Grammar Fraud- Quantum Grammar and DNA, Sacred Seed.


Do you dislike grammar? After reading this article and watching these four videos below, you might unexpectedly become interested in grammar with more commitment to learning its proper use and function because you will see how learning to identify correct and incorrect or fraudulent grammar in contracts will free you from all fraudulent contracts that held us in the matrix. There is a way out of the matrix, therefore, learning quantum grammar will allow you this path to self empowered sovereignty. Learn Russell-Jay Gould’s Quantum grammar system, as knowing correct grammar can set you free from the chattel slavery vessel and a fraudulent fictional systems used against you. Fraudulent because these false contracts and laws have never used correct grammar, they’ve been written and authored by masters of trickery, who give themselves authority based on fraudulent grammar and fictional null and void contracts. These false authors do not use articles or verbs or nouns correctly when writing for law or banking systems, resulting in a deeply corrupt bureaucracy. Through the brilliant work of Russell Jay Gould, et al, you will understand why grammar is only taught in elite education systems and very rarely ever taught in free public school systems.

How did all this come to be?

In 1750, Nathan Rothchild borrowed a lot of money from Persia, to set up the bank, June the 18th, 1850, he captured Waterloo, after being tipped off, this meant that 80 percent of all assets in Europe, therefore EU Countries were robbed by Rothchild then blackmailed and ever since we have had to live under tyranny and trickery globally of the people. The collective assets of the Rothchild brothers came to 500,000 pounds, then in July 2016 it was 1 million, (at that time when the average wage was 50 pounds a year). Nathan Rothchild became the world’s richest man and only  lent the money back provided that articles were  removed from all grammar, basically when articles aren’t  used in Contracts, only adverb, verb creating nothing, false contracts, null and void. That’s also how the Bolshevik revolution took place 1917. Stalin claimed all the money, and he wasn’t allowed to use prepositional phrases. He killed 80 million of his own countrymen mining gold in Siberia, to build the railroads and establish Moscow. It’s been like this ever since, all because of incorrect grammar which these fraudulent plutocrats have been using to keep themselves in power and they continue to do so daily using this fraud.

Exposing incorrect grammar, exposes all null and void fraudulent contracts that we have based our lives on, been living by and been agreeing to. We have all been hoodwinked, this is the greatest fraud against humanity, which starts off with our Birth Certificates, perhaps you have heard of the Strawman? A fictional person, not a living sovereign human being. The dictionary definition is ”an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument”. A fictional person is created by fictional, incorrect false grammar which uses witchery and thievery of the governments over the people. Fictional grammar is used in all political and civil laws and banking contracts, in the guise of law that we have all been living our lives under, if you learn this, this is your most powerful weapon against any false author or self proclaimed authority, any judge in any courthouse or any banker in any bank, if we all learned this, we could sue all of them till they have no money and no power left.


Russel Jay Gould-The Quantum Grammar system, Quantum Banking system, Quantum Postal system

Russell-Jay Gould et al, rewrote the US constitution, because the previous one was fraudulent fiction, therefore they had an obligation to rewrite it with correct grammar, retaining people’s true rights.

David Miller is now dead, he died in 2018, he was Russell-Jay Gould’s ex work partner, sadly Miller was eventually sold out by the elites and had been giving them all the work that Gould and he had been doing. Miller surrender the US flag five years before. It’s just Russell-Jay Gould, working on his own now. I have uploaded their previous videos on Quantum Grammar published in 2013, which are no longer on Youtube. Please take the time to watch all three videos after watching the first video by Gould, which gives you an update and links to his websites and work which you can sign up to to learn Quantum Grammar. This is the most valuable information and the best grammar lessons you’ll ever learn.


Directors Party part 1

Directors Party part 2

Directors Party part 3

The current ‘control system’ is only operating from one tiny low vibrational field of consciousness which is limited by our belief that ‘they’ are all powerful, however ‘they’ are only motivated by witchery, fraud, trickery and their fear of us realizing the truth. Meanwhile, their belief that they are more powerful than the natural course of spiritual evolution blindsights them, so does their arrogance that they have ultimate power over humanity as the tighter they squeeze the faster humanity becomes aware of the deep layers of illusion. 2020 and 20201 has set presidency as the mass awakening occurs with the Corona Virus being the catalyst for that. An oxymoron considering it was created to ultimately enslave humanity.

Evil has only one purpose for humanity,  evil functions as a catalyst to stimulate our evolving consciousness and to be better human beings, to return to the truth, to self empowerment, to elicit our reunion with nature and rejection of technocracy to advance humanity to an ecological spiritual sovereignty. The current archaic control system is designed to make us feel diminished and helpless using false fraudulent grammar in fraudulent incorrect corporate contracts on every level of the current system albeit health, all law, economy, governance, politics and education, even your country’s constitution and what is written on worthless pieces of paper and metal that we call money.

The Plutocrats cannot control a human being who realizes, she or he is no longer a victim of grammar fraud in corporate fiction. Humanity is transiting into a new awakened reality, whilst we uncover that we are unlimited infinite spiritual multi-sensory, multidimensional beings that aren’t just humans in existence in this extradonary time. We can shape our own reality, the world we want to see because we are part of a multidimensional universe that is infinite and ever changing, and we have the keys to set ourselves free from the matrix, learning Quantum grammar and identifying incorrect grammar on all legal contracts is an important part of this process to hold the perpetrators accountable and liable for fraudulent crimes against humanity that has been responsible for endless genocides, wars, human trafficking and unnecessary suffering.

The only constant in the Universe is that nothing stays the same, everything changes. This means we cannot continue to be governed by darkness and lies. their time is up, the house of cards are falling, however, in order for each of us to see this happen more quickly is for each of us to take responsibility of it and empower ourselves to be part of the new seed planters, bridge builders, map makers into the world we want to see. Understanding how fraudulent grammar has caused all of these lies and illusions, please watch the videos presented here, this is invaluable knowledge. In realizing we are multi-sensory beings and that this reality is a fictional construction dictated to us, all we need to do is point out the incorrect grammar which already makes any legal contract null and void, we are no longer victims or slaves of it, we have a choice to claim our vessels as our own which never was property of anyone else claiming false authority with false contracts. If we are able to realize this and many of us are, then ‘their’ attempts to ”control” us is failing miserably which is why ‘they’ are being more intensively aggressive and oppressive with their efforts to curb our evolution of consciousness.

As quantum physics has discovered the smallest particle is conscious and is affected by our observation of it, this has been scientifically proven in the slit experiment. A particle changes its behaviour when it is observed. Ecologically it’s the same with trees and plants that have been discovered to communicate on a multi-sensory level, when we become aware of them communicating they respond to that awareness and their behaviour changes. Again, this is because our consciousness has a shared ability to impact what appears as external reality, we are playing an individual part of the multidimensional infinity of self realized divine consciousness that unifies all.


This is not something any elite 1 percent can control, however hard they try…. how can one control divine consciousness?  It is simply not possible. This is where Plutocrats show themselves to be ignorant and blinded by their short-sighted addiction to power, their self serving arrogant beliefs are limited by existence and as we evolve beyond them, they will remain trapped in a low vibrational field that they have built for themselves to exist in. They will experience entropy, the end of their power, cracks are appearing already, their clutches on keeping things the same cannot be sustained in an infinitely changing universe, as they have to eventually reach a phase of entropy by Universal Law. We are currently witnesses of this stage, as we awaken to the global fraudulent globally corrupt governance and fraudulent banking system. Although, it can appear that the oligarchy have ultimate power, this is an illusion. We have the keys to the door out of their authoritarian system, based on corrupt fraudulent null and void contracts they authored, written with incorrect fictional, fraudulent grammar of adverb verbs, no articles, or prepositions or real verbs or nouns. Such contracts make all claimed legally binding contracts null and void once the incorrect grammar is identified, therefore, we are and always have been and always will be free sovereign beings, who live under no authority but our own, and our own written authority, authored by ourselves using correct grammar, or quantum grammar.

Harold S.Burr, a neuroanatomist at Yale, was the first person to study the Etheric Bioelectrical Body during the 1940s, from his work studying, experimenting and photographing the holographic electrical fields of seeds, plants and animals, he found that from seed, or ball of cells, that organic being had an electrical blueprint projected out of its current physical form, be it seed, embryonic ball of cells, to a cut leaf from a plant, to any beginnings new life forms, all have a projected electrical field that shows their holographic etheric fully developed adult form, even if it is presently damaged, the full form is emitted from the body. Burrs early studies begin to reveal that human beings and all living things have a bioelectrical etheric spiritual holographic field, that is interconnected with all, including all other dimensions outside of this density frequency field. This blueprint that every living being projects is a smaller version of a much bigger holographic blueprint that we are also a part of, that is, the divine blueprint of God consciousness, which cannot be changed, destroyed, conquered or overruled by anything else. let alone by false fraudulent contracts.

We all truly are in this multidimensional realm, we are not just physically in this one but our aetheric form is interwoven into many.

”In 1973, Miller, Webb and Dickson described DNA as ”a holographic projector”, (see “Embroyonic Holography”). In other words, genes, encode and express themselves via light and radio waves, or acoustical holography (see “Quantum Bioholography”, Miller, Miller and Webb, JNLRMI , 2002). DNA function’s as a gel-like liquid crystal which stores and transmits information, emitting a weak electrical field and laser-like light that can be converted into an electroacoustic signal. Miller and Miller postulate, along with others that, “The organization of all biological systems is established by complex electrodynamic fields. We are fundamentally electromagnetic, rather than chemical beings. Wave interaction is a key determinant of biological structure and optimal functioning. Biosystems are sensitive to natural and artificial electromagnetic fields. Perturbations in environmental fields can induce changes in organisms informed by those fields. Field frequencies and amplitudes affect our biodynamic state.” – Ioner Miller, (2003)”– from Carlita Shaw’s book -Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective.

Our liquid crystal DNA are radio transmitters and receivers of light information, like the plasma screen of your cell phone, it projects your holographic electrical field and connects your physical and spiritual form unified through pure divine consciousness and love. Our DNA projects and receives information coding, transforming it into something we tangibly understand. Protect your DNA, keep it GMO free, free of contaminating genetically modified material, including avoiding giving consent to any toxic experimental biological agents to be injected into your body that will change modify and patent you and your DNA thereafter.

God consciousness is love, this love wants to be realized in each and everyone of us, the rays of infinite colours of light shine into each of our hearts, minds, DNA and souls. This will inevitably become more realized as we naturally evolve from one level of consciousness to another. From the microcosm, we realize all biological cells work more successfully as a community performing and functioning more efficiently, if an individual cell only serves itself, it malfunctions, grows out of balance and turns into cancer.

This is why we see so much cancer about at the moment, it’s a manifestation of the malfunctioning self-serving deformations, reflected from the very core of corrupt governance in human society. Same as when looking at the environment, this is why we have so much environmental pollution, reflecting the corrupt core of human consciousness functioning under fraudulent oligarchic self-serving systems disconnected from nature. We took this into our bodies and minds unwittingly, and have been living by a false, fake power based on lies and fraud.

No wonder we are where we are today, we have created this as a product of our thinking, that we are better off self-serving, rather than also serving our community, our Mother Earth, or our fellow species, with respect, truth and an empathic consciousness. The current false predatory thinking assumes we are disconnected from nature, again its a reflection of fraudulent systems that exploit nature, and that have exploited our naivety, exploited truth and conditioned humanity into false fraudulent belief systems.

The ultimate transformation of human consciousness from this paradigm to a more harmonious one is happening now as we identify and stop the corruption and exploitation of power and disentangle ourselves from the fraudulent matrix of illusions to reunite with our own Humanity, Earth, Nature and our communities. We are energetic beings connected to divine energy. We are part of infinite co-creation, which cannot be expressed in words, we are an expression of nature and planet Earth, loving abundance and lifeforce energy.

We have a choice now, to be self-empowered, to free ourselves from the system, the matrix of fraudulent false contracts using incorrect grammar by written by criminal fraudulent authors who have capitalized on trickery until now. Take responsibility and learn how to identify and navigate your way to self empowerment, correct the fraudulent system and remind it, that it serves you as you are a self-empowered sovereign being.




Carlita Shaw


Russell Jay Gould’s websites





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