Allowing the Space for your Humanity in an Inhumane World


Anyone that is not deeply saddened by current global events is either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. Many of us are going through different stages of this, yet not realising that these are psychological symptoms of the collective unconscious, a reaction to the world in its current state of ecocide (apocalypse). We may think that these feelings of frustration, anger, grief and depression are a reflection of personal problems but they are not, the bigger picture is that these symptoms are indications that something is deeply wrong with modern society. The toxicity and predatory nature of modern capitalism has created these symptoms in our collective unconscious.

Even the most privileged people among us suffer from depression, this is an obvious testimony to the fact that all the riches in the world will not make us happy. People have forgotten how to look after their inner spirits, such as taking a walk in nature. Communing with nature soothes the soul and mind.

We must begin to redefine our value as human beings, as part of a larger global community that is working towards change in the midst of all this chaos. We can begin to reclaim our connection with the Earth in various ways through growing food communally, rebuilding and re-inventing new communities and a transparency in our relationships, in government institutions, in society. Very few people question social values.

We need to develop an importance on teaching and establishing new value systems in societies and communities, with emphasis on shifting values and practices to unconditional love, kindness and acceptance, rather than status, idealised perfection and elitism, which are all forms of violence on, and repression of, our true human nature.

It is modern society and its corporatized values that are causing most of the malfunctioning. The subtle violence of what society calls normality is disturbing enough and what is expected of people to conform to, in such an environment. That is enough to drive anyone to depression along with the general stress of everyday living and paying ones monthly bills, most people are being denied their humanity.

Accepting that our humanity is key in healing, accepting that it is okay to feel broken, deep sadness and the spectrum of emotions that bring us the gifts of questions and answers, help us to get closer to our own inner truth, what is really good for you? What do you really need? How do you really feel? What is really important for the human creature and for the Earth?

It is okay to be totally honest and let go, to allow raw emotions to flow through, to just be free to feel what comes through, it’s not normal to keep marching on while a war on consciousness is ensuing.

At this stage, I don’t think Love and Light is going to Save the Planet or Humanity from this Unfolding Ecocide, we need a lot more than that, not just internal change, we need people to balance that out with some effective external changes too, for the planet and for the good of all, you can carry on pretending its all going to be okay while you just love everyone and you can imagine we will ascend to some other dimension but that is not the case. Take responsibility as you are part of this unfolding ecocide, not doing anything other than preaching love and light is really being a complicit bystander, choose to do something about it, figure out how you can make an impact to help change things externally in your community or in the world around you a bit faster than just this love and light speak please, and stop talking about change constantly but not lifting a finger to do anything. Choose the change you want to be a part of making and do it, we need external action as well as internal action folks, this is a CRISIS on Earth, MAKE CHANGE A REALITY if you really are serious about it. There really isn’t much time.- Carlita Shaw.

”The Caring Human is in Danger of Extinction” -Carlita Shaw

The Silent Ecocide- the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness by Carlita Shaw

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Carlita is an environmental scientist, teacher and writer, currently living in South America.

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