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Are you a Change Maker?

If you’re in Humanitarian or Environmental work, this could be for you.

The A in April is for Asking. It is extremely tough working in the Environmental or Humanitarian sectors, or for NGOs or as a project developer for these issues. Deep down we know that the root cause of these problems must be addressed, as the gap widens between the rich and the poor and we see rich white people donating to NGOs for a tax rebate, and they expect us to pamper to their needs, then there’s the fact that the core issues driving these problems are a product of political and corporate corruption, we know the root cause has to be dealt with. However, we are caught in the system and still want to do what we can to create change where we can since, the system won’t change overnight and we have a lot to do to evolve society and human consciousness.

Meanwhile, you are probably one of the overworked change makers who has sacrificed so much to devote your life to what you believe in. You are an incredible human being to keep going every day, despite what you know and what you have seen, so here is an opportunity for those who are struggling to get their projects realized or to meet their fundraising targets each month for humanitarian, environmental or wildlife campaigns.

This is an incredible opportunity to receive the best coaching to improve your funding opportunities for your project or NGO. A coaching course that usually is 1000+ dollars is available for just 10 dollars this April, because we want to help Change Makers reach their goal and make an impact the world. Please share with anyone running an NGO, or a Person Struggling to Fund their Project that you think this will help.

PDF version to download here

100 Perfect Donors Challenge 2021: Just one more step….Click here find out more……we will see you and coach you on the other side.

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