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Unravelling the Technocracy Censorship of Free Speech

Isn’t it interesting how the governments and media always invert an accusation that really is about what they are doing…. for example, ”Parler, Gab and MeWe are social networks welcoming extremists that need to be investigated”…….. how about ”Facebook, Amazon and Twitter need to be investigated because they have become extremists on censoring free speech and truth, forcing millions to flee to social media platforms that were created for Free Speech and not censorship’’.

Over the last few weeks since we saw President Donald Trump get evicted from Facebook and Twitter, there has been a mass exodus of millions of individuals who have also suffered severe censorship, not just targeted Republicans in the US, no we are seeing everyone that believes in Free Speech move from Facebook and Twitter and actively boycott Amazon. After Parler was shut down, and the President of the United States was exiled from Facebook and Twitter, about 13 million people joined Gab in a week and Gab stated ”Gab is growing rapidly in a historic exodus from Big Tech, and fending off sophisticated attacks that seek to silence and censor your ability to Speak Freely. While we work to scale up, there will be periods of growing pains, slowness, and even downtime. We would appreciate your patience and support during this.”

People are left in cognitive dissonance while these events have taken place and many are left scratching their heads wondering how Big Tech companies have the power to get away with censoring the President of the United States, before he has even left the Whitehouse. This is testimonial to the level of power silicon valley and the Big Tech Giants have developed without us being aware of it. Shoshana Zuboff once said ‘Surveillance capitalism is an assault on human autonomy’. However, surprisingly Zuboff contradicts herself on Twitter by supporting Twitter’s decision to remove Trump from the social media site. A woman whose books are about the alarming assault on human privacy and the corruption of big tech giants removing our freedom and privacy, suddenly changing her opinion, is this because of her political beliefs? Zuboff is discrediting herself and her own work with such statements, by letting her academic objectivity become overridden by her political alliances perhaps.

Shouldn’t we be a bit more objective and consider, no matter what our political stance is, in this phenomenon of Chinese Communist Style moves of Silicon Valley censorship on the US president and Free Speech Social Media, that now dominate the internet in the West. Let’s try to be objective and politically detached when we stand up for our rights to protect Free Speech otherwise its not Free Speech, its Censorship with Political Agendas which Amazon, Twitter and Facebook have clearly demonstrated. This is wrong, who gave them the authority to decide who to censor and who gets to stay put? How can Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook have a higher authority than the President of the United States on this matter? 

I will state that I am not pro Trump, nor am I pro Democrat. I am not even an American, however, what I am is pro Truth and Free Speech on the internet, and that is how it should remain for all. When Corporations such as Twitter and Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple et al, all join forces to attack Free Speech, Censor Truth or move to stop emergency broadcasts being downloaded onto Apple phones, this is purely political and therefore alarming. What we are really seeing here is an insidious Deep State alliance behind these sites. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence…… 

On Sunday the 10th of January 2021, Amazon shut down its servers for Parler, which was the first Free Speech Social Network Platform to be taken down, Parler is a free speech alternative to Twitter which hosted high profile customers such as Lin Wood who had 1.6 million followers on Parler. Lin Wood is a well-respected attorney who has been whistleblowing the corruption in the US government. He exposed Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son by releasing documents and files on Parler that showed incriminating evidence that Hunter Biden had child pornography videos on his laptop. Lin Wood also released emails and other documents from various people in the Whitehouse connected to the manipulation of election fraud among other incriminating evidence.

Where are the officials to acknowledge this critical evidence released by an attorney and shared with the general public?  Instead it is being blatantly ignored. The other evidence shows that the Democrats did indeed steal the election, is with the exposure of the Hammer and Scorecard technology. The programs were built under contract with CIA, DOD, HS, AF, DIA, DNI, and others, however they are being used on the US citizens and there’s now duplicate Hammer and Scorecards in the UK and China. 

 Lin Wood discussed this in a number of interviews and so did Lt. General Thomas McInerney on various interviews from November 2020, which have not been picked up by the media until recently after Maria Zack returned from Italy with an affidavit from a government contractor whom had confirmed these statements in an Italian court. However, the most damning evidence is  the existence of a pair of years-old federal gag orders known as the ”State Secrets Privilege and Government Protective Order’,’ that are preventing CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery from revealing the truth about this illegal domestic surveillance program THE HAMMER and one of THE HAMMER’s applications, the election theft cyberwarfare weapon known as SCORECARD.

If this technology has been in existence since it was claimed to be implemented, then the next question is how many elections has it been used to intercept? The US voting machine manufactures and their employees were hacked in illegal FBI/NSA/CIA domestic surveillance programs former Blxware employees worked in from 2003-2016. The proof was provided to the DOJ and FBI by a whistle blower in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2015. The data was provided to FBI Director James Comey’s general counsel James Baker on 08/19/2015 and 12/03/2015.

Additionally, Dennis Montgomery presented a compelling case of fraudulent voting in battleground states. Montgomery’s analysis clearly demonstrates the coordinated involvement of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, with specific data points such as source locations, dates, and times.

U.S. internet companies in league with Prism, an NSA and FBI surveillance program

It is even more alarming that Amazon recruited Keith Alexander, former National Security Agency chief and head of US Cyber Command, to its board of directors in September 2020, Alexander runs the nation’s cyberwar efforts.

Amazon has had contracts and collaborations with the NSA for over the last 20 years along with Twitter, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Skype, Youtube, Facebook, and other social media company servers who are part of the PRISM network, an NSA spy surveillance programme launched on US citizens since the 9/11 attacks which are used as leverage with ”domestic terrorism”, being the foundation of these illegal surveillance projects. It has been repeatedly put in question by journalists, that perhaps this is why these companies enjoy apparent immunity to tax, especially Amazon, in the US and foreign countries in which they operate their services. This is how these Big Tech Giants have the power to dislodge even the current president of the United States from Twitter and Facebook.

These illegal spying programs have been using Hammer and Scorecard tools in collaboration with Big Tech Corporations to target and collect data from Americans and foreigners, which includes the following- personal and business documents, financial records, phone records, medical records, internet searches, emails, sms & mms messages, images, login credentials, IRS records, social security information, IP addresses with geolocation information, corporate records, corporate IP, attorney client communications, attorney client documents, voter information, voter records, government communications, classified documents, all collected in these illegal spying programs without a single court order allowing them to collect this information.

Remember Alexa from Amazon? Alexa is used by Amazon as a back door device for spying on you in your private home. Forbes tech journalist TJ McCue published an article in 2019 warning people on the dangers of Alexa and how to protect your privacy, in his article  he wrote-

 ꞌꞌAmazon responded to a letter sent by Senator Christopher Coons in late May, confirming that it maintains Alexa recordings indefinitely (unless a user manually comes in and deletes them). Some of those recordings are specific to a time-based entry, such as, an alarm setting or a calendar item on repeat each week. Clearly, you and the company are willing to keep those in place. But the rest? You have to delete them, or they are kept forever by Amazonꞌꞌ

In the wake of a big news media stir concern exposing the Prism surveillance program in 2013, it was learned by the public that Prism used its influence to coerce Big Tech Companies to work with the NSA and FBI. Public news media realized then that Google and Facebook were being used as fronts by these government surveillance agencies to infiltrate Silicon Valley, to exploit the wealth of intelligence data that we provide unwittingly. This is how these Big Tech Companies started gathering their influential power by working with the government agencies that are mining data via their software applications directly from our phones, emails and computers to spy on us. This was the first time the previously secret NSA/FBI program called PRISM was exposed, since then it has not been largely discussed, but more or less just assimilated into our technocracy, which is rather concerning and now we see the devastatingly powerful consequences.

In 2013, they did not know how this operation took place or what tools and technology were being used to implement this, although it was acknowledged that it appeared that these secret agencies had a kind of back door which we now know to be Hammer and Scorecard, to extract information about users of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and six other companies.

An article by Dennis Johnson published a statement about Amazon in 2013, from Melville House publishing, on the topic of Amazon’s affiliations with the NSA, Johnson wrote-

 ꞌꞌit’s not only the company that has pretty much refused to pay taxes to any government, anywhere, and has simultaneously somehow gotten the U.S. government to ignore antitrust laws willy-nilly in its prosecution of a deeply bizarre lawsuit against American publishing that favors no one so much as Amazon … Amazon is also the company that runs the cloud services of the CIA. You know, where much of the PRISM surveillance info was storedꞌꞌ.

Recently, NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe and Mary Fanning and Alan Jones broadcasted the election steal story on a small US news site this January the 8th 2021, yet it has been intercepted and censored and continues to be ignored.

This is the reason why a US president and other powerful figures who have played a role in attempting to expose election fraud and expose criminal members of congress linked to Epstein and paedophilia in the Whitehouse can be dislodged from Facebook and Twitter.

This is why Parler was taken out of action by Amazon which is a front for the NSA and CIA. These Big Tech companies serve Deep State agendas and those that work within the NSA, FBI, CIA and the rest of those affiliated with repressing Hammer and Scorecard. These are the real culprits  going after our Free Speech social media such as Parler, Gab and MeWe, as these social media sites are seen as potentially dangerous to the deep state, to exposing who is really controlling politics and political agendas. We cannot give up our fight to defend Truth and we must keep free speech on social media platforms, to defend truth and continue publishing evidence on the corruption of power at the very top. We must protect our Free Speech and Anti-Censorship platforms which are our last lifeline to keeping real democracy on the internet and within society, the level and depth of corruption has gone too far. We clearly live in a Fascist Technocracy, that can manipulate and use our metadata against us because these secret surveillance agencies control Silicon Valley companies. We must see more Tech companies providing protection and services to the Free Speech Social media platforms and websites, without these dark affiliations of censoring truth to protect criminals in power.

China said Joe Biden represents ‘new window of hope’ for relations with US, this is because Trump activated  an ꞌꞌExecutive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companiesꞌꞌ

The order states some alarming evidence that insinuates the Chinese are working with various US agencies in malicious cyber-enabled actions against the United States and its people.

ꞌꞌKey to the development of the PRC’s military, intelligence, and other security apparatuses is the country’s large, ostensibly private economy.  Through the national strategy of Military-Civil Fusion, the PRC increases the size of the country’s military-industrial complex by compelling civilian Chinese companies to support its military and intelligence activities.                    Those companies, though remaining ostensibly private and civilian, directly support the PRC’s military, intelligence, and security apparatuses and aid in their development and modernization. ꞌꞌ

Trump was trying to protect the American people with enforcing this Executive Order. In response, he is impeached a second time and censored from the internet. If this isn’t testimonial to a Chinese style censorship from the deep state, then what is? At this stage it doesn’t matter if you are Blue or Red, put these polarities aside, what matters is if you believe in Free Speech, Privacy and Truth? Put aside politically biased arguments and look closely at the evidence.

We need more regulations of the deep state and these secret surveillance agencies, there are now Hammer and Scorecards in the UK and China, who knows where else in the EU?

  These secret service agencies are being provided far too much money, power and leverage, that they are running the entire media and political show, puppet strings to a corrupt government system nationally and globally. They are getting away with election fraud and child paedophilia under our very noses, among other 4th Amendment and Human Rights violations and crimes.

What does all of this really say about these secret surveillance government agencies, are they protecting the people or are they protecting their own criminal activities?

Is it a coincidence that we are walking around being told to wear masks due to COVID-19, to cover our faces, our human expression is being censored, and our mouths covered. The mask is a symbolic dark reality that is mirroring our loss of free speech on many issues, in an aggressive cyberwar censorship on the internet and news media. Meanwhile, Julian Assange is still in prison for exposing corruption in the US and UK governments on war crimes and other deep state issues connected to this topic. This is an increasingly controlled repression of truth by deep state secret agencies operating for a global totalitarian agenda.


Carlita Shaw




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