Swedish doctor explains Covid-19 origin and successful treatments without vaccines

Swedish doctor explains Covid-19 origin and successful treatments without vaccines – Originally named ”Covid-19 the most expensive vaccine marketing campaign in history” on Youtube.  Once upon a time, Youtube was deemed a place where you had free speech and freedom of expression, now in this politically driven medical martial law lockdown Youtube (Google owned) removes content that doesn’t comply with its corporate interests and sponsors, some of which are vaccine stakeholders.

Its a good idea if you do encounter the last of these types of videos on youtube to make copies of  them using free convertors online  before it gets taken down and redistribute and share in your community. Youtube banned this video yesterday because it goes against ”community guidelines”, that being sharing truth and information about how to beat COVD-19 without a vaccine. Shame on Youtube and Google for serving the  interests of vaccine companies and supporting the lies, they need to rethink their community guidelines, however more and more people are becoming tired of this undemocratic censorship and they are fast losing supporters as people boycott Youtube and its biased censorship, since a lot of its original members previously relied on Youtube to share truth. So they are only damaging themselves by showing what they really care about, as it certainly isn’t their community that they care about, if they did then why is a video about successful treatments for COVID-19 censored?


There are neutral non-biased Free Speech alternatives to Youtube








  1. Hope you have already placed this video on bitchute as it has become very popular and generating increasing traffic daily … Perhaps always mention where we can access videos removed from you tube. People know that when material is removed from you tube — it is because it brings the truth! So in a way, Covid-19 has awakened people to the truth of what TPTB have been planning for humankind– as’t were they have dug their own graves … because once seen — it can never be unseen …

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