Losing Social Connection is an Emotional Trauma

I’m extending the invite from my coaching blog to those of you struggling with current events, please read or share my article here ”Losing Social Connection is an Emotional Trauma” with anyone you think needs the support. Thank you

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”Man cannot live alone. He must satisfy certain natural basic needs in order to survive. He has to enter into relationships with his fellowmen for living a life. No man can break the shackles of mutual dependence. This begins perhaps between the embryo and the mother and continues till his last breath. The need of the embryo may be more physical than mental, but the mother’s need is the other way round’‘-
Ron Neff, Ph.D -author of ”Your Inner Mammal: How to Meet Your Real Emotional Needs and Become Stronger-for Self and Others”.

Give yourself permission to be afraid, vulnerable, anxious, upset, courageous, real, authentic, confused, flawed……

Losing social connection is a deep psychological and emotional trauma that many of us are feeling the loss of.  Most psychologists, sociologists, therapists and counsellors will say one of the first essential things to help overcome grief or depression is making human…

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