The Great Brainwashing of COVID-19

Brainwashing is such an intrusive form of persuasion, for its success, it requires complete compliance from the victims, the most critical aspect of brainwashing is social isolation.  The next important factor is the complete dependency of the victim or brainwashee on the brainwasher/perpetrator,  in this case the government.

One very clear reason for isolating people during this lockdown in the guise to stop infection spreading, also has the interesting side effect of being able to instill Brainwashing techniques for Radical Social Change on individuals who have been purposely isolated and traumatized on a mass scale. The average time period to indoctrinate people into adopting a new behaviour for social change is around 2-3 months or 66 days which is needed to get the desired results during which time the Brainwashee victims have all their freedoms removed. It is critical that this occurs during a period of isolation for the perpetrators to change the victims behaviour to their new behaviour. ‘In Lally’s study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit.’ .

Brainwashing in the past occurred in prison camps or cults. The brainwasher must have complete control over the victim (the brainwashee), so that sleep patterns, eating, (threatening food shortage and starvation are also techniques),  using the bathroom, (interesting shortage of toilet roll) and the fulfilment of other basic human needs (human interaction with others) depend on the will of the brainwashing agent/perpetrator/government. In the brainwashing process, the agent systematically breaks down the victim’s identity to the point that it doesn’t work anymore, in the case of COVID-19, according to some government advisors, our normal social behaviours are inverted as crimes and threats to our health. The agent then replaces the behaviour it doesn’t want with another set of newly desired behaviours for the brainwashee to accept and conform to,  including attitudes and beliefs that work in the victim’s current environment.

There are many negative implications for isolation and lockdown, doctors and health experts have already explained many, aside from isolating the healthy which makes our immunity lower, the other more damaging effects of lockdown are on the economy and people’s mental health.

Since I am familiar with MKUltra mind control methods created by the Nazis after thousands of cruel experiments on concentration camp victims. My late husband was an MKUltra victim,  I recognize traumatization techniques for enforced mind control, where the victim is kidnapped, isolated and physically tortured and psychologically abused by the perpetrator to take them into a state of traumatic trance suggestion, where they can be given mind controlling suggestions that can control their behaviour.These are only implanted at the height of the victims trauma where they lose consciousness and go into deep shock which is used by the torturer as a powerful form of trance when the victim is more susceptible to deep subconscious mind control.

This is very different from normal hypnotherapy, where a client comes to a hypnotherapist voluntarily, and the hypnotherapist provides an emotionally supportive environment to help the client with positive suggestions implanted in their subconscious while they are deeply relaxed, and the client always has their will to change their minds and not consent or agree.

Aside from recognizing the NLP the governments and media are using on people, for example in Manchester, England, police are encouraging people to call out conspiracy theorists these are the ”Thought Police” straight out of Orwellian 1984, but they are real, in the UK asking the community and neighbours to report conspiracy theorists to the police for arrest! That small group of people who told everyone else for many years not to trust the governments are now the dissidents. There are also hotlines in the UK set up to encourage people to report their neighbours for not complying to lockdown regulations.

Orwellian New Speak

”Social Distancing”

”New Normal”

”Do the right thing, wear a mask”

” Staying at Home is the right thing to do”

”For the Greater Good, Stay at home, Stay Safe”


An abusive situation not just for millions of Americans but for millions of citizens around the world.

­While most people are aware that the media play a great influence in this propaganda, amidst the information wars, people who have been brainwashed by the media, treat the media and government in a god like fashion, yet even more disturbing is that those that do, go into cognitive dissonance if doctors speak out against government decisions or if the media publish stories are about the government being responsible for this crisis.

The trauma deepens more when people who are not brainwashed demand governments to investigate Dr Fauci and make him responsible, yet this remains to be ignored, after it was discovered he funded the Wuhan laboratory for six years to entrain the SARS-CoV-2 virus to transfer from Bats to people, as it is not actually a natural process. Remember that we have evolved with bats and other animals for millions of years already, which is why we have retroviruses in our DNA coding, if such viruses could jump so  easily from one animal to another, it would have happened long ago. We have very different immune systems to birds and bats and the viruses are programmed  to enter the familiar environment of the host cell and to change its own programme key to unlock the cells of its host, it cannot use the same key to unlock different species of hosts cells, that takes a lot of entrainment in the laboratory, according to many microbiologists and biochemists such as Dr, Judy Mikovits

”In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function (bioweaponary) work. Many scientists have criticized gain of function research, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans, because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release”

The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million .”-Newsweek.

On the other side of this great collussion of brainwashing, and rackettering, the web of funding that goes to Fauci from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seems to be a world wide web of tentacles, so generously with a finger in every pie. Bill Gates who has come from computer viruses and a self proclaimed medically unqualified advisor on the COVID-19 virus. What qualifies Bill Gates to give the world advice on how to deal with this virus?  He is a computer expert, stick to computer viruses Bill, you are not a Medical Doctor.  The media continues to brainwash the masses with constant retoric from Bill Gates, merely rich from a monopoly on Microsoft, soon to become the world’s first trillionairre with his self-made monopoly on COVID-19 vaccines, and his COVID-19 patents additionally, his ID2020 nanomicrochipping agenda, and satellite surveillance system for human tracking, he is clearly a psychopath with a malevolent agenda for humanity.  However, the world we live in is a Plutocracy, that is controlled by the richest people on the planet and it seems they are above the law as we are all calling for Gates to be arrested and the governments are not listening to the people. They are conveniently ignoring us while Bill Gates walks in the footsteps of his eugenics father and many other elites, sharing  their ”philanthropic”, belief there are too many people in the world, so he funds every institute that will help in his generous agenda to depopulate the planet. Bill also funds WHO,  the Director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was the head of a violent Ethiopian Communist Party from questionable terrorist organizations. Bill Gates also favours funding or shall we call it bribing various Health Experts in key government positions in different countries to help him with his depopulation agenda. He also funded Event 201 Pandemic Simulation in October 2019. 98007720_2946241868825107_2309814793105571840_o

This crisis has shown us that even when doctors and health experts speak out and tell people the truth about how lockdown has merely lowered the immunity of the healthy population and that we should be focusing on the recovery rate of infected people, which is higher than the death rate- lower than that of seasonal flu in most countries, the brainwashed ignore and slander the whistleblowers in favor of media propoganda and government politicians opinions, some politicians who have stakeholds in vaccine company shares. Doctors and health experts have also said that crippling the economy and forcing people under house arrest are violations against people’s human rights and are unwarranted regulations all just for a flu like virus. Meanwhile, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Syria and Uruguay all have used herd immunity successfully, while the rest of the world has followed WHOs biased Bill Gates funded advice.  The damage done to people’s lives with the secondary effects of governments decisions to Lockdown healthy people and the economy, force people to stay at home and face stress and trauma which is psychologically far more damaging, for example, suicide, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, addiction, people losing family businesses and child abuse have been some of the biggest traumas as a result of this, traumas that take a life time to recover from.

Remember, it has been scientifically shown that the masses are more easily suggestible when isolated and traumatized, they will give up all their rights to compliance to get social interaction again by doing what Bill Gates and the Vaccine Investors want, to accept a vaccine. The vaccine that many health advisors have  already claimed will not cure COVID-19, ‘‘but life cannot go on as normal without it” –according to the biased investors of vaccines, this is a statement to threaten your human rights.

There have been so many deceptions with words like this and psychological confusion is by design, this is the trick in  hypnosis  to confuse the target and use NLP brainwashing language, confusion creates a trance like state. There is a ritualistic element for these controllers to tell half-truths and make it clear you won’t get what you want unless you comply even if it is illogical. Hence, COVID-19 brainwashing is effective enough that more than half the masses are still ignoring what the Doctors are saying. Those Doctors who have had their interviews removed from Youtube because of its biased towards Vaccines, those doctors who have courageously risked losing their practitioner licenses and  who have put their careers and reputations on the line to warn people and  who are trying to educate the public regarding the truth.  While the successfully brainwashed people still see media and government as their god, Those of us immune to brainwashing  continue to ask questions and resist, despite the emotional, mental and physical strain it has put on all of us, despite our loss of finances, lost family businesses, loss of freedom, threats of imprisonment, heavy fines, and loss of free speech.

 ”Some definitions of brainwashing require the presence of the threat of physical harm, and under these definitions most extremist cults do not practice true brainwashing since they typically do not physically abuse recruits, except for in the secret societies where MKultra methods are still carried out today, remnants of multigenerational abuse left over from the Nazi mind control projects that transferred to Project Paperclip in the USA and are still rife in Central and South America as forms of torture in military and elite families.”

Different definitions depend on “nonphysical intimidation and control” as powerful methods, how better to do this under the guise of medical martial law, with COVID-19 virus as a threat to everybody’s wellbeing, according to the successful propoganda of the news media and government health advisors. This grand scale manipulation and the governments decision to enforce months of  house arrest, ”lockdown”, which they call ”quarantine”, (an oxymoron since we are only supposed to quarantine or isolate infected people). These brainwashing effects only work successfully when the victims are completely isolated and traumatized, causing psychological injury ensuring  successful manipulative brainwashing  while at the same time irriversable damage is caused to the economy, our financial security, millions are starving worldwide, and there are clearly hospital departments short of staff for treating other emergencies and cancer and heart patients, since everything is focused on COVID-19 and medical support is being taken away from more ubiquitous health burdens. Furthermore, banks and businesses collapse, people have lost  their life savings, jobs, family businesses. Worse still, people have lost loved ones who have died alone in hospital without the comforting touch of their family or close friends around them, people have been unable to go to funerals  or spend their last moments with their dying loved ones. These and other psychological and emotional traumas are a lengthy list of traumatic damage that will take a lifetime to recover from.

Meanwhile, the officials don’t feel an obligation to tell you who they are getting their scientific advise from, it continues to be a mystery, it certainly isn’t from the qualified and experienced doctors speaking out to warn you that lockdown lowers your immunity and wearing masks doesn’t necessarily protect you fully from COVID-19 infection. After the British government is being taken to court by Simon Dolan on behalf of all British citizens for violations of human rights  and not revealing who their SAGE Advisors are, the UK foreign secretary says they won’t disclose who their scientific advisors are under the pretext of ”the risk of them being subject to pressure, undue influence,” do they mean legal litigation perhaps if we found out who and what their agenda is? Or perhaps the real reason is testimonial to their scientific advisors being biased  and scientifically incorrect.

In the late 1950s, psychologist Robert Jay Lifton studied former prisoners of Korean War and Chinese war camps. He determined that they’d undergone a multistep process that began with attacks on the prisoner’s sense of self and ended with what appeared to be a change in beliefs. Lifton ultimately defined a set of steps involved in the brainwashing cases he studied:

Microsoft Word Document 21052020 145118

­Each of thes­e stages takes place in an environment of total isolation, meaning all “normal” social reference points are unavailable, and mind-clouding techniques like sleep deprivation and malnutrition are typically part of the process. There is often the presence or constant threat of physical harm, which adds to the target’s difficulty in thinking critically and independently. COVID-19 being the threat of physical harm in this case. ” Save the NHS”,  ”Stay At Home, Save Lives”, when more lives are damaged and traumatized by the lockdown.

We can roughly divide the process Lifton identified into three stages: breaking down the self, introducing the possibility of salvation, and rebuilding the self.

A brainwashing process like the one discussed above has not been tested in a modern laboratory setting, because it’s damaging to the target and would therefore be an unethical scientific experiment. However, it is clear to see that this experiment has been unleashed on all of humanity and every country has different parameters of this social engineering experiment where the goal is manipululating humanity to relinquish their human rights for medical martial law.

Lifton created this description from first-hand accounts of the techniques used by captors in the Korean War and other instances of “brainwashing” around the same time. Since Lifton and other psychologists have identified variations on what appears to be a distinct set of steps leading to a profound state of suggestibility, an interesting question is why some people end up brainwashed and others don’t. But don’t worry as we have the thought police and neighbours ready to snitch on those who are not compliant, aside from the slander, social shaming, penalties for unneccessary outdoor excursions or social distancing penalties and total financial loss and loss of our freedoms, all designed to traumatise the victim appropriately to break down their intolerance to compliance and acceptance.

Read more on Brainwashing and examples in this article from Science and how stuff works


Read Robert F Kennedy – We are in the Last Battle 

Read Washington Times-Biggest Political Hoax in History

Take Action if you are not brainwashed!

If you are one of the ones who are resistent to brainwashing see below how you can get involved in the biggest lawsuite in American history to defend your human rights and sue your governor against human rights violations and economic damages.

Join our FB group No More Lockdowns International

Join the Lawsuite in your State!!!-
Join the Lawsuite in your state USA
Dear ________________ (President, US Attorney, Governor, Public Health Officer, Sheriff,_Mayor, etc.)
Your declaration of a State of Emergency for the COVID-19 diagnosis criteria for a series of pneumonia and influenza related symptoms and the allegations of the existence of a “novel coronavirus” is based on a series of assumptions that are patently false.
According to the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses’ (ICTV) Coronaviridae Study Group (CSG) publication on March 2, 2020, the preliminary data suggesting that there was sufficient variation to determine this to be a novel virus vs. a mutation of known coronaviruses, was not based on established scientific principles but was responsive to the World Health Organization’s prior unfounded declaration of novelty of both the virus and a new disease;
There could be no independent verification of the epidemiologic models predicting dire infection and mortality rates as the underlying models and data were not published, and when sought, were reportedly corrupted so as to make their examination impossible;
In violation of State law, no medical or scientific evidence was provided to establish even causal links between the SARS CoV-2 and the symptoms of COVID-19, relying instead on foreign government hearsay and conjecture;
Since 2003, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and their subordinate organizations – the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – maintained a patent preventing any independent organization from testing for the presence of coronavirus transmissible to humans through 2018 resulting in a complete lack of testing technologies;
No State official reviewed for accuracy or veracity any of the causal statements made in the Declaration of Emergency which contain false, misleading, and terror inducing statements;
In violation of well-established legal precedent from Jew Ho v. Williamson, 103 F. 10, 26 (C.C.N.D. Cal. 1900) and subsequent public health law, arbitrary and capricious rules were inflicted upon a part of the population that were not applied generally, resulting in the unlawful confinement of a healthy population with no basis in science or fact;
The Governor failed to provide adequate testing to confirm or deny the presence or absence of “a novel coronavirus” and, based on recent reports from testing of incarcerated persons reported by Reuters, 96% of prisoners testing positive for coronavirus are asymptomatic, demonstrating a failure to establish even a statistical link between the virus and the disease;
Neither the Governor nor any public health officer has followed evidence-based, peer-reviewed, clinical science showing that neither social distancing (of up to 6 feet of separation), nor the wearing of masks has any clinical effect in a healthy population and that instituting such policies is exclusively for the inducement of fear and terror in the population;
As result of these and other established facts, your orders and those that follow from these orders issued in violation of the State Constitution, are illegal and unenforceable. I hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist in your suspension of my Constitutional rights and those of the common citizenry.
For your reference, please review the following facts:
On April 25, 2003, the United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter, “CDC”) filed an application for a United States (Application Number Coronavirus isolated from humans”. Claim 3 – US46592703P, subsequently issued as U.S. Patent 7,776,521) entitled “A method of detecting a severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in a sample…; and, Claim 4 – A kit for detecting a severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in a sample…, provided the CDC with a statutory market exclusion right for the detection of and sampling for severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV). Securing this right afforded the CDC exclusive right to research, commercially exploit, or block others from conducting activities involving SARS-CoV since 2003. On September 24, 2018, the CDC failed to pay the required maintenance fees on this patent and their rights expired with no notification issued by CDC alerting the private sector to this decision.
From April 2003 until September 2018, the CDC owned SARS-CoV, its ability to be detected and the ability to manufacture kits for its assessment. During this 15-year period, the effect of the grant of this right — ruled unconstitutional in 2013 by the United States Supreme Court in the case of Association for Molecular Pathology et al. v. Myriad Genetics – meant that the commercial exploitation of any research or commercial activity in the United States involving SARS-CoV would constitute an infringement of the CDC’s illegal patent.
It appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on genetic material were illegal, the CDC and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases led by Anthony Fauci (hereinafter “NIAID” and “Dr Fauci”, respectively) entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with Ecohealth Alliance Inc.) and with foreign nations national entities (specifically, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences) through the 2014 et seq National Institutes of Health Grant R01AI110964, to exploit their patent rights.
It further appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on genetic material was illegal, the CDC and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (hereinafter “NIAID”) entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and with foreign nations (specifically, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences represented by Zheng-Li Shi) through U19AI109761 (Ralph S. Baric), U19AI107810 (Ralph S. Baric), and National Natural Science Foundation of China Award 81290341 (Zheng-Li Shi) et al. 2015-2016.
It further appears that, during the period of patent enforcement and after the Supreme Court ruling confirming that patents on generic material was illegal, the CDC and NIAID entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and with foreign nations to conduct chimeric construction of novel coronavirus material with specific virulence properties prior to, during, and following the determination made by the National Institutes for Health in October 17, 2014 that this work was not sufficiently understood for its biosecurity and safety standards.
In this inquiry, it is presumed that the CDC and its associates were: a) fully aware of the work being performed using their patented technology; b) entered into explicit or implicit agreements including licensing, or other consideration; and, c) willfully engaged one or more foreign interests to carry forward the exploitation of their proprietary technology when the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed that such patents were illegal and when the National Institutes of Health issued a moratorium on such research.
Reportedly, in January 2018, the U.S. Embassy in China sent investigators to Wuhan Institute of Virology and found that, “During interactions with scientists at the WIV laboratory, they noted the new lab has a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.” The Washington Post reported that this information was contained in a cable dated 19 January 2018. Over a year later, in June 2019, the CDC conducted an inspection of Fort Detrick’s U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (hereinafter “USAMRIID”) and ordered it closed after alleging that their inspection found biosafety hazards. A report in the journal Nature in 2003 (423(6936): 103) reported cooperation between CDC and USAMRIID on coronavirus research was followed by considerable subsequent collaboration. The CDC, for what appear to be the same type of concern identified in Wuhan, elected to continue work with the Chinese government while closing the U.S. Army facility.
The CDC reported the first case of SARS-CoV like illness in the United States in January 2020 with the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service reporting 650 clinical cases and 210 tests. Given that the suspected pathogen was first implicated in official reports on December 31, 2019, one can only conclude that CDC: a) had the mechanism and wherewithal to conduct tests to confirm the existence of a “novel coronavirus”; or, b) did not have said mechanism and falsely reported the information in January. It tests credulity to suggest that the WHO or the CDC could manufacture and distribute tests for a “novel” pathogen when their own subsequent record on development and deployment of tests has been shown to be without reliability.
Around March 12, 2020, in an effort to enrich their own economic interests by way of securing additional funding from both Federal and Foundation actors, the CDC and NIAID’s Dr Fauci elected to suspend testing and classify COVID-19 by capricious symptom presentation alone. Not surprisingly, this was necessitated by the apparent fall in cases that constituted Dr. Fauci’s and others’ criteria for depriving citizens of their 1st Amendment rights. At present, the standard according to State and Territorial Epidemiologists Interim-20-ID-01 for COVID-19 classification is:
In outpatient or tele-health settings at least two of the following symptoms must be indicated: fever (measured or subjective), chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s)
at least one of the following symptoms must be indicated: cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing OR Severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following:
Clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia, or
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
AND No alternative more likely diagnosis
Laboratory Criteria for Reporting
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in a clinical specimen using a molecular amplification detection test.
Detection of specific antigen in a clinical specimen.
Detection of specific antibody in serum, plasma, or whole blood indicative of a new or recent infection serologic methods for diagnosis are currently being defined
After inflicting grave harm to the people of the United States of America through economic hardships resulting from their allegations of an “epidemic” or “pandemic”, the CDC and the NIAID set forth, and the President of the United States and various Governors in the respective States promulgated, standards for lifting restrictive conditions which are in violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and serve exclusively to enrich themselves. Both the presence of a vaccine or treatment and, or, the development of testing — each of which solely benefit the possible conspiring parties and their co-conspirators — are set forth as a condition for re-opening the country. This appears to be an unambiguous violation of the Sherman Act and, if so, should be prosecuted immediately to the full extent of the law.
The CDC and WHO elected to commit to a narrative of a novel coronavirus – exhibiting properties that were anticipated in the U.S. Patent 7,618,802 issued to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Ralph Baric – and, in the absence of testing protocols, elected to insist that SARS-CoV-2 was the pathogen responsible for conditions that were consistent with moderate to severe acute respiratory syndrome.
U.S. Constitution:
Article One, Section 8, clause 8,
To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries
By Renewing their Illegal Patents on February 17, 2014 the CDC violated Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution
By Renewing their Illegal Patents on February 17, 2014 the CDC willfully violated the law using tax- payer funds in light of the Supreme Court ruling on June 13, 2013
Article One, Section 9, clause 2,
Which states that “The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus (a recourse in law challenging the reasons or conditions of a person’s confinement) shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”
The Sherman Act and Clayton Act violations consist of receiving and directing funding only to those parties colluding around the infringement of the CDC’s illegal patent.
CDC; NIAID; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Wuhan Institute of Virology; National Institutes of Health; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; President’s Task Force; Governors except North Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Oklahoma
Possible violation of 15 U.S. Code § 19
Dr. Fauci is on the Leadership Council of the Bill and Malinda Gates
Global Vaccine Action Plan
DOMESTIC TERRORISM – Still in Effect Until March 15, 2020
Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act (Pub. L. No. 107-52) expanded the definition of terrorism to cover “”domestic,”” as opposed to international, terrorism. A person engages in domestic terrorism if they do an act “dangerous to human life” that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to: (i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;
Lastly, current policing, fining, arrests and harassment throughout the country and CA/Orange County in this case, is in violation of not only First Amendment “abridging the right of people to peaceably assemble” but more narrowly:
Title 18 U.S.C., Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law:
Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.
As a concerned Patriot, proud American and citizen of this country/county, I willfully submit the above statements for your consideration. It is my assertion that the above facts must be considered for the immediate removal and suspension of any and all continued unlawful, unconstitutional and draconian measures adversely affecting citizens. Henceforth any measures related to and known as ‘shelter in place,’ quarantine, ‘non-essential’ work, social distance, and the closure of public spaces will be considered unconstitutional and nothing more than an unlawful attempt at ‘social engineering.’ Finally, I request your support and immediate investigation of any ‘sworn’ Governmental official at local, State or Federal levels for their willfully complicit or knowingly criminal misconduct of their Constitutional duties in the service of their office.
In closing, I welcome your correspondence and am hopeful that you take this matter seriously on behalf of my family and fellow US citizens currently being impacted by the ‘illegal’ actions outlined above. Lastly, I will be submitting this same letter to all related local, State and Federal Gov’t representatives including the Attorney General for considered legal action on behalf of myself and fellow citizens.
Sincerely yours,
Templates for all law documents can be used below


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