Unvaccinated Discrimination -The New Global Apartheid



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Medical Discrimination has become the new Global Apartheid.

When was the last time in history where  human populations were assumed infected and as sick until proven healthy? We’ve had lots of pandemics before throughout history and have never been treated this way by governments. There  are either healthy people, or there are people who are infected with the new Covid flu virus. It’s that simple. You cannot assume that the entire human population is infected with this virus, its no less tyrannical than assuming we are all criminals unless proven innocent.

  The same as quarantining the healthy, this has never in history before taken place on such a grand scale in any prior pandemic, locking down the healthy lowers healthy immune systems and causes devastating economic and psychological consequences that are irreversible damage economically and emotionally. Then they provide us with a test that isn’t even meant to be used for testing viruses and when it is ramped up to more than 25 cycles the information is distorted and hundreds of thousands of false positives are generated. Over 22 scientists proved the faulty PCR tests are deeply flawed already

Furthermore, our poor vulnerable elderly in retirement homes across the globe are dropping like flies after receiving their COVID-19 experimental biological agent jab. Meanwhile governments ignore this exponentially growing statistic and still push to vaccinate the elderly first, some say this is because our elderly are the last generation that lived through and that remember how World War 2 started, with discrimination against the Jewish people, prejudices and public shaming of the discriminated, slander and defamation of the discriminated, marking of the discriminated, freedoms taken away from the discriminated, taking property away from the discriminated, special camps for the discriminated, and so on.

Today, in light of growing pressure to get your experimental COVID shot, many who are health conscious, prefer natural immunity and are aware of the ingredients are understandably worried about the implications of taking an experimental agent on our health, we are doing our best to try and raise awareness and protect our freedom.

What’s in these COVID experimental jabs?

The mRNA DNA changing Covid-19 experimental biological agent contains aluminium particles, mercury, cancer cells, (mutagenic MRC-5 cell line), and polyethylene glycol (PEG), the animal and aborted human foetal cells, let’s also consider the other patented genetic material contained in the new experimental ”vaccine” which means that whomever is administered the jab will become property of those who own the patent and the genetically modified material in the vaccine, since it will modify your human DNA. The metal nanoparticles contained in the vaccine can send all your biological information to external computer AI, this can be amplified with 5G technology.

Therefore many of us find ourselves for the first time in history defending our right to make critical health choices and to keep our health choices personal, as its actually an offence for our health choices to be made public, we have a right to keep our choices private but due to this novel flu virus that kills no more than normal flu, it is being used as a driving force for medical tyranny and discrimination against unvaccinated people in the same way the Nazis discriminated against Jewish people before World War 2 started. However, this war doesn’t drop bombs, it drops experimental biological agents instead with a death and vaccine injury toll that is beginning to surpass the COVID-19 death toll, yet these numbers are being removed from the Vaers website and kept quiet. In the UK alone, over 50,000 COVID-19 vaccine injuries have occurred already and the death toll is unclear. This was the official government stats but their death toll is incorrect.

UK Government Report.

Pfizer vaccine adverse reactions

Execution date: March 4, 2021

Blood disorders: 2,033

Cardiac disorders: 1,032

Congenital disorders: 3

Hearing disorders: 713

Endocrine disorders: 10

Eye disorders: 1,242 (12 blinds)

Gastrointestinal disorders: 9,360

General disorders: 26,391

Liver disorders: 17

Immune system disorders: 466

Infections: 1,863

Injuries: 393

Continued Investigations: 965

Metabolic disorders: 525

Muscle-tissue disorders: 11,565

Neoplasms: 20

Nervous System Disorders: 16,107

Associated with pregnancy: 29

Psychiatric disorders: 1,235

Renal / urinary disorder: 187

Syst. Reproductive: 338

Respiratory disorders: 3,575

Skin disorder: 6,042

Vascular disorders: 992

Dead: 212

Medical and Surgical Procedures: 45

Even more disturbing, UK Nursing homes are installing visitation pods where there is a glass screen and a visiting room that is the same as a visiting room in a prison, families cannot touch, hug or physically interact with elderly in Care homes across Britain, this is beyond disturbing and a violation of human rights.

Imagine what it would be like if masked and vaccinated people were  discriminated against and not allowed into supermarkets and large stores,  in reality some small businesses in parts of the US and the UK ask people to take their masks off before entering a store.

There is a satirical story floating around Europe about a man called Patrick Frischluft, ”Frischluft  is a courageous CEO in Germany who runs a supermarket chain called Migros, in the EU. Frischluft  has taken a stand with his employees mental and physical health in consideration, he chooses to take a stand for something that many wouldn’t dare to highlight, yet do think about. Resulting in the local newspapers slandering him and trying to publicly shame him as part this campaign to destroy anyone that sees through the push to get people vaccinated and  the emerging unvaccinated discrimination.

Since its becoming very clear that those who choose not to take the experimental ”vaccine,” for health concerns or just not willing to be experimented on with this experimental biological agent. Many who choose to opt out of taking this covid shot, are faced with sacrificing many freedoms that were previously deemed normal, but now these are taken away by governments and only being offered in exchange for manipulation and packaged as privileges if you take the Covid jab.

The story continues -”From the summer of 2021, we will no longer allow people who have been vaccinated against Corona disease to enter Migros. We will also ask people who wear a face mask to hang it on the mask holder at the entrance. Mental illnesses among our employees have risen sharply in recent months – show yourself again and smile at the Migros employees, they desperately need it now “.

The change in strategy takes place after consultation with the board of directors. Patrick Frischluft indeed seems to bring a breath of fresh air to the company and the management is convinced of its merits. In his younger years, the charismatic entrepreneur lived for a year with an ancient native tribe of  the Amazon basin. According to his own statements, he was able to learn an incredible amount of things about life there and, most importantly, that everything is not as simple as we are told.

The news made waves immediately. Media News headline rebuttals were fired, left, right and centre such as 20min, blick.ch and SRF who pounced on the new CEO like a pack of barking dogs. Headlines like “Racist Scandal at Migros”, “Migros Rejects Swiss Values”, “New CEO Discriminates Dissent”, “Where Are Human Rights?” and even “Modern Blackmail at Migros” covered the issue.

Why this change in strategy? Why is this measure not really in line with social standards? GnueHeuDunge wanted to know more and inquired with Patrick Frischluft. “The vaccinated cultivate blind obedience and constitute a danger for our democracy, for our civil rights, for the well-being of our children and for the well-being of all our future. For more than a year, they have been victims brainwashed and blindly follow the government’s plan.

”As the new CEO, I cannot justify that these people are now receiving preferential treatment and being put on a pedestal. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts my heart to discriminate against people in this disgusting way. But deep down, I know it is eminently important to make a statement now. If vaccinated people are to enjoy their benefits everywhere else, the situation will be reversed in our country from the summer of 2021.”

Patrick Frischluft takes a deep breath, smiles thoughtfully, mumbles something about “monkey business” and adds:

“Look, this madness has been going on for a year now. After the first and second wave, we’re now talking about a third wave. I really don’t know how much longer it will take before people realize it’s nothing. other than a permanent wave.
”To know that you are sick, most people need a test. A test that the inventor himself said was not approved for diagnostic purposes. The flu is gone and a massive campaign is now underway to get as many people as possible in this country injected with a vaccine. A vaccine that is more dangerous than the virus itself. A vaccine that has hardly been researched and where reports mount that those vaccinated only tested positive for covid shortly afterwards or fell ill with all kinds of side effects. And the kind of people who swallow that and dutifully comply with it are now rewarded as well. This is not acceptable and we want to lead by example.”  

If you choose to take a brave stand publicly to maintain freedom for people’s health choices, to maintain what makes us fundamentally human, freedom of unmasked facial nudity, freedom of expression, to have meaningful human connection in the form of a smile, and you approach these regulations with reverse psychology, be prepared to expect this psychological and social discrimination. The unvaccinated continue to get an avalanche of harassment and media slander and defamation and continued campaign of shaming, not unlike the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Back in the UK, the Queen of England  lives in a palace and has a castle for her holiday home, and  enjoys exorbitant wealth, she tells her subjects they being selfish if they don’t take this experimental jab. The unvaccinated continue to get an avalanche of growing harassment, media slander and defamation which the governments and authorities are pushing and feeding. The government narrative is also pushing airlines, hotels, and transport companies to be preferential to offer their services to the vaccinated or masked population into their establishments abiding the agenda, therefore they don’t get any slander or media attention. They remain ignored or incentives for being good obeying citizens, basically they are just getting back some of their freedom that we all took for granted before but which now is a privilege for the few.

Overall, while all this drama unfolds globally, with a building prejudice against unvaccinated people and vaccine passports being rolled out everywhere, while people are being subjected to growing climates of social  and professional slander, shaming and stigma. These new Covid regulations that we are enduring from governmental pressures are direct violations of our personal rights and human rights and freedom directly under the Nuremberg Code.  We are seeing a phenomenon not of race apartheid but unvaccinated apartheid unfold around the world. Let us pray that this year brings developments on Dr Fuellmich’s lawsuits as he is suing governments worldwide on flawed regulations and flawed PCR tests and for those brave doctors, scientists, health workers and whistleblowers fighting to help stop this unvaccinated apartheid discrimination which is being fuelled by the Big Pharmaceutical Giants and the 1 percent Elites invested in them, they will not stop these pressures and they will not stop focusing on this virus because they are making immense profits from it. Finally, we must also be aware of  the new case accepted by  The International Criminal Court the Hague has accepted the claim of Violation of the Nuremberg Code, of the Israeli government


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