccinated Explored In Depth). Nor is their a discussion of how these changes in the physiology and genetic makeup of those affected might be passed down to their progeny, which is now an established possibility given the publication of the following study: “Soma-to-Germline Transmission of RNA in Mice Xenografted with Human Tumour Cells: Possible Transport by Exosomes, and which I have previously reported on extensively here.

The study also raises concerns about the mRNA vaccines possibly inducing autoimmune diseases: 

Autoimmunity and the opposing condition, metabolic syndrome, are well know adverse events caused by vaccines [14]. COVID-19 infections are associated with the induction of autoantibodies and autoimmune disease [15,16] making it more than plausible a vaccine could do the same. One author has found amino acid sequences coded by the spike protein to be identical to sequences in human proteins including proteins found in the CNS [17]. Autoimmunity can also be induced by epitope spreading when a foreign antigen, like the spike protein, is presented by an antigen presenting cell that also has self molecules attached to its MHC molecules.”

The study concludes with a stern warning: 

“Approving a vaccine, utilizing novel RNA technology without extensive testing is extremely dangerous. The vaccine could be a bioweapon and even more dangerous than the original infection.” 

It takes courage, as a researcher, to address and publish on topics like these. Especially, in this time of the near universal centralization and weaponization of the international media against open discussion of the true risks of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines — or any vaccines for that matter. As Orwell once said, “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” No doubt, this researcher, and this paper, will be attacked, and “fact checked and debunked,” and tossed in the growing bin of so-called “conspiracy theories.” Retractions are another form of censorship growing increasingly frequent in the space of scientific research that challenges the dominant narrative, regardless of whether the science is accurate. That said, there is a growing movement of millions upon millions, around the world, who understand the agenda that is being pushed with experimental vaccines and other pharmceutical products is dangerous, violates basic medical ethical principles established after the Nuremberg trials (1947) against human medical experimentation without full informed consent, and must be countered with strong, evidence-based, peaceful dissent and constructive action


Sayer Ji.

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  1. […] Uno studio importante e molto preoccupante pubblicato all’inizio di quest’anno sulla rivista Microbiology & Infectious Diseases intitolato “Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Diseases”, affronta uno dei tanti potenziali effetti negativi sulla salute dell’mRNA sperimentale. I vaccini Covid-19 attualmente in uso in tutto il mondo, vale a dire la loro possibile induzione di malattie da prioni, una categoria di disturbi cerebrali altamente fatali. “Lo sviluppo di nuove tecnologie per i vaccini è stato già afflitto da problemi in passato. Gli attuali vaccini SARSCoV-2 a base di RNA sono stati approvati negli Stati Uniti utilizzando un ordine di emergenza senza test approfonditi di sicurezza a lungo termine. In questo documento il vaccino Pfizer COVID-19 è stato valutato per il potenziale di indurre malattie da prioni nei soggetti vaccinati. La sequenza dell’RNA del vaccino e l’interazione del bersaglio con la proteina spike sono state analizzate per il potenziale di convertire le proteine leganti l’RNA intracellulare TAR DNA binding protein (TDP-43) e Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) nelle loro conformazioni prioniche patologiche. I risultati indicano che l’RNA del vaccino ha sequenze specifiche che possono indurre TDP-43 e FUS a ripiegarsi nelle loro conferme patologiche di prioni. Nell’analisi corrente sono state identificate un totale di sedici ripetizioni in tandem UG (ΨGΨG) e sono state identificate ulteriori sequenze ricche di UG (ΨG). Sono state trovate due sequenze GGΨA. È possibile che siano presenti potenziali sequenze G Quadruplex, ma è necessario un programma informatico più sofisticato per verificarle. Inoltre, la proteina spike, creata dalla traduzione dell’RNA del vaccino, lega l’enzima di conversione dell’angiotensina 2 (ACE2), un enzima contenente zinco. Questa interazione ha il potenziale per aumentare lo zinco intracellulare. È stato dimostrato che gli ioni di zinco causano la trasformazione di TDP-43 nella sua configurazione patologica del prione. È noto che il ripiegamento di TDP-43 e FUS nelle loro conferme patologiche di prioni causa SLA, degenerazione lobare temporale anteriore, morbo di Alzheimer e altre malattie degenerative neurologiche. La scoperta allegata, nonché i potenziali rischi aggiuntivi, portano l’autore a ritenere che l’approvazione normativa dei vaccini a base di RNA per SARS-CoV-2 fosse prematura e che il vaccino possa causare molti più danni che benefici. ” – J. Bart Classen, MD. 2021; 5(1): 1-3. ( Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.… […]

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