London University Student has created a Bike Wheel that Cleans Air Pollution

Rolloe bike wheel that contains an air filter to clean polluted air

Kristen Tapping, a product design graduate from London South Bank University, has come up with an amazing innovation to help clean air pollution, she has made a bicycle wheel that purifies the air. It’s called Rolloe, which stands for Roll off Emissions.

Air pollution is a major problem in big cities with heavy traffic. This wheel can withstand heavy pollution, and only by using the movement of the bike wheel turning through  pedal power of the cyclist, it can clean the polluted air, 

The wheel  has special fins fitted to suck in air while it turns, the air passes through a series of filters and sponges to trap emissions and release clean air back into the environment. The wheel can filter more air the faster it goes, although it still works at low speeds.

Tapping says the cyclist would need to change the filter every week if they cycle a lot, or after cycling about 250 kilometers, so it continues to work efficiently. The wheel fits in the front of a standard bike frame and weighs about one kilogram.

Tapping said she was inspired to create the wheel as she cycles a lot around London. “In traffic, you’re really aware of the pollution: the heat, the gases and the smell,” she told journalists.

She predicts that if 10% of cyclists in London used a Rolloe on their bike, they could filter about 266,865 cubic meters of air a day, although this has yet to be tested.

A recent report by researchers at CE Delft shows that London’s health costs because of air pollution are the highest out of the 432 European cities in its report. It said that this pollution cost London about $13.5 billion each year.

The World Health Organization has also said that outdoor air pollution causes about 4.2 million deaths around the world each year.

Tapping proposes to use the wheel on a bike share schemes as a pilot test, her goal is to see the Rolloe wheels become available for all bikes in the future. She is working on a wheel that would fit the rear of a bike, as well as making them available in different sizes.



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