Multidimensional Entities, Spiritual Crisis- The Human Condition and Healing


Science already understands that everything is made up of energy. We are experimenting with giant Quantum field D-Wave computer systems, or blasting neutrinos at CERN, well, that is what they tell us this machine is doing, it’s more likely there is a more complex function and agenda involved. Then there are some physicists and eccentric inventors who have been playing around with particles and producing zero point energy, alternative energy by manipulating plasma fields and electromagnetic energy, a silent renaissance since Nikola Tesla started experimenting with plasma fields and the Earth’s natural electrical field. Aether science is a repressed science, it was once an academically acknowledged science until bankers and elite figures realised that if pioneers like Nikola Tesla gave wireless electricity to the world, they would miss the opportunity to become some of the richest people on the planet, thanks to the oligarchs plutocrats we still remain in the dark ages with regards to the reality of aether and what electricity really is a part of.  Maybe Tesla learned these secrets from reading books in the Vatican’s secret library which his father was supposed to have access to, Milutin Tesla, was once the curator for a time of the Vatican’s secret libray, and why is this knowledge secret? As we just explained, its to keep people repressed and in ignorance for the benefit of the plutocrats. Nikola Tesla possibly had access to some ancient knowledge that set him on his incredible journey of experiments and research, about the Aetheric field and the different types of Aether forms, this energy could be used for healing cancer and slowing down the aging process, creating advanced forms of healing in radionics frequency medicine, additionally it could be used for generating clean energy, wireless electricity, anti-gravitational technology and zero emissions fuel systems.

All these energies relate to one another, it’s not easy finding books on the Aether science, as it is a repressed knowledge that was once accepted in academic circles until it threatened the profits of those in power. The Aetheric field is the fabric of all existence, it flows through animate and inanimate objects, it is a channel for consciousness, it can be used to create zero point energy systems, if it is understood in great depth. This is what Nikola Tesla achieved with the Aether, and other pioneers such as Trevor James Constable and Wilhelm Reich discovered its healing properties, its other names are Orgone, Chi, Prana, Kundalini, or Plasma Energy. Aether is the fabric of the spiritual dimensions, as well as this world, it is a bridge between this material reality and the multidimensional highway into our being from the spirit world, it is also the essence of life and from where all life springs from in a biocentric way.

This is energetic ecology, the energetic ecology of the internal body is profoundly connected to the energetic ecology of the earth and universe. Kind of like the way the Earth’s ecosystems interact within nature, if there is an energetic imbalance, it affects the entire biochemistry of the body and mind, therefore it is important to focus on healing the body in order to heal the mind. Whether or not you see yourself as a spiritual being, whether or not you believe in God, or Good and Evil, or if Science is your God, healing from negative thoughts, negative energies, anxiety, depression, it is a process you have to approach holistically, in order to achieve the best results.

Science is starting to acknowledge that negative energies and entities indeed cannot be disproved, everything is made up of positive or negative energy, we indeed exist in a realm of polarities. We can see it in terms of light, since star light is part of the ingredients that shapes the fabric of the universe into the fabric of being and life, it is even written in ancient Gnostic scriptures that entities can inhabit the human body without our awareness, and control our thoughts and feed off of our emotional energy and mental energy.

In my experiences over the last few years, leading up to a major operation and lengthy recovery thereafter, I know that negative parasitic entities in the aetheric or multidimensional realm exist. Whatever their purpose, I think it’s just part of this complex reality, more like a disruptive addition to our human condition, an application for a specific purpose in this illusory existence, created perhaps by those fallen angels or dark spirits which are written about in every ancient religious text, beings that wanted to keep humanity in slavery and repress our consciousness.


This is what brought me to become interested in the Nag Hamadi, the Gnostic teachings and why I find them so intriguing, the same correlations of this story exist in the work of Paul Levy’s book ‘Dispelling Wetiko‘, that is what the source of the wetiko is, the virus in human consciousness being a psychopathic viral entity of the white man, according to the Native American Indians. One could speculate that humans were once originally pure cosmic beings, that were later engineered, and endowed with  language to carry out tasks and as we use this coded lens, it acts as a filter and builds our illusionary reality.

Some unfortunate victims can become permanently possessed by various parasitic entities and others battle the entities on and off.  We are all subject to these entities, no one is free of them permanently, no one can escape their parasitism, but we can protect ourselves and cleanse ourselves to be as balanced as possible. The Gnostics knew this, they tried to explain it in their texts to people, and the persecution reigned on them for telling the truth almost destroyed that truth, thank goodness for the Nag Hamadi scriptures. The world’s indigenous shamans, medicine men and women also know this since that is why they are so important in the community to help people overcome these infectious entities, the shaman has the ability to traverse multidimensional fields, which allows them to see and feel these beings and help people cleanse themselves of them.


An article titled ”As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession”, was published in the Washington Post, in July, this year by Dr. Richard Gallager, who courageously discussed that ”Possession” is a phenomena that does actually exist. Gallager is a prominent academic figure in the world of American psychiatry, he is on the board of Clincial Psychiatry at New York Medical College, he has worked with priests over the last 30 years on cases that involved possession. He describes some of these special cases as

“He or she might demonstrate hidden knowledge of all sorts of things, like how a stranger’s loved ones died, what secret sins they has committed, even where people are at a given moment. These are skills that cannot be explained except by special psychic or preternatural ability.”

Most of the people Dr. Gallagher evaluates in this role, suffer from the more prosaic problems of a medical disorder.

”Anyone even faintly familiar with mental illnesses knows that individuals who think they are being attacked by malign spirits are generally experiencing nothing of the sort. Practitioners see psychotic patients all the time who claim to see or hear demons; histrionic or highly suggestible individuals, such as those suffering from dissociative identity syndromes; and patients with personality disorders who are prone to misinterpret destructive feelings, in what exorcists sometimes call a pseudo-possession, via the defense mechanism of an externalizing projection. But what am I supposed to make of patients who unexpectedly start speaking perfect Latin? ¨

Dr. Richard Gallagher explains many unusual cases he has witnessed who have demonstrated phenomenal skills and abilities that they never originally had studied, he is currently working on a book on this subject.

´´I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners nowadays who are open to entertaining such hypotheses. Many believe exactly what I do, though they may be reluctant to speak out.´´. – Richard Gallagher, M.D.

In the article he goes on to explain that more and more cases are appearing each year and many priests specialized in exorcisms are in increasing demand.


These aspects of mental illness are viewed by the indigenous shaman as inner spiritual battles, spiritual crisis, which is why the role of the Shaman, medicine man or woman is so important, as is their ability to morph between dimensions, taking on the form of animals if they need too. Their role in human evolution was as our oldest form of  psychologists, counsellors and doctors, they were and still are the necessary satellites of stability in indigenous communities, since the beginning of tribal hunters and gatherers and surprisingly the demand for them has become even more popular today, so much so, that Westerners will go so far as to travel deep into the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon or to Asia and the land of the Buddhist Masters, or the Savanahs of Mongolia, Mountains of Nepal, and the Deserts and Sacred Rocks of the Ancient Aboriginal People. People living in ”modern society will go out of their way to seek out genuine Medicine men that know how to traverse these dimensional worlds to help us see ourselves and our own paths more clearly after being cleansed of negative energies. Plants are used in healing and cleansing rituals as well as drumming and dancing which helps cleanse the human body and spirit, this is also why music plays a huge role in elevating our mood as sound and rhythm which can heal the human body and mind, putting us into a hypnotic trance state, raising our vibration and opening our consciousness to higher realms that negative energy cannot survive in.


my friend Patricio Gaulinga, a medicine man and guide in the Ecuadorian Amazon, demonstrating ways to get rid of bad energy around your body.

In my twenties, when I was at art school in Cornwall, I experienced a phenomenal event that changed my perception of spirits, ghosts and entities. I witnessed a friend become possessed by a ghost in my house before my very own eyes, we were drinking tea in the lounge and I already knew my house had strange ghostly activities, as I shared the house with other art students and we all had experiences with this ghost at some point, for example, when it had knocked on the lounge door, walked up and down the hallway or appeared in one of our bedrooms. I cannot remember exactly what my friend and I were discussing at the time of the incident, but the conversation did start with acknowledging this ghost, then we felt the temperature get colder and heavier, the air got denser in the room, almost electrified, there was a presence felt in the room with us.

There was a rusty old sword, the kind which medieval knights might use in battle, one of my  housemates had recently found it washed up on the beach and at that moment it was leaning up against the wall by the window. We felt the need to leave the room, but before we left, my friend went to the window and the sword fell down, which he picked up and to my surprise, he charged towards me with it in his hands. His face was completely different, as if it wasn’t him inside anymore, there was something else in there taking over in his body,  his eyes were void, he had a terrified look on his face as if he had lost control. In those seconds as he reached me with the sword, I screamed and he dropped it. I was already running out of the house at that point, he ran out after me, I then shouted at him as to what the hell he thought he was doing and he couldn’t recollect at all. However, he was back fully conscious in his body again, he was very upset by what I told him had just happened, he was a good person and felt very ashamed and traumatized. We both know he was possessed briefly by the entity in this house, but neither of us were the same again after that day. That was something that totally blew my mind, as I previously believed possession was something that only happened in horror films and not in reality.


When we communicate with one another, strangers or close friends, family or spouses, we don’t just communicate via speech, we also communicate on an energetic field beyond our conscious level of understanding. We create connections on energetic levels, in other overlapping dimensions that our souls are connected to, that our conscious minds are not aware of.  We communicate with others on those levels without words, energetically through our emotionally charged thoughts, through our souls and more powerfully through our hearts which also create energetic toroidal fields. Our bodies are electromagnetic, in addition to this, our brains are electrical transmitters and receivers and we have tiny electrical pulses running through our bodies. Energy, feeling and emotion is powerful and is a language played out by our energetic soul and the field it occupies which permeates way beyond our physical body and this realm. The soul’s energetic field is far more expansive and if we wish we could traverse other dimensions that go beyond the perception of our limited five senses and consciousness.

When we begin to see how this works in our own lives and other peoples, we cannot always take personally every bad deed done to us by others, and just considering the shocking acts of torture or violence carried out by some people, can on ocassion only be explained in this abstract, socially taboo, unacceptable or forbidden way of seeing. We start to perceive this as part of the ecology of energy dynamics in the multidimensional field that affects human behaviour, the Virus, the Wetiko,  Aire Malo, the Archons, Parasitic beings, Negative entities, Jin, Spirits, Demons or Ghosts which are working through humans that may be unaware they are being used as hosts.

The story of my friend being possessed temporarily, was an extreme case, but here in my personal experiences, the ones we deal with daily, unconsciously, are milder parasitic entities in thought forms,  that have the ability to inhabit various aspects of what we have been led to believe as traits of human nature, or the facets and various aspects that make up parts of the human ego. Though, I don’t believe in killing or supression of  the ego as some new age theories suggest, as  the ego has a positive function, it is a valuable creative force and helps us with daily survival and self protection too. We just need to keep the ego tamed and cleansed of negative energy that could use it to try and take control of our minds, hearts and influence our actions and at times, our emotions.

There’s a film I watched recently which illustrates this human condition called ”No Shortcut to Happiness”- it tells the story of people who sell their souls to the devil to gain success, the reality though is that this is the same with  some people  who are in seats of power or who become famous. The truth is stranger than fiction especially in Hollywood, where a cast of actors, cast a spell, in an attempt to control and hijack human imagination, (I Mag I Nation) . I’ve also heard stories of people who when they reach a point of success, they are approached by various secret societies that claim to offer them ultimate fame and riches if they just join their elite club.

Despite my personal insights into the dark side of the spiritual world, I have no fear of negative entities, they are just like any other parasite, worm or flea, and if you wish to remain in command that is how one must perceive them, I like the term a healer used, to call them ankle biters, use your own nickname as it disempowers them rather than to use a traditional name. They do exist on a multidimensional field that hooks into the human psyche and body some how, and can at times take full control or partially control aspects of us and our behaviour. A good motivation to practice mindfulness and be healthier.


The ancient Gnostics often reference the Archonic entities that are described in the Nag Hammadi scriptures from ancient Egypt, as inorganic entities that exist in the multidimensional realms and that can enter into the human body through various openings through our energetic body. In ecological conditions,  they prefer the bodies of people who have an high acidic PH, they manifest extreme negative thoughts and desires more easily and they try to maintain an environment of fear and anxiety in their hosts.  It is said, they thrive in people who take a lot of drugs and alcohol which results in the body becoming a more acid PH, interestingly, this is also when people are more at risk of developing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

This is why it is very important to focus on diet that alkalise the physical body, exercise and meditate regularly, Dancing, Yoga, Athletics, Qigong and Tai Chi are powerful forms of physical and meditative energy work that help strengthen your energetic shields and moves chi around your body, cleaning out stagnant energy that are attractive to parasitic energies and keep your mind and body balanced.

Whatever you believe, if you feel that at times you are fighting your own or some one else’s demons, or don’t know where the negative energy is coming from, the best approach is the holistic treatments combined with meditation and counselling of some type which also can be with a traditional shaman, medicine man or woman. For more serious cases, for exampl, if you are constantly sick physically or having misfortune after misfortune, that you cannot attribute to anything you are projecting, you will find benefits and feel far more emotionally and mentally stable when you detox on all levels. Detox meaning  your physical body firstly, as it affects the frequencies that your energetic body vibrates at. This is also why sound healing and harmonic resonance frequencies are powerful aids in healing and realigning ourselves as these frequencies work on a cellular level as well as a spiritual level. This can aid purging any negative energies and help us to regain emotional stability and hold a space for creativity and peace and rest to maintain control of our lives. We are part of a complex web of intertwined worlds, which we know little of, some we can see with our five senses and some we do not see, but we certainly feel at times and we can visit these dimensions in our dream state, it is all part of the mystery of being.


We have not stopped evolving, what we are doing to our environment, we are doing to ourselves, we need to respond to this with a shift in our human understanding that the environmental crisis is an indication that human consciousness has to change, it is interesting to note that there has been an increasing demand for help with healing on these levels in this modern age where depression is declared the third health burden next to cancer and heart failure and that 1 million people commit suicide per year.

I have learned a great deal on the spiritual level through hardships and challenges, giving a cruder truth about the multidimensional energies that feed the negative acts of humans, and that of suicidal depression, depression on all levels and why some folks look like their souls are no longer there and why others are able to live in self denial because of these entities. However, all hope is not lost, this means that powerful good beings exist too, along with powerful healers in human form as well as multidimensional forms. There is an abundance of the good energies and loving beings that we can call upon, if one focuses on them with intent or asks them for help at the worst times as guiding lights. When we are at  our weakest and most vulnerable, we can always be guided out of the dark, if we don’t let our souls or hearts be infected by the negative energy, psychic viruses, or thought forms that are these negative beings planted in the human psyche.

This is why we need discipline, it is our salvation,  discipline when practised spiritually, physically and mentally, ”To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”- Buddha

by Carlita Shaw
Author of

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, An Ecological Perspective


The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of human consciousness

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