What is your Vision for a More Beautiful World?

The Gaia Letters

The Gaia Letters

This is an invitation, a call to a globally awakening community, this is a chance to use your heart, your voice, your imagination and your solutions to create an alternative beautiful paradigm for the planet, a vision that we can share together to create a global positive intention. Instead of writing emails to trees, which is really wonderful and it is about time trees heard how much we appreciate them, may I suggest writing an email to Gaia, Mother Earth. Write how you feel about what is unfolding before us, honestly straight from your heart.

What you would like to change? How would you like things to be different? Any solutions you can think of for the current planetary crisis would be greatly appreciated. How you would like to see humanity evolve in 50 to a 100 years time from now?

What kind of world do you envision for your children or your children’s, children and what kind of future do you see existing for nature and our fellow species? How would you like to see Humanity and the Earth evolve together? If we have a brighter future, what would it be? Your letter can be in the form of a poem or a story too if you so wish. Just open your heart and let it pour out.

If there is an inspired response, I will publish the email letters in a book in honour of a more peaceful humanity and a more sustainable planet, no more ecocide.

This is my letter to Gaia, to bring everyone’s vision, young and old, whatever race, culture, religion, philosophical or spiritual beliefs, this is a chance to come together to share a vision and create a book for a more harmonious planet, let us rewrite the present and future together.

Love from Carlita Shaw

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