Multidimensional Entities, Spiritual Crisis- The Human Condition and Healing

I’m recirculating this article today which I wrote several years ago, because of the present crisis we are in. We are in a war on human consciousness, where we are being robbed of our freedom to move, freedom to earn a living, (although, we should just be free to live without earning anything!), freedom to spend time with our loved ones and freedom to make our own health choices and medical decisions.

There are many aspects that relate to what is happening now, including manipulation of human behaviour and health by electromagnetic forces as well as negative energy, oppression of free speech, attempts to recondition our thought system. The threat of transhumanism can only come from archonic entities that occupy plutocracy.

Such heavy energy can only create the pressure of transformation of humanity in ways that will do the opposite to their agenda, it is infact accelerating our human consciousness and soul consciousness, we are beginning to see that we have placed our trust in the hands of oligarchs that care only to line their own pockets and to use us as chattle. Our evolution won’t be accelerated on a material transhumanist level by manipulating our DNA or minds.

Real transformation and evolution happens on a soul and spiritual consciousness level, a mass shift in perception is happening now, therefore we are in very powerful times and need to place more attention on our spiritual abilities and take better care of our soul, mind and body. We must cleanse the system of the true that corrupts some of those in power and cleanse our own psyche in order to take responsibility of ourselves, to transform and reclaim true our true sovereignty. The only role that evil has is to act as a catalyst to our evolution. – Carlita Shaw

Evolve to Ecology


Science already understands that everything is made up of energy. We are experimenting with giant Quantum field D-Wave computer systems, or blasting neutrinos at CERN, well, that is what they tell us this machine is doing, it’s more likely there is a more complex function and agenda involved. Then there are some physicists and eccentric inventors who have been playing around with particles and producing zero point energy, alternative energy by manipulating plasma fields and electromagnetic energy, a silent renaissance since Nikola Tesla started experimenting with plasma fields and the Earth’s natural electrical field. Aether science is a repressed science, it was once an academically acknowledged science until bankers and elite figures realised that if pioneers like Nikola Tesla gave wireless electricity to the world, they would miss the opportunity to become some of the richest people on the planet, thanks to the oligarchs plutocrats we still remain in the…

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