Dr Breggin on the US – China Connection

‘I’ve spent a lot of time looking inside the drug companies looking at the web of organization around the world and so i want to spend a few minutes I’ll divide up my time and talk about the kind of material that’s in my coronavirus website my Coronavirus Resource Center on my website breggin.com, I’ve been involved with legal issues around this virus I did a 120 page paper with hundreds of references to start the Ohio suit working with wonderful Tom Rentz who’s the attorney doing that work, so I get called in like the ordinary psychiatrist but there’s a combination here, I also have a clinical practice. There’s something missing from all the analyses today and I’ve been interested in it in a way, it’s exciting because what I spent all my time on in terms of the causation here of where does this start, then start with the CDC, it doesn’t start with any of that, I first saw as Dr Miller, so clearly had seen, I’m sure that all the early research, a lot of it is done in collaboration with China, that’s the word we haven’t heard enough about today, that we were actually building viruses with China so they were working in the Wuhan lab, we’re working over here in North Carolina and we’re making deadly pathogenic viruses with the Chinese.

We’re funding them (United States), and you’ve heard some of the sources of that starting with Fauci and through various other sources, I began to look at, well why was nobody saying anything about this? We finally went public on this blew the whistle on it got the news up toward the Trump circle, and he cancelled within two days of our coming out with it, Trump cancelled the collaborations between Fauci and China, but he did not cancel the gain-of-function research that we were still doing, but he saw the China linkage immediately so we began looking at all of the people who are making money off of this, whether you look at a Gates or a Bloomberg, Schwab, even the Koch family, if you look at the top 16 billionaires, every one of them, but one, has deep ties to China, making a huge amount of money in China and is going to be participating in this gigantic cover-up we’ve seen about the origins of the virus and because they’re making so much money from Covid-19 they don’t want it to end they don’t want the cheap drugs coming in, (like hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin), they want the vaccine, the vaccine, the vaccine, They don’t want even, they’re not even that excited about expensive drugs as much as expensive vaccines and the one thing they don’t want cheap drugs.  So who are all those other people if you look at the top companies that are shutting down virus information six companies Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Youtube, Google, Apple, they’re all connected to China, deeply connected to China.

They all are deeply connected to making money off the virus, even the Lancet is deeply involved with WHO and with China- protecting China, they set up a commission to investigate China before WHO did ,and they put the same echo health guy on that that who did, so we’ve got the (astroturfed), journals we’ve got the agencies of all kinds, and they’re deep, this all goes back to this connection between the United States and China’- Dr. Peter R. Breggin M.D.

Source-Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19



Panelists Sayer Ji (Moderator) – Author; Founder of GreenMedInfo; Co-founder, Stand for Health Freedom

Dr. Peter Breggin – World-renowned psychiatrist and medical ethicist

Mary Starrett – Chair, Board of Commissioners, Yamhill County, Oregon

Dr. David Martin – Founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc.; Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

Mark Thielman – Superintendent, Alsea School District (Oregon) Ana Garner, Esq. – Attorney; Creator, Higher Path Solutions Dennis Linthicum – Oregon State Senator

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler – Biomedical researcher; Scientific journal author; IPAK

Dr. Henry Ealy – Naturopath; Scientific journal author; Energetic Healing Institute

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Tune in to learn: Why we should be concerned about death certificate data. Why accuracy, integrity and transparency are so important during a public health crisis. How the CDC set the stage for widespread devastation — physical, psychological and economic. What we can do so that incidents of this magnitude never happen again.


  1. These people need to be stopped. I am not going to mask up again
    Especially seeing as we know the pandemic was a fraud. This has gone on long enough

  2. You need to connect the dots. In October 2019, Event 201 took place, organized by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum). The event called for an action roleplay of participants to a future Coronovirus pandemic. The meetings were taped.
    One of the 4 meetings was devoted to suppressing opinions in the media. One Chinese participant, noted that talk of a man-made virus must be denied. Klaus Schwab has openly talked in his World Economic Forum about converting the democracies of the free world to a new system similar to communist China and he calls it, “The Great Reset”. He runs an office of the World Economic Forum in Bejing, so he is very much in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. The early lockdown and manditory vaccinations recommendations opened the door to impose Klaus Schwabs totalitarian system upon the world. With the exposure of the coronovirus gain of function research, the timing of the Event 201 just months prior to the pandemic, and the exposure of the money for the Wuhan lab research came from outside China funneled through U.S. organizations, it looks like the organizers of Event 201, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are directly involved in the release of a genetically altered Sars Cov virus. The pandemic was not just about money. It was brought about to take control of our world through a totalitarian regime run by multinational corporations. Fear was their weapon to make the masses comply. Klaus Schwab has said he has infiltrated the cabinets of every government of the free world to obtain his goal of world control throgh the Chinese Communist Party. Yes, he and Bill Gates must be stopped and all who follow them.

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