ReUnion Summit Talks

Join the ReUnion Summit either virtually or physically if you are able to.

A great event happening now, which is testimonial to the fact that in any crisis, plandemic or a natural crisis, there is always the opportunity for humanity to reform, reinvent, and recreate a self empowered society, the talks are by experts and cover topics such as maintaining health freedom choices, holistic economy, creating communities and more, Humanity is resilient and adaptable, that makes us great survivors, but we can also be thrivers once we free ourselves of the plutocracy that is archaic and out dated.

Visit ReUnion Summit here you can also sign up to watch the talk replays if you cannot be a part of the paid event. It is worth signing up to network and connect.

Here is one talk on potiential possibilities of holistic economies and community living

Dr. Dolores Cahill is part of the World Doctors Alliance and she will present and discuss various projects and strategies for freedom in which she is involved, including World Freedom Alliance, Freedom Airways, and more. Dolores is becoming very well-known as one of the premier leaders worldwide in the health freedom movement, and is involved in guiding effective, far-reaching initiatives in Europe and beyond. Dr Cahill will be speaking on Thursday’s lineup, with a Livestream interview 1:30pm PT / 8:30pm GMT

See a list of other speakers here

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