Hot Topics that need to be discussed at the 2021 Climate Conferences

Climate change is a natural Earth cycle, in response to Sunspot cycles and space weather activity among other complex environmental influences. The climate change debate on emissions is solely designed and engineered for reasons that provide political control and unfairly repressive sanctions over developing countries such as Africa and other countries that have been made to submit, so that more powerful countries gain access with emission cuts, whilst the Western world can exploit their natural resources and make trillions from trading carbon and carbon taxing.

The Earth’s climate changes, this is a natural cyclical event that has been going on for millions of years  as have sea level rises and falls. Changes that we have documented some of these changes in the Vostok Icecores  a record that goes back for 450,000 years,  at times temperature can lags behind CO2 levels, or visa versa, it can switch back and forth all the time. At times CO2 levels are higher than temperature, before the industrial age of human civilisation, these changes are natural ebbs and flows cycling countless times over the ages.

Do these politicians, and investors ever tell you about the trillions they made from taxing CO2 or how much milage and manipulation they get out of repressing third world countries like Africa and Asia and South America, which they punish with sanctions, yet the USA is the biggest polluter and who restricts the USA?

Nonetheless, we still need to stop consuming oil and gas, yet very little of this is discussed in the government talks on climate.  Cutting emissions won’t impact climate change, it never has and never will be a viable solution. Carbon tax just makes bankers and politicians richer and poor countries poorer. Meanwhile, scientists and ecologists wonder why there’s less than half the insect and bird diversity than we had 45 years ago. Government chosen  and funded experts fail to connect insect disappearance to geoengineering which is causing global ecosystem collapse geoengineering also includes electromagnetic pulsing of clouds to move natural weather patterns in ways that are often done covertly by HAARP stations around the world. The official narrative of chemicals being used by geoengineering scientists is  Sulphuric Acid, H2SO4 and Sulphur Dioxide SO2. Remember the term ‘acid rain’. 

The accumulative effects of Sulphuric acid and Sulphur dioxide is detrimental to plants and wildlife, Sulphuric acid causes leaching of nutrients from plants and from soils and destroys coral reefs in the oceans. Plants die from being exposed to long term spraying of SO2, necrosis forming on the leaves of trees and crops is a sign, and its everywhere in forests today many tree leaves show spots of necrosis from SO2.

In a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1979 it was stated that ꞌꞌPlants have been found to be injured by high concentrations of Sulphuric Acid Aerosol, 100 to 200 mgs/m3 for four to 16 hours a dayꞌꞌ

Aerosol Sulphuric acid can be transformed through the plane air turbines when being dispersed to Sulphur dioxide, SO2, and Sulphur trioxide, SO3. Sulphur dioxide, SO2, is also used in active agricultural insecticides such as the strongest toxins, of those that act as general protoplasmic poisons for insects. A protoplasmic poison is when the toxin gets inside the cell plasma of the organism and blocks the basic energy production and/or transport system in a living cell, like cyanide does, effective poisoning.

When will these key points be discussed at climate talks? Sulphuric acid kills insects, ocean coral and plant life, how is this ingredients for a justification for dimming the Sun? What ever happened to dealing with the root cause of the problem and finding an alternative solution?  Geoengineering activities pose a greater  environmental  and public health risk to everyone and these risks must be investigated. Environmental risk assessments that has never been carried out. Geoengineering has been an on-going silent experiment on humanity for over 45 years, although it was recently announced that it is a new project to attempt to cool the planet. Consequently, we are seeing a  noticeable reduction of insects, especially bees and birds.  When will these environmental and public health assesments be carried out? Where is the data to show the residual effects of Sulphuric Acid and Aluminium residue on soil, crops, plants, insects and rivers. This is a great concern that needs urgent investigation, involving soil and water sampling and biodiversity surveys which should be in demand to investigate the impact of geoengineering on all ecosystems and on people’s health especially in areas where there is heavy geoengineering activitity.

There are ecological solutions, switch from fossil fuels to clean fuel energy alternatives such as compressed air cars, and eco-friendly biofuels that don’t result in massive landgrabs, coffee grain biofuels, recycled plastic biofuels, the water fuel cell cars, electric cars, solar cars, hemp oil cars and many other types that we need to see the infrastructures for and every petrol refilling station replaced with these alternatives. Japan was to launch a water fuel cell car in 2011, the  company was called Genepax, they unveiled a car that can run on river, rain or sea water, and even run on Japanese tea. Then Fukushima occurred as a result of the earthquake activity and tsunami before the car could be made available to the world market. Since then, we have had the radiated pollution of the Pacific ocean sea life and thousands of marine species have had mass die offs as marine ecosystems collapse, rather disconcerting when it is the oceans microbial and algal life forms that produce around 80 percent of our oxygen requirements.

Planting millions of trees is a simple way to restore ecological balance and to offset carbon emissions in every country. When the trees mature, the forests creates a valuable carbon sink for CO2 to be sequestered into. If Ethiopia, one of the world’s poorest countries can show the world how to plant 350 million trees in 12 hours, then why are first world nations not doing enough of this? When has any of these first world countries planted 350 million trees in a day?

The government management of these environmental problems, is not set up to remedy the root of the problem. Moreover, it is predatory capitalism, while the emphasis is on emissions in governments, to hide the yearly exponential rise in global consumption of oil.

The root cause to these critical environmental problems are blatantly ignored, the consumption of oil is the major driver of ecocide on the planet. Oil consumption is the highest it had ever been in human history. In 2010, the world oil consumption was at a rate of 33 billion barrels, and 87 million barrels of oil per day, which then increased to 97 million barrels per day by 2016, that became a 100 million barrels per day drained from the Earth!

During the Obama administration, he delivered a speech in 2013 bragging about how much more oil offshore, the USA was pulling in, (from their manufactured wars courtesy of the military industrial complex in the Middle east),  ꞌꞌmore than 75 percent of our potential oil resources offshore.  We’ve quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high.  We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some.ꞌꞌ  -Obama, March, the 22nd, 2012.

Annually, global consumption is exponentially being driven higher and higher to break previous records, reaching 36.4 billion barrels of oil consumed in 2018, according to BP. That’s $2.184 trillion worth of oil consumption in a single year. In gallons, the world’s annual consumption is 1.134 trillion

ꞌꞌTo compare this to how much oil the world has left in reserve, as of 2018, the world has 1.497 trillion barrels of oil, according to OPEC, with 79.4% of those reserves held in OPEC countries, and 64.5% of OPEC’s reserves are located in the Middle East. Venezuela and Iran—two sanctioned countries—together hold 30% of OPEC’s reserves. Nigeria and Libya—who also have had security risks that have hindered production, –hold another 5%, This puts 35% of the world’s oil at risk of staying in the ground. But while OPEC holds the lion’s share of the world’s oil, over the next decade, most of the new oil supply will come from the United Statesꞌꞌ.– Crude Oil Report

Meanwhile, Honda launched another Water Fuel Cell car design in 2016 and this Water Fuel Cell system had been demonstrated to be able to support a domestic household with all the power it needs. Alternative energy solutions exist and have continued to be pioneered and researched thanks to many great visionaries and innovators. The problem is they either get bought out by military and men in black, or they are murdered, die in strange accidents or are suicided, so the oligarchs can continue to be oil-garchs, the real cabal continuing to run the show.

The original Water Fuel Cell car was invented by Stanley Meyers back in the 1980s, he was poisoned in 1998 at a restaurant, probably by oil barons. A few years before Stanley was murdered, he gave a presentation on his water fuel cells. In the presentation, Meyer describes a molecular, chemical and electrical level of  how water can be used as fuel — not just as a gas, but for domestic and industrial electrical generation. Meyers was also the holder of  40 patents.

When the Trump administration came in, for the first time in Americas natural history, all previously protected national parks like Yosemite (which was originally set up by John Muir in the 1800s, as America’s first national park,  in order to preserve nature from industrial expansion), now, thanks to Trump making America great again, previously protected national parks are no longer  protected. The Trump administration  made it legal to open up all of the US national parks for oil, gas and mining prospects.

Ten years later Honda launched a water fuel cell car that also has the capability to provide domestic power for a house, this probably evolved from Stanley Meyers original design.  Honda made this car available to the Hollywood elite in 2003, then they made it available in 2016 to the public. However, the current lack of infrastructure (lack ofrecharging stations), worldwide to support Hydrogen fuel cell technology will need to be developed.

What this actually means is not something a mainstream newspaper will publish, it means that the oligarchy, the politicians and oil company CEOs and shareholders have not accomodated for the Water Fuel Cell car that can also provide domestic power to the home, to finally become available to the public market, because it threatens their power hold on domestic energy and oil. They will make it difficult for hydrogen processing plants and Water Fuel Cell stations to emerge as part of this supportive infrastructure while those that hold the oil and electricity monopoly cards also hold places of decision making that stop the emergence of alternative emission free solutions that are also solutions as alternatives to consuming oil, stopping ecocide and the current mechanisms behind driving global wars.

Think about the economically devasting implications this would have on the current oligarchy monopoly on grid electricity power companies and oil stakeholders, when oil companies and electricity companies presently rake in 100,000 dollars per hour in profits. An astronomical amount of fortune that the world powers will defend with severe vehemency to protect its domination and fortune, the war on terror is being used to protect this fortune. These figures can easily be found in Forbes and Business insider and various geopolitical newspapers. Most people do not think about the simplicity of the expression ´´follow the money´´ but it does yield the true motives of war, let alone bypassing environmental legislations and environmental agreements, in the same way if you follow the money with the current pandemic story and how that leads to an interesting monopoly web backed up by astro-turfed pharmaceutical investments and stakeholders.

Instead of CO2 tax emissions, pressure and lobbying needs to be put upon our local councils to refurbish every gas and petrol station in every country with these alternative greener fuel technologies to be able to recharge cleaner energy vehicles that are continually emerging on the market. As right now people are not buying many greener vehicles because the infrastructure is not being put in place because of the corporate and political resistance of the oposition. It should be the main focus for all governments to do so, if they genuinely cared about the environment, climate, and planet for the next generations this would have been done long ago.

Therefore, the environment is still in severe crisis with 150 to 200 species disappearing each day due to oil and gas extraction on terrestrial and marine environments. Rainforests occupy around 5 percent of the Earth’s terrestrial land, yet rainforests contain over 50 percent of the world’s plants and animal species (biodiversity). There is no accounting for the number of plant and tree species fast disappearing, and are being destroyed at a rate of 60 square kilometres per hour mainly for the oil or gas under the soil. That is the equivalent of 4,000 football pitches per hour, every hour of every day that passes, with an exponentially rising rate of biodiversity loss.

Finally, these are the issues that should be highlighted at the at the new 2021 Climate talks, lets steer the debate from emissions, carbon taxes or whether CO2 is a natural plant food or  pollutant or whether the climate is heating up or cooling down. When will environmentalists focus on lobbying, pressuring local and national governments, to demand for every gas station to be refurbished and fitted with the latest recharging stations for every kind of alternative energy vehicle.

The fact that new green vehicle innovations are growing in diversity and are available for use but constantly being ignored and repressed to lack of finances invested into strengthening the infrastructure for this market is an abhorrent problem that must be dealt with new tactics by environmental campaigners and activists. With alternative energy vehicle solutions already on the market, the objective that should be on every environmentalists mind for the 2021 climate change conferences are to demand these infrastructures to be put in place nationally and internationally now.

Can people wake up and see the wrong kind of green has been pulled over people’s eyes for too many decades, all for government agendas as per usual. Meanwhile, the media spotlight is always on  CO2 emissions without any coverage on the current growing markets of alternatives green vehicle solutions  available.  These and other various forms of solutionary energy systems are breaking the barriers of mainstream energy monopolies right now,  with very little media coverage, because they are quietly being ignored and repressed  by world leaders, who are solely interested in perpetuating war for oil whilst destroying the planet in the process. However, as the number of alternative energy vehicle solutions increases, the reliance on oil has to become obviously inexcusable, and shown for what it is, an oilgarchy system that is repressing a global rise in new energy renaissance, this is what should be on everyone’s lips at the next years climate conferences.


by Carlita Shaw


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