The Global Collapse of Environmental Protection


Due to the development of corporate imperialism over the last 50 years, there has been an exponential global collapse in international environmental conservation and protection laws. This has been reinforced by the TPP and other International Trade Agreements and the way Corporations can lobby or legally bribe politicians to scrap environmental regulations for the interests of their corporate pimps.

Help raise awareness on this crisis and pass the message on. Be a part of the solution, not the crisis. It is now in the hands of people all over the world to become actively responsible for protecting our local green spaces, our local organic food, protecting our environment and the last great wildernesses and national parks. Global Oil Extraction is at 3.5 Billion Barrels a day and U.S. crude oil extraction has reached 10 million barrels a day.  This is one reason why the Amazon will be non existent in 20 years as it disappears at a rate of 32 million acres per year. We could use water fuel cell cars, solar, electric or compressed air cars.

Governments pretend to be concerned, focusing on reducing carbon, with carbon tax, which makes them and their banks trillions of dollars out of taxing hot air. While, it’s oil extraction that we need to stop immediately, so that the rain forests, where fifty percent of the world’s biodiversity exists, has a slim chance to survive, along with the Planet.

The only thing that we need to do to stop ecocide is for governments to stop ignoring the alternatives to oil, while they make a big noise about carbon emissions and the fuzzy data surrounding the global warming debate, this is just a pantomime to distract and take public and media focus away from the horrific record breaking all time high rates of oil extraction, consumption and production driving planetary destruction. Ecological solutions are the answer, not carbon tax.

Global carbon taxing and carbon emission sanctions causes severe oppression in third world nations, increasing poverty and suffering of people in developing nations and that impedes the development and growth of ‘third’ world continents like Africa, Asia and India, so that the ‘first world’ nations can continue to control and plunder the natural resources and conflict minerals, such as gold, diamonds and minerals such as Coltan for microchips, they do this using slave labour in these countries. While the Western world continues to pollute the environment more than some of these countries do all together, (yet the third world are the ones that have to comply to unrealistic carbon emission regulations and taxing sanctions).

The senseless annihilation of the Earth’s last rainforest which is part of preventing a vital equilibrium for the climate, has to stop along with the global unfolding ecocide of other ancient wildernesses where our indigenous people who are the true conservationists remain.

All this destruction is for a non-renewable fuel valued over human life and all life on planet Earth. How many of us have to suffer and to what limit of destruction will this planet be pushed to, before we realize human consciousness is now an ecological issue?

Where ever you are, consider being part of a global campaign for your government to make the infrastructures to be accessible for these alternative fuel technologies now, alternative fuel cars exist, not just electric, but solar, biofuels, and waterfuel cell technology has been available on the public market for over ten years, just twenty years on after Stanley Myers the water fuel cell inventor was poisoned. There needs to be a campaign and push fora choice of Green Energy Vehicle recharging stations available in every city around the world. However, the infrastructures needed to implement them are being resisted by governments, because they don’t want to lose the financial revenue or demand for oil, they make too much money from oil and carbon taxing. This is where corporate and political greed and bias is perpetuating the destruction of the planet and we the people need to demand this stops, so the game changer could be for activists and environmental conservationists to focus on pressuring local governments to provide these alternative infrastructures.

by Carlita Shaw

The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of Human Consciousness



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