The Exiled Dissidents


Changing Nations and destinations,
war machine insanity,
war lords herding humanity,
Ignore the chess players,
and their power games

Time to start answering our own prayers
to build foundations with sustainable aims,
instead of being the victims of an apocalypse
Let’s embrace communal relationships
and reject the terrorism of politicians and corporations

Sustainability and alternative energy our new foundation,
truth and transparency our new song,
The Earth’s pain, our deepest urgency
Kindness our currency, courage our unity
to plant seeds and map new territory

Farewell to the archaic,
Visionaries, exiled dissidents shunned by the prosaic,
we have ran out of time,
make way for a new paradigm,
freedom is our chosen path and truth our only crime.


written by Carlita Shaw in 2016

Author of

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective


The Silent Ecocide- A Crisis of Human Consciousness

Photo of bird migration by Skeeze on Pixabay for public domain sharing

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