Medical, Biotechnology and Environmental Tyranny

Medical fascism and tyranny, biotech and pharmaceutical fascism and tyranny, environmental fascism and tyranny. Its all a reality today and its all the same tyranny and fascism coming from the richest Oligarchs or Plutocrats that run the world today, just take a look at Bill Gates who will be the world’s first trillionairre by next year due to his financing the vaccne agenda. All of these industries are causing ill health in people, and environmental pollution that is beyond pandemic proportions, yet very little is known about it in mainstream media.

Our Health and the environment are being assaulted left, right and centre but corporations and their greed have more power than policy and public law makers—corporations such as Monsanto and Bayer who merged to become a superpower conglomerate, among many other biotechnological companies, they are manufacturing chemicals, herbicides and pesticides affecting every human being and causing ecosystem collapse in other species as well as soil and water contamination,toxins which get leached into soil and the ground water, running in rivers, lakes and our oceans, scientists have seen the effects of Atrazine on amphibian populations as they have become feminised, the same can be seen in human beings all over the world.

Men and women—-Everyone now has hormone problems, even men, you think you are not affected, look up Atrazine which is a hormone disrupter found in pesticides. Tyrone Hayes, a scientist who has researched the effects of Atrazine says the damage can span generations, it can feminize or cause sterility in men. Genetically Modified Crops also damage our health causing cancer, inflammation, celiac disease, then we also have synthetic polystyrene which is still widely used in food packaging, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). There’s also Glyphosates which cause cancer, immune system disorders, inflammation, birth defects and more. Hormones such as oestrogen in dairy products, canned foods, processed foods and grains are also related to a wave of chronic diseases including colon cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity, which people die of in numbers far greater than flu, the real pandemic are these toxins which we need to stop with more intensive campaigning to local governments and the agroindustry, or you can protect yourself and grow your own organic food. Be informed, be aware, be educated, you are your environment, care for the environment and campaign for a chemical free world.

– Carlita Shaw

The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of human consciousness

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