The Spiral of Consciousness


The War on Consciousness is the greatest of wars where our own governments are attempting to manipulate the human mind to use it as a weapon against our own humanity. The only way we can ”win’‘ this is by expanding our consciousness and heart centres simultaneously, channel our focus on constructive action, legal matters, self-educate and share reliable information within your community circles. Be aware that we have light on our side, there are multidimensional levels to this war on consciousness that affect our souls and DNA memories, reminding us of what we truly are, do you choose to be an indoctrinated mind or to listen to your inner instinctive truth.

A time to be very discerning of realities, dismantling our own indoctrinated programming and knowing what is true, truth is neither the blue pill or the red pill.

Truth is consciousness, it is not chosen, as it flows through everything. Always ask why, question the polarised narratives that you are being asked to choose between, who benefits from what you are being told to do? Because you aren’t benefiting from it, that’s for sure!

Daniel Schmachtenberger does a great job of dismantling the layers of indoctrinated programming that we carry around with us obliviously.  People love to consume culture, Terence McKenna  once said “Culture is not your friend”. This is the reason why. Neither Pill nor Potion can cure this psychological pandemic.




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