What the Doctors are Saying, part 2-Lockdown worsens immunity

Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massih both have extensive expert knowledge in microbiology, biochemistry and immunology  and have studied this for over 20  years. They tell the governments to follow the science, the initial modelled predictions were woefully inaccurate and that lockdown and social distancing worsens immunity,  isolation should have only been applied to the sick, not the healthy, and doing all of this for a novel flu virus doesn’t warrant sacrificing the economy.

They emphasise that there are millions of cases of recovery rate but fewer deaths, millions of cases and recovery, but  few deaths, the pattern is no different from normal seasonal flu.  Does that that necessitate shutting the economy, does that necessitate  shutting down medical systems, does that necessitate people being out of work.  They also discuss the far more significant rising secondary effects of  Lockdown they are seeing in their clinics that have life changing effects on people’s families, such as suicide, alcohol addiction, domestic violence and child molestation, these traumas last a life time, not for a few months, like seasonal flu.

Morever, they explain how this damages the medical system and negates other heavier health burdens such as cancer, heart disease which are being repressed and doctors are being pressured to write COVID-19 on death certificates when the underyling cause of death is something else.

Finally, they even spell out that governments are using this for other agendas, not that they wish to get into political discussions, but when the governments use the word ”Safe” its to scare you and control you, they should not be dancing on people’s constitutional rights  and freedom, or destroying the economy for what they believe is no more than a novel flu virus, where just like seasonal flu you have millions of cases with high  recovery rate but fewer deaths.

Part 2

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  1. Video was removed, but resurfaced where it is appreciated for the knowledge it brings to people across the World– while their brave stances on a subject they are experts on, is continuing to serve the awakening of humanity — that all is not well and that indeed, one could say, global governments are proving to be the actual “virus” infecting humanity in order to turn us all into compliant zombies dancing to their tunes. As Dr Micael Nordfors so aptly said — He would rather die than live in such a global society — I second what he said, with all my heart.

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