Our Last Greatest Battle

Carlita and Oliver, a Shiwiar boy living in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Photo by Samuel Remerand. Aug 2012.

World War III already started a long time ago when the Earth’s Rights to Self-Preservation were first ignored.  Yet corporations have more rights in the court of Law under the guise of a fictitious person or corporate fiction, while the Earth is more alive than a dead fictitious corp-oration. We live in an Imperial Corpocracy disguised as Democracy.  Corporations have been able to plunder, pollute and destroy the planet for the last 70 years, in the last ten years the rate at which this is happening is with great momentum, like a fast moving train with no breaks , the corporatization of politics is complete and has spread globally.

Perhaps each of us has more responsibility regarding our unnecessary reliance on oil than we realize; we  would feel this way, if we all knew the bigger picture and what alternative clean fuel technologies are available. Though it is not common knowledge that these alternative technologies are systematically oppressed because when an oil company makes 50 million dollars per hour, no-one will ever be allowed to have a car that runs efficiently on water, solar, compressed air, ethanol or biofuels, as none of these equal the profits made from the oil industry which is the backbone of most world economies.

For example, not many know that the earliest cars in the 1930s, were infact built to process hemp biofuel in their engines.  In the 1930’s Hemp biofuel was to be used instead of oil as a fuel for Ford’s cars, this is one of the reasons, among many, why Cannabis is still Illegal, for the sole purpose of  profit from petroleum which the biggest corporations and banks were invested in during the 1930s, to make millions from oil and oil by-products.

  In the 1930s, Ford opened a plant in Michigan where they successfully experimented with biomass fuel conversion, proving that hemp could be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. They extracted methanol, charcoal fuel, tar, pitch ethyl-acetate, and creosote all from hemp.  What this meant for Ford was that he could now not only produce their own raw materials to make cars, but he could make the fuel to run them as well.  The discovery was horrible news for a man by the name of Andrew Melon, whom owned the sixth largest bank at that time in addition to much of the Gulf Oil Corporation; a company which had just recently opened their first drive-through filling station.  Melon and DuPont teamed up to create a propaganda campaign to  make hemp and all its material paper, fabric, crops, building materials, proteins, rope, fuel and medicine production illegal – Zach Reichard.

This is just one example, which illustrates clearly that from the outset of early car manufacturing industry, the economic foundations of the most powerful countries was intentionally built on oil, any other products that threatened investors and stakeholders were promptly removed and this is a pattern that has continued for over a century and will continue unless we, ourselves, take action to adopt a more sustainable energy usage.

Should you dig a little deeper, you will learn about some of the clean energy solutions available to mankind, only then does one understand that it is even more of an insanity that drives oil companies and government agreements to use nuclear power and to destroy the oceans and the last of the Amazon Rainforest to get to the oil beneath the soil.

You may think that all this does not affect you, everything from politics to economy is based on oil, our whole way of life is based on oil, if you are buying imported food or products from a store or supermarket or using public transport or your own car to go to work or school, you are still fuelling the destruction.  Whether you like it or not, each of us is responsible, even if we see it as involuntarily responsibility, the environment is each of our responsibility.

These polluting energy companies are responsible for shaping society around the need for petroleum fuelled cars  and the momentum of ecocide being driven by this fierce global demand, which is destroying the planet to the point that oil and gas companies are the corporations mostly responsible for driving species extinction at a rate of 75 to 150 species of plants and animals going extinct daily, through destruction and decimation of biodiverse habitats. The last great wildernesses on the planet are being gobbled up by the Oil and Gas industries that can legally bribe (lobby) politicians with millions to make a decision or rewrite an environmental protection regulation to suit the needs of these fossil fuel extractions.

This war’s lowest point was Japan’s Fukishima disaster, the radiation contamination has been silenced, yet has sped up an unprecedented mass species die off over the planet and pushed ecosystem collapse even further, especially in the Pacific ocean. The ocean covers over seventy percent of the Earth’s surface and it is a keystone ecosystem which produces  eighty percent of the world’s  oxygen through marine algae and microbial activity. Another petroleum based product is plastic, of which 170,000 tons is ending up in our ocean  and into the stomachs of marine life each year.

The War on our rights to organic food and GMO free food and our choice for  no vaccines or pesticides were all written away with the Codex Alimentarius Trade  Commission over a decade ago which was also fast tracked through parliament and is designed to protect the rights of pharmaceutical and bioengineering industries, not human health.

The War on our Human Rights started in 1948 when the UN Declaration for Human Rights was written. If we really lived in a Free world, there would be no need to define or defend our Human Freedom, Human Sovereignty  and Freedom should not be a privileged, it is what we are naturally born with, we should not require a certificate to exist or do we need to be told by governments what our rights are or how we should think and behave, or what they have a right take away from us. Access to clean water, natural cancer cures and uncontaminated food were part of our sovereignty which was taken away when we started paying for these resources because the corporations decided to own and control these resources, when actually they belong to the Earth and so do we.

This is a war on human consciousness,  deeply attacking the last fundamental rights that we do have in this global  quazi-democracy, which invented a nicely packaged story of terrorism. The main aim was to label anyone that thinks differently from the government, any individual thinkers that have the courage to stand for justice, for the planet, for human freedom, for minority or vulnerable people and for species can now be labelled a terrorist, or non-violent extremist or conspiracy theorist. Basically, this includes anyone from environmental defenders and whistleblowers to journalists, any individual that makes demands for protection of the land or a species, for truth, transparency and freedom, or  any individual that investigates corruption is now a domestic terrorist or enemy of the state.

The next few years we will be seeing the speeding up of this final attack on our human freedom, where the  last vestiges of our rights dissolve. The end of free speech and free thought is being sealed and embellished over these next few years, so that thought crimes can be initiated when we are questioning the truth behind government agendas.

This war on the Earth and its humanity is driven by Imperial Mammonism which moves the media pantomime along while it does the unimaginable behind closed doors,  destroying the Earth underneath everyone’s noses, while people check their Facebook posts and Twitter statuses. The internet is buzzing with people discussing how great it is to have Gay rights, the debate on global warming, terrorism driving racism, false flag agendas,  the lack of justice or action taken against celebrity and elite paedophiles, Syrian refugees, economic collapse or the fast-tracking of the Trans Pacific Partnership,  quite understandably all difficult to assimilate at the same time.

Though all these really need to be at the bottom of our focus list.  Planet Earth is dying. Ecosystems have already collapsed under the strain of the Corporatics which are driving a fast moving, yet silently unfolding ecocide of the Earth and her creatures. Ecosystem collapse means every single species  including us will be going, going, gone…

by Carlita Shaw

Author of-

The Silent Ecocide- The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness

The Silent Ecocide- the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness by Carlita Shaw

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Carlita is an environmental scientist, teacher and writer, currently living in South America.

Carlita is an environmental scientist, teacher and writer, currently living in South America.

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