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Government Corruption is a Problem that needs to be Solved-Empire, Assange, Human Freedom, Coronavirus


We are in Martial Law in Spain, we are in Quarantine in our homes as from yesterday and not allowed out for 2 weeks or possibly longer, updates given from the provincial council. Italy was the first EU country to do this, then France and Spain. The same routine as China which has had its citizens in lock down since February, you are only allowed out to buy food or medicine, you cannot go for a walk or leisure, meet with others, only walk outside for food alone, not with anyone. I went to go get supplies today as I have been away, trying to cross closing borders. I was given plastic gloves to go shopping for groceries but not a face mask.

Italy says 200 deaths are occurring per day, the most mafiousa cabal in Europe. Italy is notorious for a corrupt government, the Mafia, the Vatican, linked to the British Crown. For years the Mafia would continue dumping toxic waste in the natural environment and rivers, contaminating Naples ground water, other areas of Italy are also dealing with radiation, Mafia groups did this and for decades and for years babies are being born and children riddled with brain cancers because of the ground water. However, its not surprising they will cash in on the Martial law advantages in preparation for the vaccine profits. Hundreds of thousands of Italians marched the streets a few years ago against the mandatory 15 vaccines per child demand.

Let’s hope that no more NWO like scenarios become a reality; however, it is all playing out just as they would like, lots of talk on cashless society. The mute argument, Chinese people, already live in a Cashless society, they have to pay for everything by phone. So, this disproves the weak argument, that this theory is based on, it’s a wish only to make us fully electronically traceable for technocracy and Surveillance capitalism/data capitalism, smart everything with 6G and for the roll-out of the mandatory vaccines.

We have had Julian Assange presented by the mainstream government-controlled media in a very distorted and misrepresented way with no real critical thinking journalists calling out the true perpetrators who are obvious to the rest of us, we only have one John Pilger! Assange is the elite cabal’s sacrificial symbol sat in the British courts with Australian Security SERCO who have been spying on him since he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy collaborating with US Security Agencies who have locked down Assange in a transparent glass box unable to communicate with his lawyer, because he published factual evidence the US and UK governments are war criminals among many other crimes against humanity, Assange’s work is for government transparency, to end corruption.

Meanwhile corrupt governments continue to enjoy extensive unregulated privacy plotting their lies for power and greed with key players in security, psychotropic weaponry, laser technology, Lockheed Martin, AI, military defence, microbiology, fossil fuels, insurance and banking- all part of the Bilderberger, secret round table groups like G8, secret societies and lodges.

Assange being placed in that glass case was a ritualistic mockery on the cause and advocacy work of Wikileaks supporters and on all activists involved in this movement for more truth and transparency in global governments, press freedom, dwindling human freedom and so on. However, Assange has been given fewer rights than a murderer in a constitutional court who would be sat next to their lawyer during the case. Assange is the first human being to receive this treatment in court.

Assange’s treatment and case violates a number of factors in the International Rule of Law listed criteria. The court case last month was a sham, no democratic laws in his case, perhaps one of the reasons why Britain didn’t want to be in the EU is to avoid having to answer to EU human rights laws, whereas, the British government and courts are violating the Rule of Law – And Assange continues to be tortured in isolation. My late husband was tortured by elites protecting their reign, another tragic story of persecution connected to anti-vaccine work. It is hard to survive the mental scars of torture, especially if one is being kept in isolation and has all their rights taken away.

Assange’s only crime is publishing truth for much needed transparency in the US and UK and other governments. It is a problem that has to be addressed and accepted as a real problem by society, while people in many countries that claim they are a de-mock-racy, if we continue to overlook the elephant in the room, then it is our own fault if we get crushed by it. It should be publicly accepted to discuss corruption at the highest levels of governance rather than taboo or to be dismissed as conspiracy theories, a word constructed by the CIA to disempower dissidents and make other people dismiss some truths that are a threat to empire.

The Rule of Law was put in place to stop Governments behaving as they are now, to curb fascism and imperialism. We need to moderate politicians who are sponsored and motivated by powerful corporations who are the true influencers and manipulators. The Rule of Law was supposed to moderate power being consumed by itself, now it’s just being ignored, like environmental laws. Assange’s extradition case is a subconscious message to all from the shadow players, to say that no matter how many facts are presented to show governments worldwide are criminally corrupt, we the people, cannot do a thing about it because our courthouses, justice system, and media are also corrupted.

Meanwhile, many of us are being confined in our habitable boxes by perpetrators under the guise of caring for its chattel. The masses, prisoners of ignorance, prisoners in their own illusion of comfort and distraction, prisoners in digitally transparent boxes, technocracy. We have given governments the power they have today, we put ourselves in this mess and we are the ones that need to get ourselves out of it.

Its only possible to take the power back when we don’t shy away from discussing the flaws and corruption in our societies and political systems, we must resist surveillance capitalism and instead create Open Governance facilitated by using Open Source systems to encourage transparency in governance and allow the people to participate more in forming and regulating government itself and government policies. People can consult an open source system that could be used to vote on for example, the people should be consulted before any changes or rewrites on environmental laws. Many US politicians have greatly weakened environmental protection laws on national parks and conservation areas because they are paid large financial sums by corporate stakeholders through lobbying agencies, which is legal bribery. We must demand transparency in all global government conferences and politics. People need to be more included in government decision making when it comes to human rights, environmental rights and protection. We the people demand people power in regulating governments that violate the Rule of Law, democracy, Truth and ethics.

”In general terms, an open government is one with high levels of transparency and mechanisms for public scrutiny and oversight in place, with an emphasis on government accountability.

Transparency is considered the traditional hallmark of an open government, meaning that the public should have access to government-held information and be informed of government proceedings. In recent years, however, the definition of open government has expanded to include expectations for increased citizen participation & collaboration in government proceedings through the use of modern, open technologies.” –

Why does the Coronavirus become the first to receive special lock-down and martial law attention on such a large scale?

Corona means Crown, this is interesting and may indicate one of the players here. Numbers are always debatable until you have evidence of the source data, even so statistics of previous flu pandemics and versions of coronavirus avian zoonotic pandemics in the past, like H1N1 weren’t show stoppers like this one. Other types of flu killed far more than 6,500 people, (at the time this article was written), these great flu deaths were in the millions and hundreds of thousands- Normal seasonal flu causes 0.45-1.2 million deaths, (USA: 20–52,000,- 1 million),  100 million, and some which run into hundreds of thousands or far more, Coronavirus is the cause of 6.5K deaths. So ask yourself the question again, why is the Coronavirus being given so much media hype , political interest, financial investment, military backing, biotechnological investment and so on. Every winter normal flu few kills more people than CV-19, and these other pandemics really did test the health infrastructure and economy, whether or not Coronavirus 19 mutates as fast play’s on people’s lack of understanding of what a mutation is, all viruses mutate and are more contagious at different phases of their evolution. The healthcare services were far more overrun and stretched with hundreds of thousands and millions dying in past pandemics .

“Knowing that such papers would come out during this outbreak” -Grubaugh published in Livescience, and Grubaugh published a commentary in the journal Nature Microbiology on Feb. 18. with the title “We shouldn’t worry when a virus mutates during disease outbreaks.” The word mutation “naturally conjures fears of unexpected and freakish changes,” he wrote-

“In reality, mutations are a natural part of the virus life cycle and rarely impact outbreaks dramatically.” RNA viruses, or those that have RNA as their main genetic material instead of DNA, including SARS-CoV-2, mutate constantly and do not have the mechanisms to fix these “mistakes,” as human cells do, for example.

”But most of these mutations negatively affect the virus. If mutations are not beneficial to the virus, they are typically eliminated through natural selection, the mechanism of evolution whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive. Other mutations survive and get embedded into the “average” genome of a virus”

Therefore, what is the real reason for lock-down and quarantine treatment which prior critical pandemics missed out on?

This is a war on consciousness, a zombie apocalypse, the zombies comply and the conscious will be disappeared without witnesses, this is already going on at various levels, and situations like this one are perfect for making the dissidents more vulnerable and obvious for cleaning up those with information that threatens empire.

Corona, means Crown, and the British Crown, and British elites have a stronghold with privileges in Hong Kong that has some power over the Chinese government, these business elites were being affected by the Hong Kong protests, before the outbreak of the virus, whether or not it is said it came from Wuhan, the British connection to CV is very prevalent since Pirbright British microbiology labs own 56 patents of the Corona Virus. China and the UK had its own trade wars, along with the US before the extradition bill protests peaked.

Elites control populations with influencing water, food, bioweaponary, wars, vaccines, energy and fuel, and movement of populations is an important part of being able to establish alternative societies outside of the matrix. Empires not only greatly benefit from the economic debt -financial loss, which this spotlighted virus causes. Billions will be made from the vaccines that microbiologists are working on even though it usually takes around 5 to 7 years for a vaccine to be made, tested and available, Meriel a new conglomarate have focused on delivering one quicker than that, possibly to make mandatory vaccines a reality. How much money will vaccine companies like Meriel and Pirbrite microbiology labs, make on vaccinating billions of people? Pirbrite is a UK based laboratory, built on land owned by military defence.

The British struggled to keep their power stake in the Hong Kong protests and guard economic an political interests in China. Hong Kong protests peaked a week before the Corona virus came out. Pirbright owns 13 Corona virus patents, this group is connected to a new powerful vaccine company that has inherited some of the Pirbright patents and is a merger of the powerful America Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline, The British Welcome Trust, and Bill and Linda Gates Foundation. Watch how many further billlions of dollars Merial will attract in investments and all its stakeholders with the media as the main advertising agency and promoter, Merial will gain some very large profits over this year as a consequence. Watch those people, because they are criminals profiting off of media manipulation, political manipulation, human freedoms, death, suffering, lockdown, bioweaponary and vaccines.



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Carlita Shaw

author of

The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of human consciousness
Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective.

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