The Secret Story of Oil

Oil pipelines through the Amazon

Perhaps each of us has more responsibility regarding our unnecessary reliance on oil; each of us would feel this if we all knew the bigger picture. For example, not many know that the earliest cars were in fact built to process hemp bio fuel in their engines. In the 1930’s Hemp Bio fuel was to be used instead of oil as a fuel for Ford’s cars, this is one of the reasons among many why Cannabis is Illegal, for the sole purpose of corporations and banks in the 1930s to make millions from oil and oil by-products.

Fords hemp car

In the 1930s, Ford opened a plant in Michigan where they successfully experimented with biomass fuel conversion, proving that hemp could be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. They extracted methanol, charcoal fuel, tar, pitch ethyl-acetate, and creosote all from hemp. What this meant for Ford was that he could now not only produce their own raw materials to make cars, but he could make the fuel to run them as well. The discovery was horrible news for a man by the name of Andrew Melon, whom owned the sixth largest bank at that time in addition to much of the Gulf Oil Corporation; a company which had just recently opened their first drive-through filling station. Melon and DuPont teamed up to create a propaganda campaign to make hemp and all its material paper, fabric, crops, building materials, proteins, rope, fuel and medicine production illegal” – Zach Reichard.

This is just one example which illustrates clearly that from the outset of early car manufacturing, the economic foundations of the most powerful countries was consciously based on oil, any other products that threatened investors and stakeholders were promptly removed and this is a pattern that has continued for a century and will continue unless we, ourselves, take action to adopt a more sustainable energy usage.

When you learn about some of the solutions available to mankind, one sees it is as even more of an insanity that drives oil companies and government agreements to destroy the last of the Amazon rainforest.

You may think that all this does not affect you, everything from politics to economy is based on oil, our whole way of life is based on oil, if you are buying imported food or products from a store or supermarket or using public transport or your own car to go to work or school, you are still fuelling the destruction. Whether you like it or not, each of us is responsible, even if we see it as involuntarily responsibility, the environment is each of our responsibility, yet the majority of people think of themselves and a world separate to the natural world that they live in and are ecologically affected by, this is what can be described as a biophobic mode of thinking, a person whom is psychologically removed from nature and is almost afraid of the natural world, they have forgotten about the bigger ecological picture and how they are part of it. The earth is silently perishing as a result of our paradoxical biophobic world; this indicates that if we continue to ignore nature and our negative impact on natural ecosystems and species, we shall inevitably cause a faster degeneration of the planet.

We must start making an effort to accommodate a more ecologically-based approach to everything from industrial business, agriculture, economics, and politics to food production and sustainable architecture. We could create a sustainable economy and a fruitful one if we gave value to invisible natural capital, such as oxygen and water generation, pollination, photosynthesis and biodiversity, we would then have a better chance of survival and the Earth has a good chance of recovering from the current damage. – by Carlita Shaw, author of The Silent Ecocide-The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness

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